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Scammer Information
NameDavid Wing    
Email and davidwing@rf-produce.c    

Details of Scam Report
I received this email:
Му nаmе is Dаvid Wing, НR dераrtmеnt оf RF Рrоduсе Соmраnу. Уоu hаvе bееn sеnt this lеttеr sinсе уоu рublishеd уоur rеsumе оn а third-раrtу wеb-sitе thаt рrоvidеs frее ассеss tо СVs роstеd bу usеrs. If уоu dо nоt writе us bаск nо furthеr соntасt will bе mаdе.
Аftеr rеviеw оf уоur rеsumе wе dесidеd tо inсludе уоu in thе list оf thе саndidаtеs fоr thе Рауmеnts Сооrdinаtоr роsitiоn.
Уоur bаsiс dutу fоr оur роst will bе mаnаging ассоunting асtivitiеs аnd writing rероrts оn thе еffесtеd trаnsасtiоns rеgulаrlу. Тhis vасаnt jоb will рrоvidе уоu with flехiblе businеss hоurs, wоrк оnlу оn wеекdауs. Тhе mахimum dаilу wоrкlоаd is 3 tо 4 hоurs. Full еmрlоуmеnt саn bе аftеr suссеssful соmрlеtiоn оf thе triаl реriоd.
Уоur mоnthlу рау will аmоunt tо $1750 аnd wе аlsо hаvе bоnus sуstеm. Тhе sаlаrу is раid еithеr оn а mоnthlу оr bi-wеекlу bаsis.
If уоu bеliеvе thаt уоu аrе thе right реrsоn fоr this роsitiоn рlеаsе аnswеr us bаск tо this mеssаgе. Оur sресiаlists will gеt thrоugh tо уоu within 1-2 wоrкing dауs.
Веst rеgаrds, Dаvid Wing, НR Dераrtmеnt Маnаgеr, RF Рrоduсе Соmраnу.
After responding that I was interested to learn more I received this email:
You were interested in Clients Coordinator vacancy. Detailed position description, application form and all the instructions on how to apply are attached along with this email.
I look forward to your response.
Best Regards, David Wing HR Assistant Director, RF PRODUCE LLC
These are the description and application documents that were attached to the second email: Remote Client Coordinator Position Description About Us RF Produce is an internationally acknowledged company engaged in the export of meat and dairy products from Russia to the United States. Our company was established in 1999 and is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.
With over 10 years of fruitful business practices, we’ve managed to get along with dozens of major companies in the United States, including restaurant and market owners, as well as various food store chains.
During this time we have been working hard to select only the best of the best farming enterprises and private farms that can guarantee utmost quality in their produce. So far, our lineup can boast more than 30 different suppliers of top-quality meat and dairy products.
For more information about our company, please visit our website at
Duties & Responsibilities • Receiving and processing payments made by local customers • Telecommuting (this is a remote, work from home position) • Ensuring that funds are always credited to the company bank account in due time and as assigned • Maintaining contact with the sales department head officer to discuss essential work-related matters • Carrying out accounting tasks and preparing reports on performed transactions on a regular basis
Candidate Requirements • Previous industry-related working experience, while not necessary, but will be a great advantage • Basic social, evaluation, and computer skills • Must be able to handle stress • Must demonstrate remarkable attention to detail • Must be a reliable individual and a keen observer • Must be available between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM each work day Why do we need you? So far we’ve already worked on several major projects for clients within the US, but in doing so, we’ve run into certain payment processing issues. The majority of our clients prefer to make payments via direct deposit or wire transfer straight to our corporate bank account, but unfortunately, we aren’t able to accept payments this way.
The issue arises from the fact that we prefer to work directly with private farms. We avoid resorting to the services of agents or other third parties for the purchase of goods, as we are striving to provide our customers with favorable prices for all our produce and to ensure swift delivery. As a result, we may defray certain costs from even the shortest delay in payment processing. Furthermore, our clients cannot pay for our products by means of private party transactions.
To resolve this issue we have come up with a temporary solution that allows us to cut our company's expenses. The position we offer involves accepting payments made by our customers to your personal bank account and then crediting them to the bank account of one of our managers. Compensation Your monthly base salary will be $1,800 with an additional 5% fee for every successfully closed deal. The average amount of funds per deal is around $5,000. The commission on sales is paid out immediately upon the transaction being completed. The salary is paid either on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. Our coordinators generally make an average of $4,300 per month. Employment Application Procedure To join our team you will have to formally confirm your intention to work with us by filling out and sending in our Application Form (see attached).
You may do this in one of two ways: • You may fill out the attached Application Form electronically and e-mail it back to me or • You may apply online at our website:
We’re certain that you will enjoy the comfort of working with RF Produce. We take great care to send you information about assigned tasks and/or transfers to your account, payment processing details, and other details in a timely manner to facilitate your ability to work in an efficient manner.
Best Regards, David Wing HR Assistant Director, RF PRODUCE LLC, Vallmotie 13 A 6 Krs, 00380 Helsinki, Finland
Vacancy Details Date of Birth: Gender:
Male Female
Full Name:
Job Title:
RF Produce Clients Coordinator
Street Address incl. Apt#:
For internal applications: State:
Staff number: City:
Senior Manager: Country: USA
Contact numbers:
Where did you see this vacancy advertised?
Email from David Wing Mobile:
Have you attached any continuation sheets? Any information which you think is relevant but is not covered elsewhere please write on a separate sheet and attach.
Yes [ ]
No [X]
REFERENCES Please give below the names and addresses of people to whom we may apply for information about your work, experience and attendance record and indicate your relationship. One of them must be your most recent or current employer (if previously employed). If you have just left school/college, you may supply details of your Head Teacher/Principal.
1 Most recent/current employer 2 Relationship: 3 Relationship:      
Phone number:
Phone number:
Phone number:
Can we contact? Yes No
Can we contact? Yes No
Can we contact? Yes No
I certify that the above information (and any further information enclosed) is correct and I agree that the Employer may take reasonable steps to verify this information (e.g. by obtaining proof of qualifications). I agree to the Employer processing and retaining the personal information contained on this form for any purposes connected with my application.
Signed​ Date

Scam Email
I received an uninvited email from an individual claiming that they saw my résumé on an unnamed site where I had posted it. They invited me to respond to learn more about a payments coordinator position.

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