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Scammer Information
NameJeremiah Robbins Jr.    

Details of Scam Report
Jeremiah Robins Jr.Mobile
Conversation started today Jeremiah Robins Jr. 5:49pm Jeremiah Robins Jr.
Hello how are you doing and how may i help you pls? M 5:49pm M some one called and told me I had won something on fb lottery
and to contact you
Hello, you here
things keep disappearing for me today Jeremiah Robins Jr. 5:51pm Jeremiah Robins Jr.
Hello, My name is Jeremiah Robins ,We have been waiting here online to talk to you,We remember your Screen name on our list here and your money is available for you to claim, Let us know if you ready to claim the money and we Explain to you how we got your Screen name, You listen and read carefully.
I need to know how much it is and if waiting till after Jan 1 would be better Jeremiah Robins Jr. 5:53pm Jeremiah Robins Jr.
Back in 2009, the Facebook made available a wide variety of programs.In 2010, the Facebook also allocated billions of dollars in Helping people and various funding programs to give back to The People. This is a financial Help Program for selected Facebook USERS, Generating money from the Facebook Company. There is absolutely no limit as to the number of Help you can get from this. The truth is, many people are not even aware that Facebook Help exist! The company does not knock on your door to offer you free money And We Embarked on a worldwide promotion for everyone. Jeremiah Robins Jr. 5:53pm Jeremiah Robins Jr.
This is a Help from Facebook to some selected people A Sophisticated Automated Database Randomly select Users that sometimes surf the Internet.Consequent upon this, Your Facebook Profile Account was picked for Category A Winners, you have been selected was a winner. We Are Powered by Facebook Company to help and focus on People in the Community, Supported By The United State Of America Government. ? No credit checks required ? No need for co-signers ? YOU DONT NEED TO PAY THIS BACK ? You may be eligible even with bad credit or bankruptcy ? You never have to pay back Facebook Help Jeremiah Robins Jr. 5:53pm Jeremiah Robins Jr.
To Claim your money you need to fill this informations now Full name........ Full Home Address...... Your Age..... sex.................. Married/Single..... Phone Number.... Text Number....... E-mail....... What do you do for living......... Monthly Income……. What is your Credit report......... Do you Own a house or Rent Appt....
5:56pm M
answer each separate Jeremiah Robins Jr. 5:58pm Jeremiah Robins Jr.
just type it here one after the other
5:59pm M
is this for real?
you send a check? Jeremiah Robins Jr. 5:59pm Jeremiah Robins Jr.
Yes it is for real millions of people got it already
5:59pm M
Ok my daughter is coming to help me
I am a terrible typist Jeremiah Robins Jr. 6:00pm Jeremiah Robins Jr.
how old is your daughter and where is she?
6:01pm M
she is 45 lol Jeremiah Robins Jr. 6:02pm Jeremiah Robins Jr.
Alright you need to try to fill the form just type it on here one after the other its simple
6:05pm M
got it all written out, but what do u need to know about credit? the ? was not all there Jeremiah Robins Jr. 6:05pm Jeremiah Robins Jr.
just fill it out if it is good or bad or excellent
Jeremiah Robins Jr. 6:12pm Jeremiah Robins Jr.
Finally,You have to pay for Processing fee,Shipping Fee so we can bring the money to your door step by tomorrow . You pay $1000 and get $100,000.00.You pay $1,500and get $150,000.00.You pay $2,000 and get $200,000.00.You pay $3,000 and get $300,000,00,You pay $4,000 and get$400,000.00, You pay $5,000 and get $500,000.00
6:15pm M
where and how? Jeremiah Robins Jr. 6:15pm Jeremiah Robins Jr.
You need to let us know how much you choose first now
6:19pm M
we are discussing it Jeremiah Robins Jr. 6:19pm Jeremiah Robins Jr.
with who?
6:19pm M
husband Jeremiah Robins Jr. 6:19pm Jeremiah Robins Jr.
Alright let me know
6:20pm M
2000 Jeremiah Robins Jr. 6:20pm Jeremiah Robins Jr.
Are you sure about that because you can only claim once
6:21pm M
no we are discussing the 5000
Jeremiah Robins Jr. 6:21pm Jeremiah Robins Jr.
okay try to think about it very well most people go for that too Jeremiah Robins Jr. 6:28pm Jeremiah Robins Jr.
what is going on now let us know if you need help and we will give you advice
6:29pm M
still debating... Jeremiah Robins Jr. 6:29pm Jeremiah Robins Jr.
Alright no problem you never let us know if you prefer cash or check
6:29pm M
we are out Jeremiah Robins Jr. 6:30pm Jeremiah Robins Jr.
what do you mean and why ?
6:31pm M
because the second person who i am typing to is not my real friend. i have her on the phone. this is a scam and i am reporting it. Jeremiah Robins Jr. 6:32pm Jeremiah Robins Jr.
how could you say that and how is that possible i dont understand
i seriously dont understand you but i can figure this out

Scam Email
There were two people I was talking to. One was Jeremiah and the second was supposedly a school classmate from Iowa. She told me me this was a legit lottery and she received her money within four hours of sending in $1000. When I asked for the Iowa friend's phone number, is was not the correct area code. I called her and was talking to her live at the same time the fake friend was having an im conversation. When I confronted Jeremiah and the fake friend, the friend immediately logged off and Jeremiah did not give up.

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