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Scammer Information
NameSandy Powell    
Scam Websitena    
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Details of Scam Report
If you read the email transmission between "sandy" and I it sounds more and more like a scam. I became skeptical and played along to see what information I could get to file this.
AS you can see all "Sandy" wanted was a money order and tracking number.
I did cash the check and wait for funds to clear, it never did. I'm glad I never sent $2,000 of my own money to some person and address that did not exist.
I assume he/she is working with someone in the postal business. I don't have any idea how he/she could intersect my money order and pick it up from a non-existent address. ?????
I'll be reporting this through my bank and filed a criminal report with the internet investigation services with police department here in baltimore.
I am renting my timeshare for 1,200 for a week.
I can request it for August 20-27 and see if it is available.
Once it is scheduled how would you like to conduct payment and exchange of paperwork?
Thank you
Responder to my craigslist ad:
Sandy Powell Jul 25 to me
I am interested, I will be coming on this vacation with my Husband from Canada,our trip will be sponsored by wife financial in united state having contract with them and payment will be done by US certified check.please let me have the following information so that the check can be sent to you. Name which you want to appear on the check: Address (not P.O Box): City State: Zip code Tel Total Amount Hope to hear from you soon.
Dr Sandy Powell 200 Elizabeth St Toronto, ON M5G 2C4
Thanks i have discuss with my Husband we all agree to the date Aug 20 to 27 available in your place i will be happy if you can reserve its for us..
Thanks for getting back to me, i'll like you you get the check deposited at your bank and withdraw the remaining balance after deduction of your charges to send the Traveling agent funds today.
As soon as you have the check with you, i'll like you deposit the check at your bank, to have the money, deduct your charges as we agreed and send the rest balance to the Traveling agent through money gram l'll like you to make it happen today or, so that they can have the money on time to start booking up us to your location.
Visit any money gram outlet nearest to you , you will be given a form to fill, get it filled with the information below as the receiver of the money, you're to send the money in minutes and money gram fee are to be deducted from the money you are sending.
Receiver Name:...: Michael Dyer Address.....: 609 Umbria St City...........: Athens State:......: OH ZIPCODE ....: 45701
As soon as you get the money sent just get back to me with the full name use to send the money and total amount sent after money gram charges and the 8 digit reference # . I wait for the transfer detail today for confirmation. Thanks while i await to read from you asap.
God bless you
Aug 4 (5 days ago) to Sandy
I received a check for $3,500 yesterday. Was this from you? It was not a money gram but a real check from a company. Is this correct?
Please let me know before I proceed.
If so, I will keep $1,200 for condo rental. Send $2,000 to traveling agent you requested.
Please let me know before I cash this check.
Sandy Powell Aug 4 (5 days ago) to me
Thanks my payment as deliver to you in the sum $3200 just get the check deposit into your bank account and withdrawn $2000 the traveling agent fund and get it send to the information given to you via money gram and deduct the money gram transfer charges from the fund you are sending and get back to me with money gram details after the payment as bing send to the information given to you
Sandy Powell Aug 5 (4 days ago) to me
Hello ,
Good Morning, How are you today and hope you had a wonderful weekend and rest. I could understand you were not able to get things done for Saturday regarding the transfer of the funds to the agent due to the weekend. I'll want you to kindly take care of the money transfer for the Agent first thing in the morning through money gram money transfer and email me with the information when the fund is sent to pass the information to the agent and upon the receipt of the funds, All further arrangement can be done.
Below is the information to send the $2000 through money gram minus the transfer charges :
Receiver Name:...: Michael Dyer Address.....: 609 Umbria St City...........: Athens State:......: OH ZIP CODE ....: 45701
Reference Number Amount sent after money gram charges Sender's name and address on the receipt .
Thanks , Sandy Powell
to sandy
I have never done this before. I ma skeptical.. typed that wrong the check is for $3,500. Does Michael know how much he is getting? Should I still make a money gram for $2,000 or $2,200?
I hope this is legal and legitimate activity. I am collecting $1,200 for the rental of my timeshare for the week of August 18-25, 2013. This is not for a purchase or any other trade, correct?
I cannot do any of these types transactions on Saturday after 1 pm or on Sundays here where I live. I am able to make the transaction today. Please assure me that you are only renting my week this year.
Also when this check is cashed that I am any in any trouble. The check is from Charles Schwab & Company from Phoenix Arizona from Citibank. Is this correct?
Thank you
Sandy Powell Aug 5 (4 days ago) to me
Ok thanks you are right get the $2000 send to the agent information given to you via money gram after deduction your $1200 for your rent it remain $200 keep $100 for your running around and use the rest $100 for money gram transfer charges and get back to me with money gram transfer details after the fund as being sent... i hope you understand me now
Sandy Powell Aug 5 (4 days ago) to me
Hello Lidia ,
I hope you have receive my last email and understood the explanation and how to take care of the funds for the Money Gram to be sent to Michael . I'm checking to see if by now you have completed the transfer as Michael is already waiting to confirm the receipt of the funds and get started with my other arrangement to be done and get everything taken care off . If by now you are yet to make the transfer, Kindly have everything taken care of and email me with the money gram details in the next email. I'll be looking forward to hear back from you.
Thank you
Aug 5 (4 days ago) to Sandy
I made the Money gram to Michael in amount of $2,000.
Michael Dyer 609 Umbria St Athens, OH 45701
I will send money gram details shortly...
Aug 5 (4 days ago) to Sandy
I am not able to complete money gram. Teller told me this address does not exist.
I need a valid address to send this to?
Thank you
Sandy Powell Aug 5 (4 days ago) to me
sorry the Michael is not available for now kindly send it to this agent info and get back to em with the money gram details thanks and i we be waiting for the money gram details thanks
Latonya clay 259a Johnson Loop Natchez, La. 71456
Sandy Powell Aug 5 (4 days ago) to me
what is going on now still waiting for the money gram details
Aug 5 (4 days ago) to Sandy
I purchased money order and sent it to the last address you sent me.
I forgot the slip of money order on my desk in my office.i will it to you first thing in the morning EST
Thank you for your patience. I hope you enjoy my timeshare at Kauai beach villas!
Sandy Powell Aug 5 (4 days ago) to me
Hello Lidia ,
Thanks for your heads up and reserving timeshare for me . Did you send the funds to Michael ?? Was the funds sent through money gram or you Purchased a money order and sent to the address ? I do not understand your email and please explain better to clear the message and please resend me the name and address you said to send the funds too. I'll be looking forward to hear back from you .
Aug 6 (3 days ago) to Sandy
I could not send funds to Michael, the address you have me does not exist.
I sent it to the other address you gave me.
Aug 6 (3 days ago) to Sandy
Sandy Powell Aug 6 (3 days ago) to me
ok what is the tracking number of the money order and the receipt kindly get back to me with that right now so that we can be track it please get back urgent
Aug 6 (3 days ago) to Sandy
I will have to wait until tomorrow. My bank did not clear your check yet. The teller would not honor me a money order until check has cleared. I do not have $2,155.00 over balance to pay for this money order today.
Tomorrow morning first thing I will send you tracking number of money order to address you sent

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