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Hannelie Geyer
2012-09-10 16:51:30
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Scammer Source was email e-mail scam will / dying wishes.
Wills/Probate Scam  

Scammer Information
NameMrs Liliane Bettencourt    
Telephone07-316-172-79     ⇒ Reverse Phone Lookup (by Spokeo

Details of Scam Report
I received a letter from a person claiming to be Mrs Lilian Bettencourt, telling me that she is dying, that she was selfish and lived only for herself, now she is reborn christian and God told her to use her money for charity and she was looking for the right good person to do this for her. I found her on facebook, but all is in french. I replied to her e-mail and received another mail from her, telling me that she will speak to her lawyers to find a way forward and that I must let her know if I am up for it. I never replied but then received an e-mail from her lawyer, Alexander J. Noah from Alexander J. Noah Associates - neither of these names can be found on internet or facebook. In the meantime I have sent a message to her facebook page informing them that somebody is using her name in a scam but have not had a reply yet. The letter from Alexander J. Noah states that I am the sole benefactor of 11 million USD, deposited at Ark Private Finance, I have to fill out the Power of Attorney and e-mail back to them within 48 hours. The letter is not written in good English and even has spelling mistakes. What is interesting is that the contact person for the financial institution is in South Africa, Govan MBeki Avenue, Port Elizabeth, 6001, South Africa. How does Mrs Liliane Bettencourt from France end up using a private financial institution in South Africa that contains her 11 million USD? Another name on the power of attorney is Goldbeck McCafferty & McKeever.

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Follow Ups/Extra Information

2014-05-29 12:54:18,  
Anonymous added:

Scammer Information
NameLiliane Buttencourt    
Email,, LBettencourt    

Details of Scam Report
Offering to give 1/10 of secret money in bank account 3.5 mil usd. I have received 3 emails the last one I will post below. Emails were from variations of the name all the other email was just LBettencourt The emails saying how she wants to help others and in retire you have to help someone else. She claims dementia, doctor treatments, a greedy daughter that has her claimed as incumbent, way the secret back account. The references she provides are all legit but the person behind these emails are not. It seems scams using her name have been going on for a few years, with email variations. But always asking about the family............ lol.
Dear, Thanks for your mail with content well noted. How are you and the family for today ?
I am sorry for replying late to your message, it was has a result to my ailment dementia engagement because you are quiet aware that I cannot communicate with you during my undergoing medical treatment hours. This is why I always communicate with you at my comfortable time.
Anyway, can you send me your recent pictures ? I really want to know you better and have a personal understanding about your person ! But if I am going too far, please pardon me!
According to our previous discussion, i have received your personal details to draft the letter to receive your portion of the money from the bank. Be aware that I will submitting your personal information to the Public Notary today during my lunch time for the draft letter preparation to receive your portion of the money from the bank $3,500,000.00 with the written letter of authorization deed according to our previous discussion to receive your portion of the money from the bank.
As soon as the draft letter preparation deed is prepared, I will not fail to send your copies of the letter of authorization to receive your portion of the money from the bank $3,500,000.00 to enable you read carefully to the best of your understanding, and keep your copies for future reference.
Do not rush over matters or be carried away with anxieties, i shall write to my bank with written letter of authorized to release/transfer the $3,500,000.00 to you in any of your choice to receive the money in your favour. By tomorrow or Friday this week you should be able to start a direct communication with the bank introducing yourself to the bank to release $3,500,000.00 of part of my funds to you. But this will also depend on your quick and speed responds to issues with the bank.
Not to take you too far, it is great and wonderful to know you, all you have to do is listen to my advice and simple instructions. Do not fail to extend my warm greetings to the family as I wait to read from you soon.
Regards from, L Bettencourt.

Scam Email
So far I have been asked for name address and phone number and was told I would hear from her bank today or tomorrow, to introduce myself, and just listen to her advice and simple instructions. At first I thought this possibly be legit, we all like to dream, but friend looked up name and saw scam. I have not responded to last email and going to wait and see what happens. Of course not giving any money etc. I see someone else got further along with the scam requesting certain documents of which I did not understand.

2014-05-02 14:18:01,  
Anonymous added:

Scammer Information
NameLiliane Bettencourt & Julia Hoppck    

Details of Scam Report
Offering me part of her net worth, if I give her some personal information.

Scam Email
Here are the emails I received: I, Liliane authenticate this email of 3.5M USD donation to you,please view my link: and Email me on for more info Dear Friend, I appreciate you for writing back as I have expected. I got your email from a web log and felt Strongly to write to you. Earlier Introduced As I myself, I am Liliane Bettencourt, daughter of the late Louise Madeleine Berthe. I am a French Citizen, 91 years old, and worth $ 30.5 Billion Dollars. You can confirm from aussi: The intention of this email is to be of great blessing to people. With my age, I cannot continue to amass wealth without giving out. I might not-have the liberty of time due to my ailment (Dementia), therefore, I am doing this now. I have handed all my wealth to my only daughter, there goal is share of it All which nobody is aware of. I have been putting it away for this purpose since a long time now. I would be happy to cede it out to you. I would-have done this myself for my health goal reason and if I do it through my daughter, I am very sure she Will not help anyone with it. She Took me to short the last time I gave out money out of generosity. It is my Hope that you are able to receive this money and help others from it too. 10% of my worth I have been putting away in a private deposit for a long time now and It Has Reached an Amount of $ 30,500,000.00. I am Trying to cede this money in portions through the bank to have it I Deposited Many can have benefit from it because i do not really-have much to do with it. As I send this post to you, I am sending aussi to others too. I feel to churches, Orphanages, and Individuals, 10% to you and others Each To Whom I have contacts with already. Now, all this Being Said, if you know you are ready to receive the funds $ 3,500,000.00 (Three Million, Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars). Kindly introduce yourself to me in details: Full Name: Contact Address: Age: Occupation: Phone Number: Then Will I give you a letter to receive your portion of the money from the bank. This is my personal money and Does not need Many formal procedures, Some Beneficiaries-have received theirs. My only terms Is That You be good to others too, that\'s all. Please make it fast Because I have only a Few Days to use a computer since the doctors-have Given instructions to stop me from the use of electronics. As I wait for your response, I wish you a wonderful day. Faithfully, Liliane Bettencourt

2012-09-11 02:47:59, ZA 
Tania added:

Scammer Information
NameMario Rumsig    
Telephone0117010417     ⇒ Reverse Phone Lookup (by Spokeo

Details of Scam Report
I also received an email from Lady Bettercourt saying that she is on a sick bed and how her family taken the money that is meant for Charity and enriched themselves. I received a document from Alexander J Noah and Associates, which I also couldn't find on google that I had to sign giving me power of attorney over the 11000000 USD Ms Bettercourt aimes to give to charity, I am so disappointed that this is a scam as they asked me to draw up a report on how I was going to distribute the money etc. I called Ark Private Financials and spoke a person named Mario Rumsig who claims to be the MD of the company however he answers the calls (strange). I sent the form back to him and he replied that he will get back to me as soon as he has liaised with Ms Bettercourt and that my papers was under review, I google'd Ark Private Finance and they have an impressive site, that looks so authentic. He has now sent me another e-mail"
ARK PRIVATE FINANCE. Govan Mbeki Avenue, Port Elizabeth, 6001, South Africa. Telephone: +27 11 0710 417 Telephone: +27 78 031 6832 Fax: 0862 35 8253 Email:
We are informing you as we were able to obtain confirmation from Mrs, Liliane Bettencourt regarding movement of her fund to your care for Charity purpose, find below what is require of you before we can commence the movement of these fund to you:
Once we receive the above requirements, we will immediately commence the movement of the fund to you within 48 hours of receipt.
Thank you, MD. Mario."
I received this mail a few minutes ago and on finding this site and seeing that there has been others that has been scammed this way just makes me sick to my stomach. Here we are hoping that there is good people in this world that still wants to help the poor and the suffering only to be disappointed by people that use these sources to scam other.

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