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Scammer Information
NameAlf Hyland    
Email AddressAlfandM    

Details of Scam Report
Alf Hyland paid approx £3000 for his house in 2005 and a neighbor got half this money back for him because of a problem. Alf Hyland sold this house in 2011 for £37,500. On the local market it was worth about - lets be generous - £17K. £20,000 more than its local worth and the buyer will lose a lot of money if he tries to sell it. Alf Hyland then put the house he bought for 150,000 Sk in 2011 on the same UK website - he asked 58,000 Euros. According to the site he had sold it.
Alf Hyland helped his daughter scam a retired lady by selling a cottage for 4 times its market value and leaving her with a lot of problems. The advert contained false claims, and according to the Hylands was suitable as a retirement home; it wasn't. The poor lady moved to Sweden and found she couldn't live in it in winter - it was basically a summer house. Worse - the lady had to go to a Lawyer when she discovered one of the 50% seller's (the ex boyfriend) knew nothing about the sale to her and his signatures had been forged on the sales documents - which he confirmed at the court hearing. A friend of the Hylands came to see her just before this Court Hearing. Drop the case and accept a settlement for repairs or carry on and play the scratch card as the Hyland's had spent all the money. The retired lady had no doubt the daughter knew how to hide assets. Very stressed she accepted the settlement which went to the Lawyers. (How people tie you up in knots with their wrong doing.) In order to cover up Alf Hyland has threatened and made false accusations against this lady, and the neighbour who had helped him! Not nice.

Scam Email
In Sweden there are some UK ex pats. buying a house at the local market value and then trying to sell it on UK websites to unsuspecting UK residents who can\'t afford to buy in England. So these are not rich people. They won\'t understand how the Swedish housing market works because it is very hard to get access and information in the UK. You have to know the right Swedish web sites and will probably only find out once you have moved there. By paying 3 or 4 times the local value the buyer is literally giving his money away and won\'t get it back on resale unless he too scams an unsuspecting UK resident looking for a home. Buyers beware. Don\'t fund someone else\'s retirement or life style.

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2015-02-05 01:45:39,  
Anonymous added:

Scammer Information
NameAlf Hyland and property seller Rachel D P Hyland    

Details of Scam Report
Update on this miss-selling and how being scammed can affect you - the retired lady moved back to the Uk as she couldn't live in the cottage during the winter. She lost 30k of her pension pot on monies paid to the buyer, costs of repairs and lawyers fees when she found out the ex boyfriend's signatures had been forged. In law he owned half of the cottage and could have demanded his half back. A court case was inevitable. Overpayment means selling the property at a loss. The seller has never apologised for the forgery or the problems this miss-selling caused, on the contrary the father of the seller carried on telling lies about this lady. Some advice -
When buying abroad Do not accept believe what the sellers say, they may seem nice but they may want to fool you. Speak to the neighbours if you can, talk to the people who work in the post office or shops they know the local market and this is the info. you need. And go to the local estate agents in the nearest town. Get information about the property first and more importantly don't let that kind helpful father of the seller side track you with I can show you round, I can answer all your questions. Never visit at the weekend - estate agents will be shut. Be prepared to stay a week or two, treat it as a holiday. And never go on your own.

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