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Scammer Information
NameCraigs Perry    
Telephone13476140471     ⇒ Reverse Phone Lookup (by Spokeo

Details of Scam Report
This Asian sounding individual said he was the HR of his company and was responsible for the recruitment process. They were looking for a cashier or book keeper. I initially received a text message:
Hello i came across your profile on Craigslist( Tech Support/Web Developer (Baldwin Park, Arcadia, Irwindale) ) I am Craigs Perry representing Craigs Arts & Crafts Supplies recruitment process. We are currently recrutiing for Book Keeping Position, i will like you to get back to me through this e-mail; ( ) if you are interested in working with us so you can receive further details. Thanks.
I emailed the person and the following email was sent as a reply:
Thanks for your response,
I'm glad that you are interested, this is work at home position in which you can do this any where instate your home/office, this work will only takes you two to three hours a day and three times a week.
You will start working immediately you get the supplies and for you to get stated, you will have to purchase Versa business check paper and Magnetic Versa ink called MICR ink, that you will be using to print the check, at any of these stores in your area.
Staples, Amazon, WalMart, Office max, Sam's Club, Office Depot, Shopping Mall, G7 productivity, Stationery Store, Local Office Supply Stores.
Proceed to purchase the supplies now and get back to me with the scan copy of the receipt of what you purchased, for us to know the cost of the reimbursement.
Regards Craigs Arts & Crafts Supplies +1 (435) 554-1198
I then actually went on Amazon and purchased the items I sent him the information that I had purchase the items with the following email:
Thanks for purchasing the supplies, we have a software that you will be using to create and print the check, you have the job already, but you still have to fill out the application form, the application form has been attached below, fill out the form and email it back to us, as soon as you complete filled the form and let us know once you receive the supplies for you to start working immediately.
Regards Craigs Arts & Crafts Supplies +1 (435) 554-1198
The same day after I sent him a copy of the purchase being made, he sent this:
Please when are you going to purchase the supplies for you to start working and and get back to me with the scan copy of the receipt of what you purchased, for us to know the cost of the reimbursement.
Regards Craigs Arts & Crafts Supplies +1 (435) 554-1198
Looks like he uses the application to grab your name and address and use a addresses for when he makes you create fake checks.
After this process he sent this FINAL Email:
Your application form has been received, for me to teach you how to create and issue the check, you have to come online on yahoo messenger for us to chat, here is my yahoo ID, i will be waiting for you online.
When then moved to chat on messenger, he did not want to talk on the phone, after doing some research as this did not sound right, he created a facebook and put a white caucasion man on his facebook, promoting the job position and not the business. This did not make any sence. After readin the website company info, it also did not make sense. I started to ask questions and he keeped saying the same thing. On Messenger he looked like he would copy and paste from the website to messenger.
He then wanted me to download teamviewer so he could see my screen, and he wanted me to download a printing software to print checks After looking at the software it held no real business purpose for a company doing what he said it was doing.
He then said that I was not actually doing the art and crafts business, but that this job was actually for a reimbursement/cancel order business.
At that point I told him I was not interested.
He simply said thank, good bye.
Do not do ANY Work for this guy, you most likely will not get paid for the work you do, and you will be helping him scam other people.
From other post sounds like he sends checks to other people and has them cash it and send wire transfers...etc...

Scam Email
Attention Please, We source products from around the globe and specialise in bringing our customers the widest range of art and craft supplies available anywhere in the world. Our product ranges include, pastels, papers, paints, children’s crafts, modelling materials, beads, canvases, easels, needlework, basic craft essentials, craft books, drawing pads, pens, invitation papers, folios, and more. Our team encompasses passionate hobbyist, amateur and professional artists and crafters whom are experts in the products we sell and we can also assist in all art and craft projects. YOUR DUTIES AS MY PERSONAL ASSISTANT. You will be helping us to making payment to our client instates and the payment will be made through check, you will be the one printing and mailing the checks to them through Fedex and UPS courier service, will we be providing the Fedex and UPS account that you will using to mail the check out. TO GET THE JOB STARTED You will need to purchase Versa business check paper and magnetic Versa ink, at any of these stores in your area: Staples, Amazon, WalMart, Office max, Sam\'s Club, Office Depot, Shopping Mall, G7 productivity, Stationery Store, Local Office Supply Stores. SALARY Your salary will be paid any form of payment you want, a sum of $800 every month and any materials you brought to get the job started will be reimburse at your first payment. We want to handle this job to you with full heart and honest and hope you will handle it as we want, let me know if you have interested to work with us. Regards Craigs Arts & Crafts Supplies +1 (435) 554-1198

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2013-08-09 10:01:41, Raleigh, NC, United States 
Craig added:

Scammer Information
NamePerry Craigs    
Scam Website    

Details of Scam Report
Everything described above happened to me about the exact same way. I put all ficticious information on my application and sent him fake mocked up receipts for my purchases. Yet, I was appproved for the job. I let him install the software on my computer and I copied the license key. I reported that license key to the software company.
good luck all!

Scam Email

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