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Scammer Information
NameAli Farzat Mustafa    
Telephone+963 433 7453     ⇒ Reverse Phone Lookup (by Spokeo

Details of Scam Report
Scammer reacted to a German website where we advertised our house to sell. He reacted in German but soon we switched to English. He pretends to be a medical doctor in Syria working for an English charity. He wanted to buy my property but I had to help him in stashing away 6.2 million dollars he received(??!) from a dead collegue, offering me 20% of the deal. Therefore he needed a copy of my passport. There is where I stopped. He sent me a copy of his passport and a couple of pictures afterwards to convince me, but I found it too risky.
Previously I have been contacted with the same deal by other name: Ryan Kelly.

Scam Email
Hello, Thanks once again for your response to my email, concerning the purchase of your Property. I contacted you in confidence that you can be a trustworthy person and would also be helpful in a matter like this. I am interested in your property and i will buy it because i will need it when i come to Europe. I urge you to disregard other interested Buyers and consider your Property now sold to me. The (notary) legal documentation of the property in my name, should be suspended for now till i come over. I will suggest and advise you to concentrate on how you are to receive the Payment of your Property in CASH. My name is Dr. Ali Farzat Mustafa. I am a secret military medical Doctor in Syria working with the British charity on one year humanitarian program in secret hospital in Syria lead by Late Dr Isa Abdur Rahman. I contacted you because Syria now is not safe anymore for doctors. Our Locations are all secret after the army bombarded some hospitals, including the AL-Shrea hospital where I work that was shelled three times and finally destroyed. Most Syrian doctors asked not to be identified for fear of retribution from the authorities. Going to a state hospital is no longer an option for many people. The army controls the main hospitals, which I believe are filled with Syrian security personnel. I saw wounded fighters arrive at one of these public hospitals and get beaten and arrested before being treated. I\'m very scared for myself, but what can I do? This is my duty. I have to help. In the order hand I have $6.2 million dollars which was given to me by my late Friend Dr Isa Abdur Rahman, A Syrian British doctor who died months ago in an attack on a field hospital where he was treating civilians. Dr Isa Abdur Rahman father serves Dr Rifaat Al-Assad, younger brother of the former President of Syria, Hafez Assad but now in exile in U K because he is not in support of President Bashar Al-Assad, who inherited harsh dictatorship from his father who refused to embrace peace and hit reform for his country. My Friend died in a bomb shell by the Syrian government forces trying to save innocent people. I inherited this money which was given to him by his late Father which he made through an oil deal he made with his commander when he was serving the military and I wish to use this money for charity and investment in Europe and that is the reason I contacted you because I want to leave Syria very soon. I want to transfer this fund to you as the beneficiary through a diplomatic courier services because I don\'t know where to hide this fund again here in Syria. I just need your acceptance to receive this cargo as the beneficiary in Europe and keep it safe till I come over. I cannot transfer this fund through bank because banks are controlled by government forces which makes it impossible too because of the sanction imposed in the country by United Nations. I want to live in Europe for the rest of my life because of the atmosphere and the growing economy there. Please if you are interested in this transaction I will give to you the complete details you need for us to carry out this transaction successfully. I decided to find someone that is real and not imaginary and that is why I went to a secured Property site in Europe where I can be sure that the person is real and I believe I can trust you. Where I am now we can only communicate through the Red Cross communication facilities which only permit me to send e- mails, so be rest assured that our deal is safe. If you are ready in this transaction I will send you all the details you need to know. I have my chances to send the money out of Syria to Europe with help of ECHO European Commission for humanitarian services that is working under the Red Cross that brings relief materials from Europe where I work. I wait for your fast response so we can go on. In less than 7 days the money should be in your care then i will give you further details. You will take 20% of the fund for your help after i must have paid for your Property and keep 80% in a safe place till I come, I hope I am been fair on this deal. Best Regards, Dr. Ali Farzat Mustafa. Hello, Thanks for your prompt response. I really do understand your approach towards my business proposal, and i want to inform you that upon the successful transfer of the funds to your location in Europe, you do not need to be afraid because i am the sole coordinator to this deal and i have everything arranged and planned. All i need from you is your commitment and trust, so that once you receive the money, you will keep it save as i will instruct you. I promise never to let you down in this deal. I want to assure you that this deal is real and 100% risk free because of the way it will be packaged. It\'s not going to be a bank to bank transfer because of the situation here. I am still very interested in buying your property and i want you to consider it sold to me till i come over for the whole legal documentation of your property in my name. As soon as you get the cargo you will remove the money for your property, also take 20% as your share for helping me, and then keep the balance of 80% for me in any safe place you know until I come over. First, I will be doing myself a great favor to explain in simple terms how this deal is going to be, I just need your acceptance to pay for the clearance of this cargo as the beneficiary from the customs in Europe when it arrive. After the clearance the diplomat in Europe will use his diplomatic immunity to deliver the cargo to any address of your choice without any check. I cannot transfer this fund through bank because all the banks are now under Government controlled area and i have tried to move it through the borders which is impossible for me because of heavy military check points, that was the reason i contacted you. You will take 20% of the funds to yourself and transfer it to wherever you want and the balance of 80% will be kept for me until I come soon. Now I want you to know that Red Cross relief jet flies to Europe from Syria to go collect reliefs from donors in Europe. If we come to a concrete agreement i will contact a diplomat here to come seal up the consignment which is with the Red Cross to the beneficiary, by then I must have prepared every document making you the true beneficiary of the funds. I also want you to know that diplomats run a courier service which is called DIPLOMATIC COURIER SERVICE. This service is meant for transferring hard documents, huge funds and precious stones. They call it consignment. This consignment will be registered under their services and will be carried with their diplomatic Immunity to any country where they have diplomatic grounds and then deliver it to the beneficiary. In this case, the deal will go like this. I will meet a diplomat here in Syria who is a member of ECHO European Commission for humanitarian services that is working under the Red Cross to come and register and seal the box as a diplomatic shipment in your name as the owner then send to Europe through the red cross jet as a diplomatic box. The diplomat will seal it and then will send it to Europe after registering it as a diplomatic consignment in a diplomatic box and then transfer it to Europe where another diplomat there will be the one in charge of the delivery to any address of your choice. The airplane that will be used in this deal is the Red Cross jet which equally has its own immunity because of the nature of its work. I do not know you but we can only speak of trust and once i come and have my own share from you then we can really become very good friends. If you are good to me you will make this deal with me and keep it very secret between the both of us, then in few days we are rich. I will be in Europe in 3 months time after my contract with the British charity on humanitarian program is over. If you are ready for this deal, you are required by this letter to furnish me with the information below. 1. Your Full name 2. Your country of origin and Contact address in your country 3. Your direct telephone number. 4. Your Passport for your identification by the diplomat. As soon as i get these information, i will contact you immediately i conclude arrangement with the diplomat here. Get back to me urgently, Dr. Ali Farzat Mustafa. Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2014 12:42:52 +0200 From: To: Subject: RE: wohnung in Toskane Dear Dr. Farzat Mustafa, We are terribly sorry but we cannot accept your deal. Accepting your cash would expose us to fiscal and criminal charges for which we may be imprisoned. Government and Justice are very active and would certainly track the transaction. Good luck, Family de Walderstein

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