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The Scamdex Scam Tip Off Report contains community-submitted reports of scams seen. Often there is duplication but also often, scammers use the same name or email address or website for different scams. Drill Down to find other matches.
this list shows the number of times a specific email, name, telephone number, fax number or website has been reported.

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Date Title Type
Wills/Probate Scam
2016-09-27 Came by gmail will
2016-08-22 Letter in the mail will
2016-08-08 Named in a will will
2016-03-01 Text message will
2015-12-17 Named in will will
2015-12-08 Somebody contact through text message with an email address claiming they had information on my inheritance will
2015-11-30 received email will
2015-10-19 Mrs.Mariam Robinson will
2015-09-20 4.2 million dollars will
2015-09-06 I received an Email from "Diane Sterba" Bequeathing me $10 million; I am to contact "" will
2015-09-04 email will
2015-09-03 10,000,000. Will will
2015-09-02 scam about old widow leaving me her 10,000,000 will will
2015-08-31 Beware of scammers - especially when somebody pretends to be dying wants to heir you $10,000,000.00 will
2015-08-31 Beware of scammers - especially when somebody pretends to be dying wants to heir you $10,000,000.00 will
2015-08-18 will
2015-08-15 23875: No Title Given will
2015-04-27 Email, saying this lady that is 72 years old with cancer, named Karen Smith will
2015-03-26 Will EXECUTION will
2015-02-13 $1,000,000,000 will
2015-02-07 Email from - vital details on inheritance will
2015-02-04 -The total sum of US$ 10 Million will be transferred/released to you confirm able in 2 working days. will
2015-02-04 John mayer and Mariam Robinson will
2015-03-26 22431: No Title Given will
2015-01-13 22270: No Title Given will
2015-01-07 A woman is giving me $10 M in US American Dollars will
2015-01-07 22206: No Title Given will
2015-01-05 Attention beneficiary will
2014-11-07 My personal Gmail account. will
2014-10-31 Cowlishaw Benard. will
2014-10-29 Greetings To You will
2014-10-28 karen smith .. will
2014-10-03 Laura Dorrian you have been chosen will
2014-09-30 I decided to bequeath the sum of $10,000,000.00 to you. (Contact;‏‎‏‏‎ will
2014-09-09 email will
2014-09-04 21024: No Title Given will
2014-09-02 Accountant John Martinez will
2014-08-18 Ten Million Dollars to a Christain will
2014-07-30 e-mail on 7/24/14 @ 5:30 p.m. Title: I have decided to bequeath sumof $10 million to you will