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Scammer Information
NameChristian Mingle    
Telephonenot listed     ⇒ Reverse Phone Lookup (by Spokeo

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It's so sad,,to find the Exploitation of Women Perpitrated on Men,!! In the Name of Religion,!! I'm sure you all have received an e mail,implying that God says it's up to you now to find Your chosen Mate,!! After enticing us men with an exciting unsolicited e mail that proposes to have you meet Dixie Bell eg, See her profile and/or picture,,and send her a wink,a smile,a spark,a card,!!just click here!!
Only problem is;; The only thing you see when clicked on is a Subscription Page with no option,other than charge your Credit card,$40,00 for a month's acces to send/receive an e mail to an interested party,,exchange a Few compliments,and have your picture displayed a few times,!!
They tout that they have 50,000,000 members at $40,00 a month,,$29,00 a month for 3 months,or $20,00 A month,for 6 months,,I wonder if Jesus sees any of that $200,000,000,or if they even donote on Sundays,in the name of the Lord,!! There is the occassional click that will reveal a photo and access to wink,,smile,,spark,,card,however that is not the norm!! I can assure you,,I have replied to them citing there unchristian like practice, The only reply I got was a wishy washy rhetoric about how they conduct there operation in accordance with there mandate,(unexplained)
I thought that Jesus "Cast Out" the merchants from the Temple,from profiteering and useury!! These Pagans hide behind the identity of "The Lord"and commit a Catacreasus of the word of God In order to profit from the poor lonely soles that cling to the belief that if it is the Lords Chapter to meet another loney sole by an exorbitant Subscription fee,then It must be a blessed thing!!
I hope they Rot In Hell,in good time!! I realize this is common practice with dating services,,the Bait and Switch method is not New,!! But doing it in the Name Of The Lord,is Blasphemous,,and should exposed as such,!!

Scam Email
Christian Mingle,,,Chemistry,,these are there main identifying sources,!! You will undoubtably see an e mail,,on national TV,,Magazines,,touting the message that the Lord says It\'s your Turn To Do Something!! Join Christian Mingle and Connect with others who Believe!!! B.S.!!!

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