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Virginia Beach, VA, United States
2015-06-13 12:49:19
Business Venture Scam
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   Bryan Bradley, Anthony Bradley,A Bradley uses all of these names
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I became aware of an online business via a friend who invited me to like her page. I immediately thought scam because it is called Millionaire Apprentice, minds of millionaires moms&dads. The claim is you can become a millionaire in 90 days. At first the claim was 30 days, then 60 , and now 90 days. Doing due diligence I discovered the business just started in April of this year (2015). I googled Mr. Bradley and found other business he has been involved in and of course is not now. All claims of making "lots" of money. All of his recruits get a Facebook website where they can purchase marketing tools. The hype? Well "free to join". The sites are all clones of each other. He does lots of webinars on YouTube, he is on Google+, twitter, Instagram. This is so outrageous, the deception and lies. They are now trying to recruit veterans, college kids etc. I tried to warn my friend via messenger in April and included his " record" that he has. This is public knowledge. I never messaged him, followed him or anything of that nature. I thought oh well what can I do? There's more which includes threats to me and my family to include my special needs child. My friend shared the info I messaged her in private and he retailiated.. Sounds crazy right? It is. Two days ago I found out he hacked my FB account which is as private as I can get it. He posted a link through twitter and if you clicked on it you were led to my FB account. He was watching me for approx a month. Why? I have no clue. I reported it to twitter and that particular account was suspended after I proved who I was. He was apart of Jeunesse, Infinity downline,his own personal credit repair business. His next venture along with Millionaire apprentice is Million-Hair Global Inc. On twitter it's Bryan the hair grower...just Google Bryan Bradley on twitter. He claimed in the webinar that they ( millionaire apprentice) is merging with a hair loss company. In actuality he's just a distributor for the business HLCC in Latham NY. Again deception! Update as of a few days ago. He has either employed ( not sure) a another marketer named Sandra Dawson to help market the business further. I wish people would do research before joining these mlm's. I know not all are bad. I can't find any complaints as of yet. I think in part because it's still new and no body likes to admit they have been scammed. He's very slick that's for sure. I find it very upsetting to see people get taken advantage of for personal gain...even more when it's someone you know. I hope it gets exposed for what it is.
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Allan Walker   (CA) Added the following extra information on :2015-08-05 18:21:03
   Bryan Bradley
Bryan Bradley tried to convince us that he is not a scam....he made a YouTube video yesterday and it was obsurd.....we need to get this guy off the Internet for good !!!!!

Sandra Dawson   (Lakeland, FL, United States) Added the following extra information on :2015-08-04 23:11:28
   Bryan Bradley
I noticed my name, Sandra Dawson, was mentioned in this report, so I wanted to comment to let anyone reading this know that I am in no way associated with this company any longer.
I joined in early June, 2015. I do research any company that I am going to join. A Google search on Bryan Bradley and Millionaire Apprentice produced no negative results. Most results you find, both positive and negative, are just opinions and it's up to you to believe what you want based on the information provided.
I was with Millionaire Apprentice for about a month. I was a top recruiter and leader there. Things were being said and done that I felt were dishonest. I made the decision to quit because I refuse to be associated with people and companies that I feel lack integrity.
I take my reputation very seriously and can't represent things like that. Based on my personal inside information, which I won't disclose, I DO NOT recommend that anyone join Millionaire Apprentice or partner with Bryan Bradley in any business. This is my personal opinion based on my experience.

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