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Scamdex now has a way to log Scammers so others don't get burned. No signup, just get the information 'out there' - Name, Phone number, Email, Website - whatever you have. Use this form to log any information you have on scammers and let the world know what they're up to. Enter as much or as little as you like and we'll make sure that the search engines find them on Scamdex first. We won't identify you (unless you want us to) and all submissions are 'off the record'.
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Scamdex Scammer Notification Service - Log Sheet (Followup to Tip Ref.1598)

Scammer's Information (Tell us all you know about the scammer you are reporting!)

[Spokeo] Email Address Lookup

[Spokeo] Reverse Phone Lookup
if the scam was a Classified/Auction scam, offering goods/services for sale, enter the direct link. This helps publicize it as a scam. Details of Scam

In a few words, explain how you were scammed (or nearly scammed) by this person.
Include any other identifying information that will help people recognize the scammer. (other names, emails, phones etc).
Email Scam Source
If you are reporting an email scam, and you want to include it, please paste the source of the email here.

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This service allows complete anonymity and does not require any signup/registration, but if you have submitted a report previously, we will attempt to retrieve your details (Name, Email, Avatar), based on your IP Address and Browser Identification. These details are wiped clean after three months.
Your email will never be displayed and will only be used (a) To send you followups (if you request) and/or (b) To contact you for clarification about your post(s).

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