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NameMrs layla jordan    
Scam Websitecant tell    
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FROM Mrs. Layla Jordan TO You Show Details
Mrs. Layla Jordan
William Ruto
Good day once again,
Compliment of the day to you once again my dearly beloved; I would like to express my profound appreciation and absolute delight over your ability to have responded to my e-mail swiftly. I am indeed very thankful to God for laying it upon your heart to accept the kind hearted decision of giving my humanitarian proposal a thoughtful response. My heart specially goes out to you for volunteering to take up this great humanitarian service by making yourself available as a help tool in the hands of our creator and which you will of course benefit a lot from both financially and otherwise. This really goes a long way to prove that you are indeed destined for this great humanitarian work of God, I'm therefore urging you to be as sincere as possible in this dealing because I'll actually be counting on you to make use of the funds Judiciously by helping me reach out to the less privileged ones in our society. Just like I said in my previous e-mail, you shall soon be assuming the position of my next of kin in due course. One thing you should bear in mind is that my decision wasn't specifically influenced by the fact that I and my late husband had a fruitless marriage without biological kids of our own, but the fact that service to others is the rent we pay for our room here on earth. I've always believed in this expression which says "if you ever need a helping hand, you'll find one at the end of your arm ... As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands; one for helping yourself and the other for helping others". Remember to always use your head in handling yourself but use your heart when handling others. May the spirit of God guide and grant you the much needed wisdom and courage to carry out this Act of Good Will, and my God will surely bless your sincere desire to pursue this noble humanitarian task for the benefit of mankind. The true measure of a man is not what he does for himself but what he does for someone else because in helping others, we shall help ourselves, whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.
I was lawfully married to Late Mr. Omar Al-Fahad Jordan, who naturally died after a brief illness. My husband before his death was quite a loving and hard working person as he was into private engineering practice, but he unfortunately passed away leaving me all he laboured for his entire life. Our life together as husband and wife lasted for thirty years without a child and due to our helpless state of childlessness, my husband and I vowed to uplift the Less-privilege and helpless orphans as he had great passion for persons who cannot help themselves due to physical disability or misfortune. One can simply adduce this to the fact that he actually needed a Child from our marriage, which unfortunately never came. Most recently, my surgeons admitted to the medical fact that I've only got limited number of days to live due to the resurfacing of my cancerous ailment and my battle for survival has been on ever since I was diagnosed of this deadly disease. What really bothers me the most is the fact that my cancer surgical doctors have successfully carried out all possible cancer therapies including cancer chemotherapy and the last one was called radiation but my state has remained helpless as yet, they have therefore suggested I be referred to hospice, i.e. cancer intensive medical care unit. And I'm afraid I may just have to accept the obvious fact that I've only got little or no chance of survival.
In anticipation of this tragic and quite unfortunate reality that has befallen a widow like myself, I have decided to make a selfless donation of the entire funds derived from my late husband's vast estates and investments in capital market to you and I want you to use this gift of Good-Will which comes from my husband’s effort to fund the upkeep of widows, widowers, orphans, destitute, the down-trodden, physically challenged children, barren-women and persons who prove to be genuinely handicapped financially. Our bank recently estimated the funds to have reached an approximated sum of Twelve million Great Britain pounds (£12,000,000.00). I've therefore taken what I consider the biggest decision of my life, to use this money in touching and affecting the lives of does in dear need of it because that's exactly what I consider true generosity, you give your all, and yet you feel like it cost you absolutely nothing. Give and it shall be given to you For whatever measure you deal out to others, it will be dealt to you in return. I have therefore been touched by the Almighty God to take this kind hearted decision of giving in the spirit of true selflessness since I do not have any child of my own that will inherit our wealth, except for little Elizabeth and Diana whom I adopted some years ago after the death of my husband because I actually needed someone around to show motherly love and care, they will both clock 5 and 7 this year and are doing pretty well in their studies because I have made them a Trust-Fund that will be more than enough to see them through school and thus secure them a very bright future. I feel so fulfilled each time they both call me "mum", how nice...I must also have to admit to the fact that my late husband's relatives are bourgeois and never approved of the idea of him getting married to an English woman, and I do not want my husband’s hard earned wealth to be misused or invested into ill perceived ventures.
Your human contribution in service will be of immense benefit to this charitable project, it is only in the act of giving oneself to others that we truly live. Presently, I have informed my legal adviser about my final decision to Will you the entire funds and he is quite aware and prepared to commence the legal proceedings, he's going to work in close partnership with you in securing the Fund Release from the Bank in the United Kingdom where it's been kept in safe custody in Proper. My legal adviser will be making all necessary arrangement with the Bank on your behalf as the new beneficiary of the funds and thus my next of kin. Please try getting in touch with my very close family Attorney Barrister. Thomas Freeman; he is quite a young vibrant legal solicitor and adviser to my family. Please contact him immediately for the commencement of all required legal documentation in this regard. Here's his e-mail and telephone number +44-7024061191
Please e-mail to make him understand I have Willed 12,000,000 Million Pounds to you, quoting Madame Laylah Jordan as your referral. As soon as you are able to contact him as I have instructed with the above e-mail address and telephone number, he should be able to recognize you and provide you with all needed legal assistance in claiming this amount from my bank, as my next of kin. Meanwhile you are advised to keep this mail and its contents all to yourself alone because you are the Chosen One directed by my spirit. You should Keep praying to God for my speedy recovery, I really think there's absolutely no point you sending me a reply to this email because I will be unable to access my computer for your correspondence due to the fact that I will be going for a cancer surgical operation tonight but you are to contact Barrister. Thomas on his e-mail directly and perhaps call him with his telephone number I have provided.
Though I haven't met with you in person but the Spirit of God has asked me to go ahead and do this, I therefore trust and hope you act in absolute honesty. And this should in fact remain a little secret between you and I because you are the only Individual I have contacted for the pursuance of this noble course, for unto those whom much is given, much is expected. As for how I got your e-mail, it was gotten after a proper white page search via your area zip code with the help of the Lord leading me, I might not be 100% sure of your integrity and accountability but One thing I'm quite sure of is that the Holy Spirit hasn't directed me to the wrong person for this task. I'm therefore trusting God to put in your heart the desire to want to pursue this noble course allowing selfless ends come first in priority because blessed are those who give without remembering and those who take without forgetting. Remember when a poor person dies of hunger, it has not happened because God did not take care of him or her, it has happened because neither you nor I wanted to give that person what he or she needed, I do once again implore you to ensure the fund is used to improve the lives of the less-privileged, widows, orphans, destitute and indigent persons in the society and giving it all you've got because you never know if there's going to be a next time. Note that I have also approved of a 30% of the total funds to be for your own personal use/keep and you will be giving more details when you establish contact with my family attorney.
Kindest Regards, Madame Laylah Jordan

Scam Email
DO ESTABLISH CONTACT WITH METROPOLITAN TRUST BANK PLC FROM Thomas Freeman Chambers TO You Show Details From Thomas Freeman Chambers To William Ruto This message contains blocked images. Show ImagesOptions THOMAS FREEMAN SOLICITORS AND ADVOCATES SOLICITOR HIGHER COURT ADVOCATE BARRISTERS\' CHAMBERS: THOMAS FREEMAN SOLICITORS AND ADVOCATES POWLETT BUILDING, 34 HIGH STREET SOUTHEND-ON-SEA, ESSEX, SS1 1EF ENGLAND. E-MAIL: YOUR REF: KAD6252992986 OUR REF: GCAS886W0554 TO THE ATTENTION OF: WILLIAM KIPKORIR RUTO. We the Legal Solicitors of Thomas Freeman Solicitors & Advocates is happy to bring to your Formal Notice that the Court has duly issued the Legal Authorization to the Bank for immediate release of the funds to you for Onward Transfer to your Designated Bank Account. Haven completed the Official procurement of relevant documents required in establishing Formal Contact with the Management of the concerned Bank, so as to have the funds kept in its Administrative Custody Transferred to you as Next-of-Kin to my Client Mrs. Laylah Jordan, in Absolute Accordance to her Legal Testament/Will. Consequently, with your Official Presentation of the documents enclosed here-with as e-mail attachment, the Bank is consequently being Authorized to immediately Facilitate the release of Funds Totalled £12 Million Great Britain Pounds Bequeathed to you. Most importantly, you are to note that we do not have to create further delay in the Transfer Process as I have practically commenced my legal duties as your attorney by procuring the Letter of Authority and a copy of the Deposit Slip to facilitate the release of the funds (£12 Million Pounds). As clearly stated in the Power of Attorney you are legally obliged to carry out Mrs. Laylah Jordan Charitable Disposition subject to your acceptance of the Legally Stated Terms and Conditions of her Offer. You may henceforth proceed with the acceptance of her Offer subject to your personal satisfaction with Legal Terms stated in the Power of Attorney, should you proceed with establishing a Formal Contact with the Bank, it will then be Assumed/Implied you have agreed to terms with Mrs. Laylah Jordan which categorically demands that 70% of the Total funds should compulsorily be utilized in funding charitable projects and 30% to yourself for your Volunteer Manpower Services. But you do possess the Legal Right to disagree with its terms and Conditions and you may thus decide to file for Disclaimer by Formally Attesting to the fact that you do not wish to Assist and proceed with the Execution of her Charitable Disposition. The Will may thereafter be revoked by the Judiciary Crown Court as they only Reserve the Legal Authority to do so. I have therefore attached to this e-mail, both copy of the Letter of Authority and a copy of the Deposit Slip with which my client made the Funds Deposit to the Bank, you are advised to immediately establish contact with the Management of METROPOLITAN TRUST BANKING GROUP PLC., you are however required to draft a Formal Request e-mail to the Management of the Bank Requesting that the funds be released to you as the Next-of-Kin to Mrs. Laylah Jordan. You are to forward copies of the Documents enclosed in this e-mail to the Management of METROPOLITAN TRUST BANKING GROUP PLC. DO FIND BELOW THE CONTACT DETAILS OF METROPOLITAN TRUST BANK PLC. CONTACT PERSON: DR. BRIAN MACKENZIE CUSTOMER CARE REPRESENTATIVE (INTERNATIONAL TRANSFER DEPARTMENT) METROPOLITAN TRUST BANK GROUP PLC. OFFICIAL BUSINESS ADDRESS: 200B LONDON ROAD, STOCKTON HEALTH WEST HILL, MIDDLESEX HA2 OJQ - ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM. E-mail Customer care: Hotline: +44-7024015996 +44-7024051206 Be rest assured that my Chambers would be providing you with all necessary needed Legal Assistance/Advice in the Pursuance and Execution of her Humanitarian Disposition as she has always wished, as I have been her family Attorney for some years running. I pray God eventually makes a way for her to make it out of the Hospice. Do henceforth commit her state of health and general wellbeing to the hands of Almighty God. Let’s all pray for this Woman-of-Good-Will to make it out alive for she doesn\'t deserve to die after so many years of her relentless struggle with cancer. You are to send the Management of Metropolitan Trust Bank an Official e-mail or telephone call informing them of your purpose of Transaction and you must also have to state your referral Mr. Thomas Freeman (Thomas Freeman Solicitors & Advocates). Do not hesitate to get back to me if you find anything complicated dealing with the Bank. N/B: IT IS HIGHLY IMPERATIVE YOU FURNISH MY CHAMBERS WITH ALL RELEVANT INFORMATION AS REGARDS YOUR DEALINGS WITH THE BANK. IT IS IN-FACT AN OBLIGATION ON YOUR PART. YOURS-IN-SERVICE, THOMAS FREEMAN ESQ. (SOLICITOR & HIGHER COURT ADVOCATE) PRIMARY CHAMBER ADDRESS: POWLETT BUILDING, 34 HIGH STREET SOUTHEND-ON-SEA, ESSEX, SS1 1EF ENGLAND. Phone: +44- 7448435461Fax: +44- 7448435471 Office Open From: Mon-Sat 9am-4pm UK TIME.

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