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Scammer Information
NameJohnson Mike    
Scam Website    

Details of Scam Report
His profile has a handful of photographs of a middle aged man in a suit living a respectable higher end middle class life. One picture depicts him with a miltary uniform. If you do a reverse image search, most of the pictures show up as stock images used by a lot of similar social network scammers. His page's likes are a bunch of sports and Poland related stuff, despite his profile stating he was born and lives in the U.S. and his scam saying he is currently in Syria.
Here's my Facebook chat log while dealing with him. I am immediately suspicious as the man does not have any mutual friends nor any mutual interests. I remain a detached outlook most of the entire time since I was immediately suspicious, though at first I thought he might be some kinda pedo or something. Certain information is redacted to protect my identity.
Conversation started today Johnson Mike 03:51 Johnson Mike
How are you ? Anon 03:53 Anon
Aight I suppose. Johnson Mike 03:53 Johnson Mike
Nice to have you here my dear Today Johnson Mike 00:52 Johnson Mike
How are you doing today ? Anon 01:03 Anon
Could have been worse. Johnson Mike 01:04 Johnson Mike
So what is your name and where are you from Anon 01:04 Anon
[REDACTED] Johnson Mike 01:05 Johnson Mike
Wow nice name and loving country Johnson Mike 01:12 Johnson Mike
So are you male or female ? Anon 01:30 Anon
Male. Johnson Mike 01:30 Johnson Mike
Are you married with kids ? Anon 01:31 Anon
Nah. Johnson Mike 01:31 Johnson Mike
So how old are you and what are you doing for a living ? Anon 01:38 Anon
[REDACTED] Johnson Mike 01:38 Johnson Mike
So tell me what is your plans now to get married to your dream wife to spend the rest of your life with Anon 01:40 Anon
I don't make plans. Johnson Mike 01:41 Johnson Mike
Why you are not a baby any more okay Anon 01:42 Anon
Variables changes, so I feel it is best to go without any strict plans and just live life as it comes at me. Johnson Mike 01:44 Johnson Mike
Okay home
I mean good
So can i adopt you as my little brother
You know am alone now no wife no family to call my own okay Anon 01:46 Anon
You should try making real life friends at bars and stuff. Johnson Mike 01:48 Johnson Mike
Yes that is true that why i really need some one life you to call brother to be there for me okay
Am very serious with this and i what you to be serious with me also okay ? Anon 01:50 Anon
I support you by proxy. I'm not going anywhere out of my way, and I am too busy to be available for a lot of online conversation, but just know I support you, and if you are religious I am sure you god or whatever supports you too. Johnson Mike 01:52 Johnson Mike
Thank you very much for your understanding brother
Am here in syria right now for place keeping mission mission Anon 01:53 Anon
Military huh? Thanks for your service. Johnson Mike 01:54 Johnson Mike
You are welcome brother
So tell me about you brother Anon 01:55 Anon
Eh, I collect a bunch of video games, Japan related stuff, and miscellanious geekery mostly. Not much more to tell really. Johnson Mike 01:57 Johnson Mike
Okay that is nice
So tell me about your work ?
Where are you working ? Anon 01:58 Anon
Just a dry cleaners run by an Italian man. I just input and tag clothes in preparation for cleaning. Johnson Mike 01:59 Johnson Mike
Okay dear
See i we love to open there a investment i don't know if you can help carry my plans out ? Anon 02:00 Anon
I don't know much about investments, sorry. Johnson Mike 02:02 Johnson Mike
Don't worry okay if you can help me receive the money i we use to start from my bank account i we be very happy
And i make you the manager of the hotel am planing to buy there Anon 02:05 Anon
How do I know this isn't one of them Nigerian style scams? Johnson Mike 02:05 Johnson Mike
What do you mean Anon 02:12 Anon
Well anyway, does your plan involve any kind of financial investment from me at all? Coz I can't afford any financial investments.

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