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Toronto, OH, United States
2014-12-18 09:48:59
Job Scam
Craigslist (craiglist.com)
+2 William Cameron Columbus Ohio Said He Is A Home Remodeler And ContractorEmail Attached  
   William Cameron
Email Address:
Around Dec 01 2014 my wife posted a want-ad on Craigslist for needing equipment to help us do work around the yard since I'm paraplegic, and that we're on disability and so don't have much money so would genuinely appreciate help. We would be willing to sign a buyer's agreement to put so much down on the equipment and then pay so much per month there after. William Cameron called us Dec 04 2014 saying he was a contractor and home remodeler who worked on million dollar homes and was getting older, isn't doing as much work as he used to do, and so had a couple bobcats (skid steers)which he wanted to sell one of them and find someone he could help out who really needed it. He comes across as very knowledgeable with equipment and in other areas even though he talks like he is a little drunk. Said he would ship the bobcat for free since he was already having equipment shipped toward our area and we just had to put 500.00 down by sending Western Union funds transfer and after he received it, he assured us that he would email us that day but no later than the next day a detailed bill of sale showing the total cost, how much we paid on it up to that point, and then other details as well. We sent the 500.00 and then he didn't send us the bill of sale...kept telling us that he's been busy, not by the computer,can't find the documents for the bobcat to put in the serial number, etc etc. He also constantly had excuses as to why the bobcat hadn't been shipped including how the truck driver's truck broke down, the trucking company can't locate another truck to lease to the driver, the truck driver is now having to locate parts to repair the truck, the truck driver had other deliveries to make first, and this went on for nearly a week and a half and he started saying how he got backed up on putting some of his own money into our deal and so needed us to send more money all the while telling us that the bobcat was on its way to us. We said we don't have more money to send and so he then told us well the bobcat would have been delivered but the truck driver had to make a delivery to Tennessee first and then after that the truck driver was on his way up to us in Ohio. In the mean time William then started saying that he had a angry worker who wanted his paycheck but he (william) couldn't pay the worker cause the bank was holding a check that he (william) had gotten from working on a 1/2 million dollar home, and so needed us to send 300.00. to pay his worker. In the mean time we had already been recording our phone calls with him and reporting him to the Attorney General for fraud. BE CAREFULL with this person...he comes across as a very nice man and talks very nicely in the beginning but after a short time of him not being able to get you to send more money, he becomes agitated, starts using intimidation on you, and even can't hold back from using the F word. The email address he used is CAMERONWILLIAM51@YAHOO.COM and phone number 614-813-9889. We found his ARREST RECORDS and has been arrested for THEFT, PAROLE VIOLATIONS, TELECMMUNICATIONS FRAUD, RECEIVING STOLEN PROPERTY, and the list goes on! There are quite a few other reports against him on here and other sites for very similar and same things. He also changes his phone number with in a certain amount of scamming in order to help keep him disquised to his new potential victims!
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Anonymous   () Added the following extra information on :2016-12-27 12:00:43
   william cameron
Email Address:
   contacted me by phone
It was such a scam I can't explain it all, went on for 4 days for some automotive parts I was requesting on craigslist.

Anonymous   () Added the following extra information on :2015-07-03 03:57:37
   Thomas Herboltzeimer
Email Address:
   614-805-2088 his office # never worked
Thomas Herboltzeimer called, responding to my wanted CL ad for a specific antique car part. He claimed that he had numerous antique "brand New "NOS" parts still In boxes unused" asking me to make offer on each individual part, that he just needed them gone and that he wanted me to make an offer on each, as he didn't know what they were worth. He accepted all offers. After totaling all the parts, it equaled to $660.00 and then he ask me to western union half of that $330. He claimed that he was going to get his secretary to write up an invoice of each part with totals and email it to me. I replied that I didn't have a western union. He immediately said go to walmart and do a walmart to walmart money gram transfer. He gave me a specific address of which walmart to use, at 3900 Morse Rd. in Columbus, Ohio and a special Ph. # to put on transaction 614-805-2088 and to use 2305 Cleveland Ave Columbus, Ohio 43211, (bogus address) He told me to say that he was a friend if anyone asked who I was sending cash to. He even said that he would pay for the shipping through his business and write it off. He said he had another new shipment coming in on Sat. and needed the space and needed these parts gone that day. He said after he received my cash, he was going to call and verify and also get his secretary to email me an invoice of detailed parts order and after he received my money and shipped it. He was going to email me a copy of the tracking info. label and #'s. He kept finding one excuse after another about why he couldn't send it. His computer broke or he didn't have the slip with him to give me the tracking # over the phone or text. I blew up his phone and texted constantly day after day trying to get my money back. He kept turning his phone off and eventually had his phone disconnected. He was using this number 614-425-3367 for his scam. I'm sure that his name is William Cameron, the other stories that I read are identical to what happened to me, and he had a Verizon prepaid phone that he stated that he gets from Wal-mart.

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