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2015-10-05 04:54:11

Scammer Source was Untitled , #25018Email Attached

Scammer Information
NameIAN GREY    
ian grey    
Telephone44 (703) 602 111,44     ⇒ Reverse Phone Lookup (by Spokeo

Details of Scam Report
it was last october 2014 that ian grey sent an email telling that the lilianne bettencourt account in their bak was transferred to my name. he asked for an activation fee until tyhis 2015 he asked again 800 gbp to produce ATM to make the account witdrawable in my country. until lately i have not received any parcell he told was sent by a courier company the nationwide universal air cargo also from london, aside from the fees previously collected fee, they keep on asking for more fees which they said required by airport authorities
until this time three months now no parcel had arrived to my address and yet they said i have to pay them back for the expenses they incurred in the production of the ATM card

Scam Email
THE PARCEL STORY In a week-end of September 2014, i received an email letter in my SPAM Box from a 92-year old woman from Paris, France.Her name is Mrs. Liliane Bettencourt, I was surprised in the content of her email telling that she wanted to cede out a portion of her net-worth to someone outside of Europe. When asked where she got my email address, she responded from Linked-In social network. Linked-In is a popular network of professionals majority are HR practitioner and I am a member of several groups of HR. In the course of our communication progress, she open-up about her bank account deposited in a bank in London, the Credit Suisse Bank. She insisted to accept her donation amounting to 1.2 M USD. I was reluctant to accept the offer due to the thought it might be a scam but she keeps on reiterating that she is the owner of the account and that she is the real Mrs. Liliane Bettencourt of Lo’Oreal of Paris. She dared me open her profile (biography) in the Forbes list of wealthiest people to find out her identity. True enough she rank the 10th world’s billionaires at that year (2014).I doubted her and said she is not the real Liliane Bettencourt. Her reply was she is the real Madame Liliane and she will not engage and will not deal with ungodly and unlawful activity. Her figure is respected, been look upon and will never allow it be tarnished by fraudulent activities such as scams. It took one week or more days before I was convinced to accept the offer but still reluctant. I asked her why she is giving out her account of all the people in the world to me. Her reason was by mere intuition or gut feeling she is doing it to me by virtue of her feeling I am a good person and can do more good to others, too. Her instruction was never let her only daughter know about her donation because several times, her philanthropic activity causes troubles in the family to the point of ending in court case against her. Mrs. Bettencourt is sick with Dementia, a disease of human brain borderline of Parkinson and Alzheimer disease. She is prohibited by doctors to use electronics gadget such as computer. She only sneaks out to be able to seat before a computer to connect to the world. After several days, I received an email from the credit Suisse bank from an Account Director Mr. Ian Grey telling me that Mrs. Bettencourt instructed her to transfer her dormant account to my name. I have to pay 350 GBP to reactivate the account and transfer it to my name. It took more than 3 weeks before I decided to send the demanded fee for reactivation of the account. I paid the 350 GBP for the processing of activation and transfer. The bank sent to me several document as proof the Lilianne Bettencourt account and an application to open an account (documents came as PDF format or scanned). After several days, I received the Certificate of Deposit from the bank. Before her birthday,on October 22 I sent her a Birthday Greeting Card as token of gratitude. She appreciated my artistic talent about the card. She had been always asking for prayers because she feels comfort knowing someone is praying for her wellness. After her birthday, Lilianne sent to me her thanks for the card I gave her and said the bank’s officer visited her and have her sign the documents pertaining to the ownership of the fund. She was happy because she was able to do what her wish was, this is her last act of charity and also glad that the ownership of her account is mine and not hers anymore. She sent me advises about wealth and being rich. She said in one of her thread, “it is easy to be rich but more difficult to keep being rich, spend the fund wisely, invest and help your family, the charities and the church.”In another she said, “Avoid luxuries and pleasures, spend only on essential.” Several months passed to get the fund from the bank. There was a demanded fee for wire transfer which I cannot afford. The bank suggested the universal ATM Card to which Mrs. Lilianne seconded and she offered to pay portion of the processing but pay the lower amount which is 800 GBP. December 2014 Lilianne and her grandsons left Paris for the USA Christmas vacation. From the USA she kept communicating but very seldom. She was just following up about the fund if have it. She returns to Paris from the US. Again her mails content is about how’s the fund She insisted to send to the bank the 800 GBP then send her other assistance. (This is the 2015 first quarter communication.) sometime in April 2015, Ian Grey requested the 800 GBP to process the card because they will have a delivery to the Philippines. The beneficiary cannot stay long in the bank and must be disburse. I did not send any. On last week of June Mr. Ian Grey, the Bank Director offered his help to advance what Mrs. Lilinne promised on her share to process the ATM master Card. He requested to send the 800 GBP but again I was reluctant to send it. After many days I succumbed to his request. I even searched a scam website to find any scams related to Bettencourt’s name. I found several and sent it to the Bank. The bank, admitted the existence of the Bettencourt scam letters. They acknowledged them. They said, there are really scammers using Lilliane Bettencourt’s name and she too is aware of these. There was a case when the scammer itself tried to make a transfer of fund to the scammer’s account but failed due to their strict policy .The bank insisted I dealt with the real Lilliane Bettencourt and their transaction with me is legitimate and authentic. On July 6, the bank notified me on the completion of the card and instructed to contact Mr. Russell Shroyer of nationwide univeralair Courier Company. Done. The courier replied in 4 days’ time I will receive the parcel. So, I expected the parcel to come on July 9, 2015. What I received was a notice that they were held by Vietnam custom for tax clearance and an amount is to be paid to release the courier going to the Philippines. The courier, the bank and yours truly chip-in for the fee, I sent 1, 300 GBP in peso counterpart value through Money gram in UK, the courier Company. July 10 the courier notified again telling they reached the Philippine port but was held again by custom authorities. He said, a custom fee was being demanded by the Philippine custom. I was alarmed and been anxious about what was happening. The custom demanded 9000 GBP. the bank shared 3000GBP. The rest was shred among us by the courier company. I even demanded to keep all Official Receipts and documents he signed for his released. The courier officer said all was taken and done. The same date at morning time I received notification that he was finally released by the Philippine custom and his way to my home address to deliver the parcel. After few minute the courier notified he was held by the Interpol. he said it has nothing to do with money but for a few documents. At noon time I began to worry what was happening. No more communication came in. The communication is done via internet connection not text messaging. I rush to an internet shop in Cubao area to open my email account. There are several mails saying that the Interpol is demanding 9000 GBP same amount what the custom demanded. Russell Shroyer cannot explain why he was being held by the Interpol. He cannot do anything because this is the way the Philippine is. There was a time at the wee hours the courier reported he was being beaten by Interpol people.He was treated like criminal. I asked if he wants me to seek help from the media or the CHR because it wrong to hurt human. Instead I received an email from the Interpol like I’m being threatened if I report the incident to the media. I was engulfed by the shadow of fear so I retreated/ withdrew from doing it. From then the bank, the courier kept on sending to me emails to pay my counterpart of 3000 GBP. I cannot afford the peso value amount. I have been already indebted due to the series of fees demanded. The Interpol sent me a deadline (July 23) to settle the amount they demanded. From 3000 it went down to 2, 200 GBP. As of late they reduced the amount to 1,300 GBP until it went as low as 700 GBP. The UK FBI sent an email informing me that the transaction of nationwide universal air courier is legitimate and authentic. I therefore must pay the Interpol fee as demanded (2,200) GBP. Again, I was enveloped by fear. I sought help from an NBI contact and I got feedback not to send any. The transaction is a FAKE The Interpol is not operating the way it should be. The Interpol matter is also not true. Ignore it. July 29, 2015, the bank sent an email note stating I have to return their fund assistance they spent on me to produce the card. They insisted the transaction is genuine legal and legitimate. And true there is no Lilliane Bettencourt account anymore because it is now in my name. Note: all communication thread are documented and kept in file. The history was copy pasted as a separate file for simple reviews. Mrs. Lilianne Bettencourt cannot be contacted anymore. The latest information was she is back in the US, according to the bank as told by daughter Francoise during her last visit to the bank. I plan to send her air mail letter to her Paris estate address to inform her of the fate of her donated fund. Since the parcel came I have been tormented, suffering and agonizing thinking if I have done wrong to deserve these difficulties. I pray unceasingly to end this torments, my debts, money spent in the name of the PARCEL. I told the bank that the solution to all our problems is the parcel itself in order to return their fund they spent to me and pay my debts here. They refused to extend assistance for the Interpol demand. My health been affected.

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