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Scammer Information
NameSteve Morgan    
TelephoneNone     ⇒ Reverse Phone Lookup (by Spokeo

Details of Scam Report
He will first tell his story of life. Then, he'll ask to tell mine too. After that, he will response that it look like we knew each other for a long time. Then he'll discuss something and ask me not to tell anybody. He said he is an US Army who is now in Afghanistan. He said there is a box from one of the terrorists they have tortured that he wanted me to help him on transferring it. The box contains 1.2 million dollars and he said he'll give me 30% commission on the said money in the box. The only thing i must do is to help him out in the expenses on transferring the box. After this message of him, i doubted and made my own research. And proved by this site that it was a scam after all. I nearly believe in him. Thanks Scamdex. I reported this to inform anybody out there about this way of scam. Thankyou again and again Scamdex.

Scam Email
Dear, There is something I would like to discuss with you and it is of mutual benefits.Can I trust you? Hope you won't betray me. We got an intelligence report through our surveillance unit that some terrorists planned to attack a facility in Kandahar I led a team to counter the attack We ambushed the terrorists on their way to their primary target of attack When they sited us,they opened fire on us and we responded with superior firepower They abandoned their vehicles and ran away and we conducted a search on their vehicles We arrested 3 among them and others fled We took them in for interrogation while we searched their vehicles We recovered IEDs,rifles and a box which was sealed When we tortured them,they refused to open up I personally tortured one of them while my colleagues took away the other two for questioning He told me they were working for their senior commander whom he refused to disclose his name because he is too powerful and has connection When I threatened to shoot him,he said the box contained money and that it was meant for an operation I asked him to open the box but he said it had a code.Later,he promised to tell me the code if I could set him free I agreed and he gave me the secret code I was alone with him all this while The moment he told me,I told him to open it and he did I saw raw dollars neatly stashed in the box I asked him to close it back and go on his knees I never knew he had a knife and he used it to stab himself to death. Now,I kept the box in a secret location at the back of our base and I didn't tell any of my colleagues about it I only told them that it contained ammunitions and unused magazines The total money I counted was $1.2m I have done a personal research on how best to move the funds from here and I came up with an arrangement And that is the best applicable option The money can't be transferred through conventional banking methods because Aghanistan is listed as one of the terrorist nations and therefore blacklisted You know about international transfer money regulations You can't transfer such through wire transfer because it might raise suspicion that the money is meant to finance terrorist activities Anti-terrorist and money laundering agencies will be notified Therefore,I have devised a means of moving the whole figure in cash Every week, a United Nations airplane leaves Kabul for London to bring relief materials and medical supplies and back to Kabul I discussed with the pilot about helping me move my personal effects to London If you agree,I will package the box in your name and your address as the recipient The pilot does not know the box contains money. When the box lands in London,I will arrange wit a special delivery agent with the UN He is experienced and a gentleman He will receive the box in London and bring it to your country as a diplomatic package which will not be screened by the authorities at the  airport He has  immunity to deliver it without any problem I didn't tell him the box contains money What he will do is to pick up the box in London and call you before coming You will give the special delivery agent the address of the nearest airport to you When he arrives,he will deliver it to you without any problems All I need is your assistance to receive the money We will share the money 70:30 I will give you 30% Let me have your opinion dear As I'm pulling out from the army,I hope to use this money to establish myself after I quit from the military I will make arrangement with the pilot and package the box as containing personal effects If you agree,I will move the box tomorrow The box will arrive London the next day You will have to contact the special delivery agent in London on the day the box arrives He will ask you for the address of the nearest airport to you  But you will have to assist him with his flight expenses to bring the box When he arrives the airport in London,he will contact you When you receive the box,open it,count it and ensure the money is complete Thereafter,remove your 30% commission and also any other additional money you spent on delivery expenses and close the box Keep it safe till I join you there in the coming weeks I will give you the contact of the special delivery agent in London to contact him He has immunity to deliver the box without being screened by the authorities Pls,I beg of you,do not discuss it with any other person for security reasons. Hugs, Steve. ▶ Show quoted text Dear, Thanks for your immediate response.I do hope you understood my previous mail.Let me re-assure you that there is nothing to worry about as appropriate measures will be put in place to avoid running foul of the law. Having said that,I will use my personal money to move the box out of Kabul.I will also bribe/settle our pilot.I already told him that box contains my personal effects.The agent that will receive the box when it lands London will need money to be able to bring the box to you.He is a professional and experienced.He will need money for logistics and flight expenses. Alternatively,you could also go to London and pick up the box yourself,but for your security and time sake,I would like you to allow the delivery agent deliver it to you because he has what it takes to bring the box to you.You will send him the address of the nearest airport to you.You will also give him your mobile phone number with which he will contact you as soon as he lands. If it was possible for only me to transfer this money into my account through normal conventional banking,I would have done it,but Afghanistan is facing so many restrictions as a result of terrorism.I'd like you to assist me to pay for the delivery costs to bring the box to you.I will take care of the costs to move the box from Kabul here to London. Once you agree,I will the box tomorrow and when the box lands London airport,I will give you the contacts of the special delivery agent to enable you contact him for the delivery.Hope you understood my explanation.Note that upon the receipt of the box,you will remove your 30% I promised you for your assistance and you will also deduct all the money you spent on delivery expenses. I await your urgent response. Steve. Well, thankyou for your great offer but i prefer to decline it :) If you think that we Filipino's are idiot to believe in such a foolness. No, you have your mistaken idea. You have done this kind of scamdex many times. Just stop it

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