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Scammer Information
NameRobin Williams and Unipart Morgan    
Email Addressr.william0003@gmail.com    
Alternate EmailService@paypal    
Alternate Emailr.william0003@gmail.com    
Scam Websiteservice@paypal    
Telephone+86170-9101-2297     ⇒ Reverse Phone Lookup (by Spokeo

Details of Scam Report
a guy from China messaged (+86170-9101-2297) me first saying he wants to buy my items so he gave me his email address (r.william0003@gmail.com) and i emailed him. We were emailing each other about the items and he said it was a birthday gift for his step son/daughter. Later that day i got an email from service@paypal giving me instructions on what to do. They said the buyer has paid and service@paypal has got the money, they will not put the credit into my account until i ship the items and give them the tracking number. The items costed $700 and the shipping fee was $150 the buyer said he would pay so the total he said he payed was $850. I shipped the items right away 2 weeks ago to
Name: PHILIP ANTHONY Address: 8/4b Chuan Mei Daxue State: Beijing City: Beijing, Zip Code: 100000 Country: CHINA
and then Paypal told me the money would be in 3-4 working days. On the 4th day Paypal emailed me explaining that there has been an error with my paypal account saying that it took an extra $450 from the buyers account which i had no idea why that would happen. Paypal then said they fixed the problem and all i had to do is send $450 to the buyer (his details below)
First Name: Unipart Last Name: Morgan Address: Chaoyang Districk Ge Zhuang Road Jinju Compound Building 218, City: Beijing, Zip Code: 100000 Country: CHINA
and give them the tracking number and Paypal will put $1350 into my account as soon as they can. They said we have their word and that i need to try and find a way to get the $450 to send so they can credit my money. It seemed kind of fishy so i sent an email trying to see if it was suspicious but they replied and said if you think we are frauds we will contact law officers on you, something like that, so i just sent the money and gave the tracking number believing they would keep their word and credit my money in. Paypal replied and said we shall get back to you as soon as we could within the next 4hour with your total fees of $1,350.00 AUD. It had been more than 4 hours later with no reply and no money in my account. I have been emailing them both ever since but not one reply has came back yet. As soon as the buyer got the money i haven't heard a single word from him or PayPal. I was so surprised we had to use our own pocket money to fix a mistake that wasn't our fault in the first place. We are the ones with the product missing and an empty pocket. We don't have a single dime in our account. I thought this thing was all weird at the start because they had some error mistakes in the email, but i wasn't thinking at the time all i wanted was my items gone and i needed the money. Now i regret doing that. Lesson learnt, do not ship without seeing money is actually pending in your account and i wouldnt send anything overseas anymore especially to China. The buyer has already got his money even my items but we got nothing. I feel so sad cos all that money spent could've been spent on my family.

Scam Email
r.william0003@gmail.com is the email he emailed me from wanting to buy the items Service@paypal was the email sending me instructions telling me to send the money and give the tracking number first

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