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Scammer Information
NameLynds Janae (probably fake name)    
Scam (classified section, under FREE items)    
TelephoneN/A     ⇒ Reverse Phone Lookup (by Spokeo

Details of Scam Report
This scam starts with a classified ad showing a few photos of a baby, asking for urgent help from the mother who, without giving much detail, basically says she is in a bad situation and need someone to take her baby into care.
Apologies, the ad has been removed from the source site so I'm not able to copy it here.
Upon inquiring with the ad poster, we received an email reply which is an obvious scam. The email address is suspicious, the scammer couldn't get the name of their own baby straight, and the wording is reminiscent of a Nigerian Prince scam.
The email also contained several photos of the baby supposedly up for adoption. I searched Google for similar images and found a Flickr account where the photos were apparently pulled from. The account belongs to a professional photographer who has several pages of photos of the same child from infancy to about 2 years old. It appears to be the photographer's daughter, so the photos were obviously stolen from that account and used for this scam.
We didn't email the sender back and don't plan to, as we don't want to get involved in a scam, but everything about this classified posting indicates it is a scam.

Scam Email
Subject: Baby Tina
From: \"Lynds Janae\" date: May 12, 2014 2:38 AM

Hello and thank you for the mail, I am surprise at your response because I discussed this with my pastor last two weeks ,he promised me to help me but he told me nothing about posting an advert ,I am sure he did this advert, i was not aware about it but I am ready to give out my baby for adoption. I am single mother to Jane , my baby whose father we don\'t know his whereabouts from the day i told him i was 3 months pregnant for him. We met at our Ministry\'s Convention in Atlanta, Georgia for one month (i attended from the Philippians) and he promised me everything i could have in a husband and a father of my children. It is quite disturbing explaining all these since I have been disturbed all along, but i must tell you since i have already made up my mind to adopt little Jane regarding my present situation. I have attached pictures of Tina to this mail, I hope you like her since she is a wonderful baby girl and it has taken me over 4 months to finally come up with the decision to let her have the opportunity other kids have for a happy and loving family .If the picture are not viewable please let me know for I am not sure if I did the attachment correctly I am not use to the computer ,ha-ha,( never mind ) As for the type of adoption, well!! i will want the most preferable for us since i will not be able to ever see or meet her again. I am sick and will not be along for long again. I returned home (Philippians) after the convention before realizing that I was 2 months pregnant. But me and her dad kept constant communication after that, but I was always afraid to inform him I was pregnant for him. It was a month later after I had thought for a while and summoned courage before I informed him we were to have a baby. He was very mad at me and demanded we have an abortion. I am pro-life and did not see it that way. I told him we were made for each other as he has been telling me from the start and it would have been better for us to get married and start a life, but after that very telephone call I haven\'t heard or read from him again. i don\'t know anything about his family, friends and relations since he was alone at the convention. After my family discovered I was pregnant and could not tell who the father of my child was or his whereabouts, everybody became furious at me and that\'s when the most difficult part of my life and Jane\'s began. I was being treated like an alien in the family and nobody will help me out in anything since my dad said i have brought the family name to shame by bringing a bastard to the family. I took everything in without complaining and thanks to our neighbors and church members, I finally had clothes, and a few necessities i needed for the baby\'s delivery. This made me to be stressed up throughout mid 2013 , really sad since my dad was not at the hospital and he never looks at the baby in the house. I had to make a decision since i was going nuts and thanks to my congregation, they finally advised me to come over for Voluntary missionary work in Central Africa, while i can have some peace and have time for myself to think over what i really want in life. So me and Jane finally came over when he was 8 months 3wks old to Central Africa. It has been nice and quiet here for us, but it is also hell for Jane since the climates here does not favor her and we can hardly feed ourselves from the allowances given to us per month. In addition, I am not at my best as far as health conditions are concerned. I am in and out of the hospital ALL of the time and I don\'t want my child to have be alone when its too late. I have just few days to get a home for her before i will be kept for ever in the hospital because of the cancer. This is what has made me to finally give her the chance to have a better life and a happy family since, no matter how hard we have tried or how nice we have tried to be, i will not be able to live to see her in the future . Please I hope you can respond to my mail since we are presently hoping and praying Jane gets to have the opportunity i have been wanting for my baby. Thanks and God Bless you. --------------------------------------------------

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