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Scammer Information
NameEdwin G. Cadel    

Details of Scam Report
Branch Office: 8134 Bruckstrabe street, Bochum 53700, Germany. Email: /
Employment Contract Dated: 29 / 09 / 2015 Employee’s Personal Information
(Employee’s all personal information regarding employment is already saved in our record, and above ID is associated with his/her employment data).
Employer’s Information
Employer’s Name: VIACOME Inc Address: 8134 Bruckstrabe street, Bochum 53700, Germany
Employment Details
We are pleased you decided to join VIACOME Data Technology Inc. We want to take this opportunity to review our agreed upon employment terms and conditions. This Contract is subject to the Part time home based Distance Job. The Employee agrees to commence employment in the position of Online Assistant. The VIACOME Inc will employ the Employee for an indefinite period of time. 1. Position: Online Assistant of VIACOME ||. Updating and maintaining Office Documents ||. Maintain and determine records of assets ||. Comfortable using computers record data ||. Work 2hours a day, 5days a week (or any available hours) (working knowledge in written will provided by our company) 2: Location: Part time (Home Based’ Distance Job) 3. Starting date of employment: 01 October 2015
Continues on page 2……….
4. Duration of contract: 1year* (*first contract will sign for 6 months and after it will extend for more 6 months) 4a. Regular working days and hours: Monday through Friday, any 2 Hours, 5. Basic Weekly Salary: = Euro 1100/= Net (per week) if employee want to overtime more then 3 hours (Optional after 6 months of Job) d) Overtime: = Euro 40 (per extra hour) 6: Payment Term: Weekly every after 6days by Bank transfer Or Paid Cheque (Cash also could be transfer to the name of employee) (Note: Above basic salary is after deduction of all taxes) 7. Termination of Service: a) If employee does not submit the work on time, b) That if the Employee is absent from work for more than five (5) consecutive working days without a reasonable cause. How you would like to receive your weekly salary ? Tick One.
1. Bank transfer (give us your bank details) _________________________________________________________________________________________
2. Cash Transfer. (if cash transfer then you don’t need to have bank account)
By signing this agreement, you consent not to disclose any confidential information about company, its employees, and its customers during and after your period of employment. The VIACOME Inc and the employee shall read and fully understand this agreement and certify that the terms and conditions together with the application constitute their entire agreement or understand that aside from this agreement shall be considered null and void.
I herby certify that as a new employee of VIACOME Inc, I have viewed above employment contract and after carefully read of agreement now I am available for Job and my employer (VIACOME Inc) can send me work to take start. Employee’s Name:___________________________________________________ Complete Address:__________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________
Employee Signature: ________________________Date: __________________
VIACOME Inc 8134 Bruckstrabe street, Bochum 53700, Germany. Url: Email:
VIACOME Data Conversion Inc, “Excellent Quality Electronic Products”

Scam Email
Head Office: 8134 Bruckstrabe street, Bochum 53700, Germany. Email: / || Complete Employment Work Details || Work Tutorial Step by Step: 1: Download the San Data files to your Email address, (we will send you industrial data every day) You have to complete this work in 1 working day, (Monday to Friday - Saturday and Sunday are off days) After Unzip you will have 3 Folders, Category / UOM / Supplier, all you have to enter same data in same fields in Inventory Software 2: Type data on your PC using LUZ Inventory Software (NOTE: follow the data categories by color ) See the Picture of Guideline. 3: After complete the work Export Data to Files and those files you have to Email us back (Get Luz Inventory Software to , Its very cheap European standards Inventory Data Software, all you have to work by this software) 4: Send us Just first day of work by Email 5: We will check your data work, 6: Company will immediately transfer you salary of first week in Advance by Bank transfer or Money Transfer 7: First clear your salary payment then send us back remain work. That’s it! It’s a very Transparent Deal between company and employee, (CHECK SAMPLE IMAGE WORK FILE ATTACHED) Once you make the good relation with VIACOME Inc so by next month of job you can take extra work to earn extra money, Should you have any question comments, ask directly: 8134 Bruckstrabe street, Bochum 53700, Germany. Url: Email:

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