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Scammer Information
Namethe barrister chambers    
Scam Websiteonline comunication pop up    
Telephone2162737056     ⇒ Reverse Phone Lookup (by Spokeo

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iwas to be in robert adler of zenith corp dead 7 years now made me a will recipient in his will to receive 11 per cent of his death will iin hearatance isaid ok at first then they send me acopy of his actual will his picture id and letter telling me not to worry id receive more of his standing money which was to be abank tranfer to my bank after i receive an agree to the terms they showed my name on the will too it was convincing at first then idid themath 50 percent of 20 million to his wife then 10 million left then 29 per cent to handicaped people then his brother john adler gets his cars and trucks then i robert bruno receive 11 per cent for the needy poor and helpless in ohio then isaw 2 -5per cent values one to canada and one to spain thats when it became stupid cause after i totaled the amounts it was way over then 20 million mor like 1million 455thousand over they said it would be in my favor cause long over due standing of 7 years after his death i would receive more how can 11 percent and 10 per cent and 50 percent and 29 per cent be real its way over his 20 million amount idissagreed and said somethingwrong it dontadd up so irefused to pay overdue fees bank fees and liars.iwas almost gonna send my id and phone number iwas piked from my g-mail addressewhat ascam im glad iwrote back forget it thats it ialmost was duped into beleiving from this they told me to call a44 871- 974- 9198 to claim it talk about paper work to sighn itover to me.

Scam Email
inhearatance bank fraud to manipulate me into thinkin im gonna get robert adlers money to invest in helping charitys and give it to handicapped and poor people i am apoor person out of work 8 years now i fell for it thats it robert bruno herein ohio not a11percent poorer of anyones money but at least im not a sucker to pay anyones long over due standings of 7 years from aguy i never met but their lawyers are ready to scam me for whatever bank i belong toand try to get more money to add to their bank of clifford chance london united kingdom of irelands robert adlers will phoney to the max i say bb in ohiodone way.this family of losers are propably spent all the money family members afraid to claim their fathers money cause he owed every country in spain and canada and usa.and london and irelandbanks for fees long never paid after his death hes propably pennyless all lies to deceive thepeople into saying hes giving it away when acrtually hes takin away from everyones bank then skipping the internet for more people to pay his depts.cant trace adebit card unless its been rightfull owner all they need is an adresse aphone number asocial security number and picture id then your history thats fraud stealing someones id to become wealthy.

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