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NameMaria Holmes    

Details of Scam Report
I received an e-mail explaining about a lady named Maria Holmes and that she had won the lottery and had asked Google to scout families in need so that she could donate $2,000,000.00 to certain families in need and all I had to do was explain how I would use the money and then the next e-mail states I have been chosen to be one of these lucky families and that all I had to do was contact their bank at or at and or e-mail one of two e-mail addresses one was the other was and I would have $2,000,000.00 within a couple days, it stated that after I contact them with one of these options that I would need to open a bank account with them and that way I wouldn't have to give them any personal banking info and that by setting up a new account with their bank al my personal banking info would be kept confidential through their bank so that at no time do I have to disclose any banking info to them and that their bank was looking forward to hearing from me so I thought I would check out the links when you click on some of them they want you to sign in through Mail when you click on that it says it wants to make sure you are who you say you are by typing in your computer log in passward to authenticate, didn't like that idea and I had been extremely suspicious of this whole thing from the first time I opened it but I figured if it were a scam to get your personal info, have you set up a bank account and with your computer password thay could do anything so I wanted to find out as much as I could about their intent and ability to implement it so I tried the link and at first it looks well set up but when I took a closer look at the very bottom of the main page it states exactly this ( is owned and operated by Online Financial Resources, LLC, and is not a bank or affiliated with any bank) I didn't dare check into anything further at any of these links because I would have had to give personal info. I sure hope reporting this helps someone because as non trusting and intuitive as I am, my son has severe special needs and desperately needs therapy I can't afford so I really wanted to believe but I try to live by the motto that if it seems too good to be true it probably is. Luckily I am too sceptical of most things but I worry tremendously for others as they are seeking out less fortunate people and praying on their desperation to meet their needs and are therefor more likely to dismiss their intuition or better judgement. I hope you can help thanks I didn't even know this site existed until now as I was looking for somewhere to report this.

Scam Email
I deleted the first one but here are the other: #1. MORE INFO‏ MORE INFO maria holmes ( Add to contacts 29/09/2015 To: Active View Marie Holmes, $188M Powerball Winner Goes on ABC Interview 'Good Morning America' Play video How Powerball Winner Marie Holmes Celebrated Her $188M Win (ABC News) Marie Holmes, the 26-year-old single mother from North Carolina who was one of three $188 million winners of a $564 million… 00:03:24 Added on 25/02/2015 76,769 views Thank you for directing your response to us, i am Marie Holmes. A 26-year-old single mother of four kids from the town of Charlotte, North Carolina,am very happy i received your response, I was one of the three $188 million winner of the $564 million jackpot, am so happy that am rich now after too many struggle, i ran outside and screamed when i realized i won. i said i made it. i was fixing breakfast for my kids the day after the Feb. 11 drawing when i saw the winning numbers on Facebook. I just happened to check my Facebook and my friend had a post up with the numbers on it so I looked at the numbers and I had my numbers in my hand and I was like these are the same numbers on my ticket, OMG!!!. Then I started screaming and my kids ran away from me and I really scared them. my mom who purchased the winning ticket for me on her way to church, was the first person i called. Once she double-checked the numbers on her phone, she was convinced because she saw the numbers in person, but the rest of my family did not believe i won the $564.1 million jackpot, the fifth largest lottery prize in U.S. history. WATCH STORY: I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I saw the ticket and checked it, i was forced to quit my jobs at Wal-Mart and McDonald's to care for my four children, one of whom has cerebral plan is to donate to my church, buy a new house and set up college funds for the kids and donate 2 million dollars to six individuals and organizations associated with cerebral palsy and charity homes in troubled countries before my donation go wide and spread over the internet scams and fraudulent acts.i know you will be thinking how i picked you and got your email, your email was selected randomly from Google team and i believe GOD picked you for this donation just to bless your family like mine. I planned to travel, put away money for my children’s education and use the money to continue my own education in nursing. am now in Sweden to avoid calls from kidnappers and other evil people.i pray my donation get to you in good faith.i believe you have been praying for this kind of blessings. you have been blessed from above. in life I was told NO so you’re going to get told NO. You have got to learn to make it in life.“You’re not going to get everything. I can buy you everything but I’m not,” lessons to my kids. I believe my family was chosen by God to win that lottery for a reason and we believe we have done the right thing by donating to you and your family, We may not know you, but i believe if you were chosen by God to receive our donation of 2 MILLION dollars you must be a God fearing individual, i am a God fearing woman also and i believe God will always remember you no matter the circumstance you are in. Just like the saying ''To whom much is given much is expected'' I would like you to know that i can not satisfy every one and i also can not put food on so many table's but i believe from the little i have given out many will benefit from it. I would like my donation to be utilized on investments that will be a blessing to others, Investments that will create job opportunity and also put smile on the face of those who have forgotten how joy feels. I need you to write back to me and let me know if you can utilize my donation funds in a Godly Manner, Also tell me little about yourself i will like to know who my donation is going to, Tell me about yourself in details NAME/AGE/OCCUPATION/COUNTRY/MOBILE or TELEPHONE. May the Good lord bless your heart to be a blessing to your family and your society as soon as my donation gets to you. Regards,Marie Holmes. On Tue, Sep 29, 2015 at 8:19 AM, mistie> wrote: I received an email stating you wanted to help my son and I. and I am not one to respond to such unlikely yet enticing emails but my son desperately needs therapy and we both need a stable place to live. So I thought it would not hurt to respond. I havent been able to respond until now because I have not had internet for 6 years and I just now gained access to check my multitude of piled up e-mails I realize some one may just be having a laugh on the other end of this conversation but what do we have to lose. SIGNED: Hopeful mom #2 right to claim.‏ right to claim. maria holmes Add to contacts 30/09/2015 To: mistie Active View Marie Holmes, $188M Powerball Winner Goes on ABC Interview 'Good Morning America' Play video How Powerball Winner Marie Holmes Celebrated Her $188M Win (ABC News) Marie Holmes, the 26-year-old single mother from North Carolina who was one of three $188 million winners of a $564 million… 00:03:24 Added on 25/02/2015 76,769 views THANKS FOR YOUR RESPONSE AGAIN How are you doing? my family is very happy to hear from you again.On behalf of my entire family i have now issued a letter of authority to my finance firm appointing you as our beneficiary and you are now the sole beneficiary to this fund totaling 2 million dollars for you and your family. also write to me as soon as the funds get to you please let me know. The contact details and email of the finance firm is below and you have to contact them immediately via email ( if you are not in the United Kingdom please contact the Account Officer claire rowe or Mr kelvin wright email ( or ( or you can also reach the bank via phone as my lawyer already issued the authority to them and they will be expecting to hear from you so that they can arrange on how the funds will be transferred to your personal account via an online bank to bank wire system, You have to provide them with every assistance the bank will need to effect the transfer to enable the funds released to you without delay. I want you to contact the finance firm stating only my deposit Reference: International Application ID no: 19111321/Full Name/Country/Mobile..... That will enable a quick trace of your file. Note that you "MUST"first open a new online paying bank account with our paying finance group before your 2 million dollars will be paid to the new online bank account so you can have an open/secured access to your new bank account online and then information will also be provided on how you can personally transfer your 2 million dollars to your local account within 24 hours without providing your personal bank account information to anyone, if you follow the instructions from our finance firm directly within the next three (3) working days you will have this funds transferred to your account and available for use. Bank Name: NATWEST BANK.COM Contact Person (Foreign Exchange Supervisors) BARR.CLAIRE ROWE & Mr kelvin wright. Tel: +44 793 741 2636 BANK EMAIL ADDRESS : BARR.CLAIRE ROWE EMAIL ADDRESS: KELVIN WRIGHT EMAIL ADDRESS: PLEASE NOTE THAT: The agreement/contract signed with the NATWEST BANK London, United Kingdom for online transfers of the funds states that whoever is authorized to receive the funds will complete it through the use of an online account that must be opened by the new customer, therefore note that your contact with the natwest bank London will involve the opening of a new online bank account in your name which they will automatically credit 2 million dollars into the new account then you would have to transfer your funds online yourself from your house computer OR office accessing through their online database to any other account anywhere in the world. That is natwest bank Electronic Online - Banking policy so you should be ready to open an account with them upon your contact. I wish you and your family the timeless treasures of Christ, the warmth of home, the love of family and the company of good friends because a lot of friends will come around now. Good luck Regards On Tue, Sep 29, 2015 at 8:01 PM, mistie > wrote: I am still unsure of how to trust an e-mail that could be from anyone especially wanting personal information. Although I understand the nature and intent of your request I am extremely weary but excited that my prayers may have been answered. My son was vaccine injured at a year old by vaccine induced encephalitis of the brain causing brain damage, severe autism and seizures due to an allergic reaction to the vaccines and in Canada we have no recourse for vaccine damage. My son had to be retaught how to walk and has still never gained back the skills he had at a year old. He is my miracle and has come a long ay for him but is in desperate need of therapy as he is already 8 years old and has no communication not even pointing or waving although he can scream and babble, he is in diapers, has super human strength, a high tolerance to pain, no concept of danger is getting bigger and stronger that me and will take off and or bolt into traffic. We have no where else to go financially or otherwise and although I love our home personally, it is not safe for my son here for instance the upstairs consists of 2 bedrooms but the upstairs is unheated and I have to keep my sons bedroom door closed while I sleep for his safety in case he woke up in the middle of the night and since he has forgotten how to work door knobs anymore it is an easy fix but his room gets cold and since we are on the second story and my son likes to run full tilt into his window it is only a matter of time and leverage before he goes through it. their are many other safety concerns as well but I call him my learning curve he always has me thinking 10 steps ahead but sometimes its still not enough. God has kept us safe so far and I hope I don't sound like I'm complaining. The reality is though that without therapy my son wont meet his full potential and I am not in a position to pay $120,000.00 per year for therapy when as a single mom I had to quit both my fulltime jobs to care for my sons extra needs and it would have cost me more in daycare fees + a one on one staff at $17 per hour than I would have made working Currently we live off of $10,000.00 per year and I struggle to met my sons special needs diet due to many food allergies and it costs me $500- $600 per month just to feed him while I eat once a day in order to keep up his food which is all fresh organic fruits veggies and meat and every meal needs pureed as he gags and chokes on textured foods, he also wont drink liquids and so I get his liquid in his food by pureeing it with water. My current endeavors have been trying to appeal to my sons special needs worker to allow me to go back to school to take the necessary courses to give my son the therapy he needs since they won't help us obtain it but they said they would kick us off assistance if I did that because my intent was to give my child the 160,000.00$ therapy he needs as opposed to them wanting me to give it to someone else so that I will earn money but never have the time left or make enough to give or send my son the therapy he needs and he is the most severe as far as learning and regression goes for autism than his school and Dr.'s have ever seen so I feel he desperately needs this therapy more than most. I have also grouped with some other parents to present our need for special care facilities for our more severely afflicted for when their parents are gone so far we send our severe case to the U.S. institutions as we do not have anywhere left to put them it is so sad. I would love to build a home safe for my child based on his needs have a car that works all the time for all my sons appointments and to continue to transport him to school where he has 4 EA's because he burns them out. I would like to not have to worry about bills and if I should eat that day or not. I would love to go to government and say here is a bunch of money, if they would match it, so lets build a home for our children where they grew up and know people who might be able to visit them when their parents are gone. An open gated community where the severe can live with 24hour care and the higher functioning can have an out patient basis to allow them the help they need to live on their own. This would help so many families feel more at ease just knowing their child can be accounted for by other they knew after the parents pass away will be a load off their minds now and provide better accountability of our most vulnerable citizens. I'm so sorry I have too much to say and my head is now aching and I am not sure I even answered all your questions I'm in New Brunswick Canada and I currently do not have a active phone line. Good night hun I need to take some Ibuprophen for my headache and go lay down. #3. Re: right to claim.‏ Re: right to claim. maria holmes Add to contacts 9:03 AM To: mistie Active View Marie Holmes, $188M Powerball Winner Goes on ABC Interview 'Good Morning America' Play video How Powerball Winner Marie Holmes Celebrated Her $188M Win (ABC News) Marie Holmes, the 26-year-old single mother from North Carolina who was one of three $188 million winners of a $564 million… 00:03:24 Added on 25/02/2015 76,769 views just contact the bank #4 I replied with :I think I'm too scared. Thank you so much for thinking of us but do to past experiences I have a horrible time trusting anyone besides god and myself and as much as my son would benefit tremendously from all the doors this would open for him, given my luck and experiences my entire life, I'm too afraid to risk what little we do have and there is always a chance random e-mail's asking for personal info are scams or lead to fraud. (that would be my luck) I used to be a risk taker and for years now I wouldn't even dare spend 2$ on a scratch ticket because we need the guaranteed $2 versus the maybe more. I know I must seem like an idiot but I need to do something as I have been like a roller coaster excited and scared, up and down. If this was real though. Please know, I am so proud to of met you even if only through e-mails, you have an amazing heart and insight regarding others in need and the world would benefit tremendously just by having more people like you. I wish you and your family all the best. If this was a scam Thank you for that rush of positive energy, I felt extremely supported, loved and special even if only for that couple of days. I see this as gambling with our lives as anyone could make an e-mail account with your name, any one can copy paste a news story to their e-mail and anyone to send links to a bank that says it is not a bank in small print at the bottom of the site page. and since we are barely hanging on as it is and anything else we have to lose will finish us off and break up our tiny mother and son family and since I don't have any help in an emergency or otherwise I am an only child, my father is deceased, my mother can't handle my son for an even hour, and no one else in his life is capable therefor I have never had a break and we live penny to penny and still go behind. To me this unknown risk could end our lives as we know it, just as negatively if it were a scam, as it could positively if it is sincere. May God bless you or help you. Love from Cameron and Mistie Signed: Probably for the best considering. But I didn't here from them again as of yet.

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to verify the email go to natwest...... THE FOXMAIL EMAIL ADDRESS IS FAKE.

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