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Carol Buckingham
2015-05-25 22:56:19
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Scammer Source was email job postingEmail Attached
Job Scam -  

Scammer Information
NameEric Martins    
Telephone(646)9305589; (971)4447063     ⇒ Reverse Phone Lookup (by Spokeo

Details of Scam Report
First contact was through text: "Hi,We saw your Ad posted in resumes on kijiji.We have got a job for you.Email us at for full info about the job."
I was looking for a summer job and they used my eagerness to further their agenda. They asked only for information they would need to make a cheque out for me and deliver it. When I didn't reply when they had asked to their last email regarding the cheque they mailed to me, they texted me from another phone number telling me to check my email and get back to them asap.

Scam Email
#1: "Hello, Thanks for sending us an email as requested. We are responding to your ad under resumes on Kijiji. We are offering you a job to post for us on We want you to assist us with posting ads 2-3 times weekly on which is absolutely free for you. We will also pay you $200 per week. It would only require 10 -15 minutes of your time and applicants should be 18 years and above. Let us know if you can handle this and if you are interested in the job offer so we can provide you more details as regards the job and payment process. Kindly get back to us asap via email as we will want you to start work immediately. We will await your response asap if you are interested in this job offer. PS: Kindly Note that this is a work from Home or office Job which does not require any interview since it is an online posting job. The Name our company is Archstone Consulting. Warm Regards, Consultant / HR Manager, Eric Martins. Archstone Consulting" #2: "Hello, Thanks for responding to our email. As we have stated in the previous email, We need you to effectively post ads 2-3 times weekly on The Ads to post are Sponsored Job ads And we will pay either $800 Monthly or pay $400 every two weeks, by whichever payment plan is preferred. Let us know if you want payment bi-weekly or monthly. We will provide you with email addresses to create under after which we will send you a well detailed directory needed for the posting, so all you need to do is create an account on with the yahoo email created by you and post the ads. we will send the details of the email to open under yahoo which is the same email you will register with on We would like you to start immediately, let us know what method you would prefer to be paid. Payment can be made either via money order or cashiers check. Let us know which you would prefer . We need all the Sponsored Job ads to stay up and reflect on the website . We will send you the full directory needed for the postings. We really need this online posting ads for at least 12 -24 months, and would like to maintain a good working relationship for as long as possible. Get back to us accordingly with the payment method you want, as we need you to start as soon as possible. Warm Regards, Eric Martins" #3: "Hello, Thanks for your interest in the job offer. We will want you to get back to us with the following information for the processing of your payment: First Name: Last Name: Contact Address: City: Province: Postal Code: Cell Phone: Home Phone: Email Address: Present Occupation: Best Times To Call: we will await your information asap as we will want you to start work immediately. we will send you a well detailed directory needed for the posting as soon as you have provided your information. Warm Regards, Eric Martins." #4: "Hello, How are you doing today? We got the information provided by you. It has come to our notice that posting Sponsored Ads on requires credit card which you may not have. So our firm has decided that you will receive a Certified check of $1,250.00 which includes your $200.00 weekly wages to prove our sincerity to you regarding this posting job offered to you and the remaining funds will be sent to A CAPITAL ONE COMPANY district HQ where a special credit card specifically for posting ads will be created with your full name and address with the remaining amount. This credit card will be used to post Sponsored Ads by you whenever we send you a directory, so you wont be having problems posting the ads for us. Note that the reason we are sending the funds to you in excess is because you have to send the remaining funds in your name for them to process the credit card for you with your information. We also want you to know that your information is safe and will be kept private and confidential at all times. The remaining funds will be sent by you via Money Gram Money Transfer. Get back to us if this is OK by you so we can process the payment. Also we would like you to select a Money Gram location close to you so we can let the Credit card producing company know in advance the nearby location where the funds is coming from. You will have to send the name and address of the Money Gram location you have selected to us. We await your response asap. Warm Regards, Eric Martins" #5: "Hello, Thanks for getting back to us with the money gram address as requested. We will let you know when to receive the payment and the instructions needed to process the credit card. Thanks for your time and cooperation. You will enjoy working with us. Regards, Eric Martins." #6: "Good Day, How are you doing today? We hereby want to inform you that payment for a week work and the credit card has been sent to you via UPS courier service from the arm of our finance company and it should be delivered to your contact address today. Kindly make your self available for the pick up of the payment. It is a paycheck of $1,250.00. Here is the tracking number E854 059 734 8.You can as well check the status of the package on We noticed that for you to post sponsored job ads for us on indeed, you will need a verified credit card. we will want you to continue posting ads for us so this is very important. That's why the company sent the funds to you in excess for the processing of the credit card and also to confirm if the payment has been made to you or not because we don't want to owe you any dine for your posting job and that we are very serious about this job. That's why we decided to pay you in advance for one week. We dont want you to use your own credit card for this job, that is why you need to comply to our arrangement. Note =======> Immediately you receive the payment.kindly take it to your bank and cash immediately by depositing it in your account and withdraw instantly. Incase the bank ask you where the check is coming from, tell them is from your employer and you need to get it cashed instantly. After this Deduct your $200 and send the remaining funds via MONEY GRAM MONEY TRANSFER to the following information of an Authorized Personnel of Capital One Company located in their district Head Quarters: First Name: Laurent Last Name : Peterson Address: 150 Shaftesbury Ave Postal Code: WC2H 8HL City : London Country : United Kingdom Tel Number : +44 703 186 1965 PS: We want you to know that the above person is the Manager responsible for receiving funds for processing credit card on behalf of Capital One Company and he is presently on an official Assignment to United Kingdom. We have contacted Capital One and they said the funds should be sent to the person since he is the one in charge of the credit card section. That's the reason why you need to send the remaining funds after deducting $200 to the person in United Kingdom. They will process a special credit card with the remaining money in your name so you wont be having problems posting sponsored ads for us on indeed. This will make your posting job easy,steady and regular and whenever the credit on the card finishes, the card will be credited automatically by us as soon as you notify us that the card has been exhausted for posting purpose. We will want you to get this done today so that the credit card can get to you ASAP as we will want you to start your posting job immediately. Also Note that MONEY GRAM will charge you for sending the funds, So you are to deduct the transfer fee from the remaining $1,050.00. You don't need to deduct that from your $200. You are to Send the remaining funds at the MONEY GRAM location you have selected earlier since we have forwarded the address of the location to the Capital One company and told them that's where the funds is coming from. You are to get back to us with the following information after the funds has been sent via email: 1) Senders Name and Address: 2) 8 digit Reference Number(RN): 3) Amount sent after money gram charges(in $ Cad AND British Pounds) : 4) A scanned copy of the Money gram's receipt or Pictures. You are to use your your name and address as the senders name and address. We will want you to get back to us with the details today so that it can be forwarded to the Authorized personnel to process and send the credit card to you immediately. we will await your response ASAP today . Thanks for your time and patience. You will enjoy working with us. The Hiring Manager, Eric Martins."

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