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Scammer Information
NameDouglas Ashley    
Telephone(312) 869-2783     ⇒ Reverse Phone Lookup (by Spokeo
Fax(501) 235-3164    

Details of Scam Report
This person or persons is still trying to pull the same old scam as the others above have outlined. Please see my e-mail thread below. ________________________________
Douglas (or whomever you are):
Your rental scam is old and tired!!!!!!!!! There are several scam tips/alerts online about you and your so called story. See link below.
I want to let you know that you better crawl back into the slimy little worm hole you came out of and hide there for a long time. I have reported you to the District and State Attorneys in Oregon, Illinois and Utah and all 3 said that they would be investigating your little scam, and prosecute you to the full extent of the law in their respective jurisdictions.
My suggestion Mexico!
P.S. You may want to invest some of the money you've scammed off the hard work of others to pay for a GED. In looking at the way you write, you are clearly not smart enough to pull off any sort of major scheme/scam. Good luck in your hiding!!!
In a message dated 5/20/2014 4:38:16 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes: It was nice hearing back from you and i really appreciate it, i want you to know that my wife and i are very happy to see the interest and concern you have show towards renting our home and we believe that you will be a responsible tenant to us, I will solicit for your absolute maintenance of this house and want you to treat it as your own , the money is not the main problem but we want you to keep it tidy all the time so that we will be glad to see it neat when we come for a check up, you can live in the house as soon as you are taken good care of the house we could decide to sell it to you if you keep to your promise in taken good care of the property ,we want you to fill out the rental application form below so that we can know the next step to take as soon as possible.
FIRST NAME:________________ MIDDLE NAME: ________________ LAST NAME: _________________ PROFESSION: ________________ (CELL)PHONE ()_________ (CELL)PHONE () _____________________ (WORK)PHONE () __________ KIDS _____ (YES/NO), HOW MANY _______ PRESENT ADDRESS: ____________________ CITY: ______________ STATE: _____________ ZIP CODE: _______________ HOW LONG? ____________IF RENTING WHY ARE YOU LEAVING? IF THIS Home IS BEING GIVEN TO YOU, HOW LONG DO YOU INTEND STAYING?______________ WHEN DO YOU INTEND MOVING IN? ______________ MONTHLY INCOME: IF YOU HAVE A PET: NAME OF PET: _____________ KIND OF PETS: _____________ HABITS DO YOU SMOKE? ___________ DO YOU DRINK? ______________ DO YOU WORK LATE NIGHT?____
Looking forward to hear from you with all this details so that i can have it in my file incase of issuing the receipt for you and contacting you.Await your urgent reply so that we can discuss on how to get the document and the key to you,please we are giving you all this base on trust and again i will want you to stick to your words,you know that we do not see yet and only putting everything into Gods hand,so please do not let us down in this our property and God bless you more as you do this. Looking forward to hear from you. Fax the application to 5012353164
Thanks And Remain Blessed Douglas Ashley. You can reach me at 312) 869-2783
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Date: Mon, 19 May 2014 21:29:47 -0400 Subject: Inquiry about 3221 26th Ct SE To:
Thank you for your prompt response to our inquiry about your lovely home. My husband (xxxxxx) is being relocated to the Albany area in the next month or so by his company. He will be in Oregon during the week of xxxxxxx, to take a look at his new work site and to do some house hunting.
With that in mind, we would love to get the rental application in advance, that way if everything goes well when he sees the property we can move pretty quickly.
Just to let you know a little bit about us — xxx is xx y.o. and I am xx y.o. We have been married for many years. xxxxx is a xx year retiree from xxxxxx. He retired young and got bored so he went back to work in the same industry (xxxxxxxxx) for xxxxxxxg. With the merger of xxxxxxxxxx last year they are now the xxxx largest xxxxxxx company in the United States. With that in mind, the company needs good people in key positions. That is why xxxxxxx has been asked to play a key management role in their Albany location.
I am a xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, and I work from a home office. xxxxxxx is one of the largest (if not the largest) xxxxxxxxxx companies in the world. You are welcome to check out my Linkedin profile to see more about my background before I was a xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
In keeping with the foregoing, we both have excellent, stable jobs, and would have no problem making timely rental payments. Douglas, I want to let you know we are Christians and we take our commitments very seriously. That being said, we would treat and take care of your beautiful home as if it were our own. We have good credit and have been renting at the same place for 4 (four) years. We would have not problem providing you with whatever you need to feel comfortable renting to us (e.g., copies of last years tax return, paycheck stubs, letter from our current landlord, letter from our Pastor, etc.). We know it has got to be difficult to try to rent your place without meeting us personally so we want you to feel as comfortable as possible in doing so.
In answer to your questions, we would love to develop a long-term rental relationship with you that may hopefully result in our being able to purchase the property at some point. That is, of course, if it were to be a win-win situation for both our families.
I am embedding herein some pictures of us so you can see what we look like and what we are all about.
Douglas, you can also check me out on the internet and social media at the following links:
Linkedin: Facebook: My website:
Sorry to be so long winded, but I wanted to try to set your mind at ease and let you what kind of people we are and what we are all about. Should you have any remaining questions and/or comments please do not hesitate to contact us.
In a message dated 5/19/2014 3:38:49 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device
-------- Original message -------- From: Douglas A Ashley Date:05/19/2014 3:13 PM (GMT-08:00) To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Subject: RE: Inquiry about 3221 26th Ct SE
Thanks for your interest and inquiries about my house. Yes the house is still available for rent and we are looking for a responsible person/family to occupy and maintain the house now that we are not around. My wife and I just moved to Rogers, AK for a program called FAMILY LIFE AND HIV EDUCATION AND THE HIV PREVENTION FOR RURAL YOUTH PROGRAM, the program is taking place in three major countries in Europe, Africa, UK . We will be there for 2 to 3 years or more that is why I have made up my mind to put up my house for rent to whom ever that will take good care of it.
Also how long do you intend to stay? How soon do you intend to move in? FEATURES : Laundry, Electric Range, Electric Heat, Master Bedroom, Playground, Car Park .AMENITIES: Air Conditioning, Patio/Party Deck, Cable TV, Ceiling Fans, 24 hours Internet service, Dishwasher, Fire pit, Garbage Disposal, Microwave, security alarm, Pets Friendly, Refrigerator, Washer / Dryer.
DETAILS ABOUT THE HOUSE.. Number of bedrooms: 3 Number of bathrooms: 2.5
Rental price: $800 per month and security Deposit is $800 (Security Deposit is Refundable) Utilities included in monthly rent Pets Welcome. Here is the address to the house: 3221 SE 26th Court, Albany, OR 97322þ
In case you see any sign board, they are the Realtor in charge of my house before I decided to take over by my self. I am no more working with them and don't bother to contact them because formerly i wanted to sell the house before me and my Lovely Family now decided to rent it out instead of selling it out.
Get back to me so i can forward you the rental application form i would want you to fill out and also do get back to me ASAP with your picture as well so let me know whom i am renting my house to.
Regards. Douglas Ashley
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sun, 18 May 2014 16:56:45 -0700 From: To: Subject: Inquiry about 3221 26th Ct SE
Reply directly to this email to respond. I am interested in this rental and would like to schedule a viewing. Please let me know when this would be possible. XXXXXXXXXX (xxx) xxxxxxxxxxx $800/mo 3 bd , 2.5 ba , 1187 sqft 3221 26th Ct SE, Albany, OR
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