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Scammer Information
NameMichael Greene    
Telephone( +1) 213 712 5266     ⇒ Reverse Phone Lookup (by Spokeo
Fax( +1) 213 394 7040    

Details of Scam Report
With reference to your application and after thorough evaluation of details as contained in your CV, we are pleased to inform you that you have been selected for employment on the following terms and conditions:
POSITION: QC Supervisor.
Job Location: California, USA.
Resumption Date: 4th, November 2014. On this date, you are to report at 8:00 a.m. to the Human Resources Department, where you will be provided with packet containing information on Oxyy Enerji Benefits, facilities, and services as well to attend an orientation program before job commencement. Should you accept this job offer, per company policy you'll be eligible to receive the following beginning on your hire date.
• Salary: Monthly starting net salary of $9,500 (USD) exclusive of any taxation (all taxes will be paid by the company). All payment of Salary after assumption of duty in USA shall be 90% paid into an offshore account to be provided by employee with the remaining 10% paid locally in USA. This is in line with the US Expatriate Financial Statutory Laws.
Job Description:
• Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in inspecting incoming materials, in process molded plastic components, and finished fabricated plastic products to ensure adherence to company quality standards and customer specifications: Draws sketch and writes inspection procedure for each new item to be fabricated, indicating areas to be examined, measuring devices to be used, and maximum and minimum acceptable dimensions. • Distributes sketch and procedure to engineering, production control, and inspection work stations. • Inspects molded components following first-run production of new item, using gauges and shadow comparator, and advises technician of type of defects noted and need for machine adjustment. • Repeats inspection procedure until product meets quality standards and specifications are attained.
Contract Duration: 2 Years (Renewable)
• Working Hours: 8:30AM -4:30PM, (Monday- Friday). • Rotation: 28/28. Employees shall also receive their full benefits during their 28 day off which includes Monthly Salaries, Bonuses, and other Allowance/Entitlements.
• Benefits:
1. Orientation Program: Candidates are advised to arrive a week before job commencement date in order to attend the orientation seminar. Note that there will be no further interview as your appointment is basically on the information, which you have provided on your resume before screening. There will be a routine check of your credentials on arrival by the Human Resource Department to confirm validity.
2. Accommodation: Oxyy Enerji will provide accommodation to all foreign nationals at the Company’s staff estate. Company will provide three bedroom apartment for married couples and two bedroom apartment for single. Employees are entitled to take meals free of charge at the General Staff canteens. Dietary options, Customized cooks and Dieticians are available options. Recreational/Sports Facilities shall also be made available at the disposal of all expatriates with no expenses to be incurred. Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service will as well be made available to all employees by the company's laundry and dry cleaning unit.
3. Relocation Expenses: All expenses made/incurred by the employee in relation to this Job/Contract Engagement Process or expenses made during Travel Plans, Affidavit and Security Clearance Certification etc shall be fully reimbursed by the Employer. Upon completion of the employment formality and approval of your Visa/Work Permit, Company will release your upfront payment and your flight ticket (Business Class), to enable you relocate to US.
4. Reimbursement: Company guarantees to reimburse all expenses sustained by Employee for any Immigration Requirements. Refund shall be made along with your mobilization upfront payment and not more than five (5) working days from submission of report / receipt of approved work permit and visa through the Immigration Attorney.
5. Safety and Security: Safety and Security of personnel (Local/Foreign) and Facilities on Job Locations and communities are no small issues, and have been seriously considered to ensure and assure hitch free operations. All operations on Job Location are designed to adhere strictly to the Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy as applicable in the Company Sector. All expatriates are entitled to a free and mandatory safety courses on Job Locations to be delivered by qualified safety and environment experts.
6. Medical and Health Care: Employer will provide the employee with comprehensive Health care for the time of contract, and follow-on care for injuries suffered during the time of contract for employee and family.
7. Transportation: An official vehicle/helicopter shall be provided on 24 hour daily basis for local transportation. A round trip flight ticket to cover the span of your contract engagement will be provided and delivered to you on the completion of your relevant travel documents and immigration particulars.
8. Allowance/Entitlements: Hazard/Inconveniences: $3,000.00 (Monthly), Entertainment & Recreation: $1,000.00(Monthly), Travel & Events: $3,000.00(Monthly), Performance Bonuses: Up to Eleven percent of your annual net salary, paid quarterly by your choice of cheque or direct deposit.
9. End of Service Entitlement: Employee will be entitled to receive End of Service Gratuity in accordance with the prevision under the US Labour Law.
10. Termination Notice: Employment offer will be subjected to one month notice of termination by either Employee or Employer, unless termination is on grounds of serious misconduct where such termination will be with immediate effect as protected by the US Employment Act.
Yours faithfully,
************************************************************************************ EMPLOYEE

Scam Email
OXYY ENERJI 550 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, CA 90071, USA E-mail : Tel: ( +1) 213 712 5266 Fax: ( +1) 213 394 7040 Attn: VIJAYAN THEKKEVEEDU, With the approval of the Management of OXYY ENERJI, we are delighted to formally offer you the Employment to work with Oxyy Enerji for the provision of Expatriates Relation Services for the period duly specified in your Offer Letter. Please find attached Copy of your Employment Letter for your perusal and immediate action if the terms of work are acceptable to you. Upon thorough review and acceptance of this Employment Package, dot your signature in the space indicated in the last page of the Contract Agreement and return it back to us via email attachment within a period of 7 working days. Once you accept and sign this offer, you are to contact the Immigration Attorney with the below email address and request for information required to enable him Process your visa. Please note that your consistency is highly needed to enable him do his job and get you visa on time, also endeavor to keep us posted as regards your progress with the Attorney. NOTE: You will be paid monthly. Both during your time on-site and your time off-site. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Visa Information: The below email and phone number belongs to the immigration lawyer who will be in charge of your visa, once you agree to the terms and condition of this offer by signing your signature on the space provided, you are to immediately contact the below email address and phone number and let the lawyer know that you have accepted the job request visa requirements from him. CONTACT IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY BELOW: E-Mail: E-Mail: Website: Tel: +1 619-821-1778 Name: DAVID ZEIDMAN. Upon receipt of the required documents from your side, the Immigration Attorney will secure your residence and work permit in California, USA and will contact the United States Consulate in your country and send all your documents to them to facilitate your visa. Within a space of 7 working days after your papers has been sent to the consulate, we shall notify you on when to go to the US Consulate in your country for the endorsement of your international passport, brief interview and issuance of visa. Yours faithfully, Michael Greene Human Resources Manager ZEIDMAN IMMIGRATION LAW FIRM California, USA. Email: Telephone: 619-821-1778 Attention: Vijayan, There are three stages involved in the employment of expatriates in USA. 1, Request for cable visa 2, Application for work visa 3, Regularization of stay. Once the Head of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has approved the request for cable visa, it will be forwarded to the US EMBASSY who will issue you a WORK VISA. The regularization of stay is done here in US on your arrival. Firstly before I proceed with the application to the United States Embassy in your location to give you a WORK VISA, I have to first of all get you your Expatriate Quota Approval Letter and Cable Visa from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in US. You are to send me the following required documents so that I can make an application for you with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for the approval of your Resident/worker\'s Permit, Cable Visa (which is a pre-requisite for Employment visa) and Expatriate Quota. 1. Expatriate travelers insurance policy certificate (ETIP) 2. A scanned copy of your international passport. 3. Scanned Copy Of The Offer Letter THE EXPATRIATE TRAVELERS INSURANCE POLICY (ETIP) COVER is a mandatory requirement by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) this is because the policy proves that you are medically fit; to work in United States and also it is a pre-requisite to renew your resident/worker\'s permit every year. The ETIP has benefits to the tune of $9,500 000.00 (NINE MILLION AND FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND US DOLLAR S) and the duration is one year, it should include benefits for loss of luggage, repatriations, medical, permanent disability and death etc. The preferred insurance company by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is WASHINGTON GLOBAL INSURANCE COMPANY, They are US Government owned insurance company located in United States. So you are to look for their agent in your location. After you have applied for the ETIP policy, you will be issued a certificate. You are to send me a copy of the certificate Issued electronically as attachment. Attached is the visa form, you are to go through it carefully before filling it properly. On confirmation from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for the approval of your cable visa, expatriate quota resident/worker\'s permit, it will be forwarded to the United States Embassy in your location. You will be invited by the United States Embassy in your location for a brief interview for your Work visa. The form attached is in PDF format, which means you need adobe acrobat to open it. These are the vital procedures which you must adhere to because it is in accordance to the \"Expatriate Statutory Laws of United States of America\". Yours truly, David Zeidman Immigration Attorney

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