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Scammer Information
NameMark Williams    
OtherMark Williams, Human Resources Manager    

Details of Scam Report
We found you qualified and fit to fill our vacant job position. Attached to this mail is a contract of Agreement cum Appointment Letter that you are expected to go through, sign and date at the bottom if you are satisfied with the terms of Contract. Thereafter you are to send us a scanned copy of the signed Contract for the purpose of filing and other office protocols.
It should be noted that you need a certification Foreign Affairs and Work Permit / Resident Permit to work legitimately in the UK. Owing to the repute you do not have a UK Foreign Affairs certification and Work Permit / Resident Permit Which is needed for your Visa processing, you will have to immediately contact the Recognized immigration agency working with SSCE so that they can furnish you with details on how to get the document named and help in the procurement of your UK Visa and other travel Documents that will be needed from you to proceed to the UK. The travel agent will be a mediator between you and the British Immigration Service. With their help your travel documents will be ready on time, so you can resume your duty on the proposed date. When your travel documents are being processed, we shall proceed with securing your accommodation here in the Staff Quarters after we have confirmed your visa, seriousness and willingness to join our team here in the UK. It should be noted that SSCE will take care of the charges for your Visa, Flight Ticket and other travel costs but you will take care of the charges of your Foreign Affairs certification and Work Permit / Resident Permit as the Management made no provision for this at the moment. This is our policy as we have had bad experiences with some applicants in the past and this will show your seriousness and willingness for the job. Failure to process your certification Foreign Affairs and Work Permit / Resident Permit will hinder the processing of all other papers and travel thereby might lead to a premature termination of your contract. Relocation allowance will be paid to employee as soon as all travel detail are finished and employee is ready to come to the United Kingdom. We also want to encourage you to read the contract carefully before signing. We will encourage you to contact the Immigration agency working with SSCE so that you can get your Valid UK Visa, Foreign Affairs certification and Work Permit / Resident Permit and the rest of your Travel Documents on time so you can get to the UK before or on the date of your Resumption. You are to contact the SkillClear Immigration Solicitors (Robert Johnson) via e-mail in sending scanned copy of the signed contract to them also. The email is
We congratulate you as our latest employee and we hope that you will repay the faith we have in you.
Regards, Mark Williams, Human Resources Manager, Southern Staffordshire Community Energy.

Scam Email
Southern Staffordshire Community Energy, Mansell House, 22 Bore Street, Lichfield, Staffordshire WS13 6LL, United Kingdom JOB APPOINTMENT/AGREEMENT THIS DOCUMENT IS A CONTRACT REACHED BETWEEN THE MANAGEMENT OF SSCE AS THE EMPLOYER AND -------AS AN EMPLOYEE. BELOW ARE THE TERMS FOR THE CONTRACT. APPOINTMENT LETTER After our recruitment exercise, we found you qualified and fit to fill our vacant job position. Hence, we seek to employ your services as stated in the following terms and conditions. JOB LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION The job is at SSCE. You are to report to the HR Manager upon arrival for other logistics. Your duties will be explained and assigned to you on your arrival by your Head of Department. SALARY, ALLOWANCES & BENEFITS BASIC MONTHLY SALARY: 2,800GBP (Two Thousand Eight Hundred British Pounds) a month. Salary shall be liable to Increments with time and employees' official promotions as judged by Employer. Any bonus or declarations of bonus shall be made at the sole and absolute discretion of the Company. Employee shall also be entitled to over-time allowance if their work time exceeds the official working hours. JOB PROCEEDING You will be expected to resume your job as FINANCIAL CONTROLLER at SSCE on the 16TH of November 2015. Work time shall be 40 hours a week (8hrs a day) for the four (4) years contract term. Contract renewal depends on Employee’s performance and Employer’s discretion. PROBATION The parties hereto agree that the initial two (2) month period of this agreement is "probationary" in the following respects: a) The Employer shall have an opportunity to assess the performance, attitude, skills and other employment-related attributes and characteristics of the Employee; b) The Employee shall have an opportunity to learn about both the Employer and the position of employment. LEAVE PERIOD You must notify SSCE and/or your immediate supervisor as soon as practicable if you are unable to work for medical reasons. Such notice shall be given within the first four (4) hours of the working day. Annual Leave: The Employee is entitled to six (6) weeks paid annual leave upon the completion of one year's service from the date of confirmation of your employment. Sick Leave: The Employee shall be entitled to sick leave and emergency leave according to the regular policies and procedures of SSCE. Additional sick leave or emergency leave over and above paid leave provided by SSCE, if any, shall be unpaid and shall be granted at the discretion of the board of directors. FEEDING & ACCOMODATION Employee is expected to reside at SSCE Staff Quarters. Family package status is available for employee that wishes to Re-locate with Family. Employee is entitled to take meals free of charge at the general staff canteens. Dietary options, customized cooks and dieticians are available options. NOTE: employee will also be charged for accommodation registration so that they can reside at the SSCE’s housing estate. MEDICAL EXPENSES Employer will provide the employee with comprehensive health care for the term of contract, and follow-on care for injuries suffered during the term of contract for employee and family. ADDITIONAL SERVICES Recreational/Sports facilities shall be made available at the disposal of all employees with no expenses to be incurred. Laundry and dry cleaning service will be made available to employee by the hotel’s laundry and dry cleaning unit on request. TRAVEL PLANS/ RE-LOCATION For Expatriates, Free UK flight ticket will be issued to the employee by the employer as soon as the employee sends copy of a UK work permit paper to the employer. This is in line with the expatriate statuary law of the UK in compliance with the U.N. Terrorism Act. However, for expatriate who do not have valid UK Visa and Work Permits Papers, are to make contact with our official travel agent here in UK for the procurement of Visa and Work Permit processing code and approval letter. It should be noted that your employer will take care of charges for your Visa, flight tickets and any other travel costs excluding the charges for a UK Work Permit Paper which should be taken care by employee. All UK based employees' are to report personally to our office at Staffordshire with their documents (including this contract document) for identification, signing, and collection of hard copy of their contract documents. TERMINATION OF APPOINTMENT A. The Company may terminate this agreement by giving one month’s written notice in any of the following circumstances: (I) the employee dies or becomes unable to perform his/her duties due to illness of incapacity; (ii) The employee is convicted of an offence, which affects the performance of his/her duties; (iii) The employee acts in a way, which SSCE considers materially prejudicial to its business or reputation or interests of its members: (iv) The employee fails to perform the services expeditiously, with reasonable diligence and in a competent manner: (v) The employee commits or permits any breach of the terms of this agreement and fails to remedy the Breach within 14 days of receiving notice in writing from SSCE requiring the breach to be remedied: B. The employee may terminate this agreement by giving one month’s written notice to SSCE C. Where this agreement is terminated by notice by the Contractor or the employee, the Company shall have the option of electing that the employee ceases providing the services immediately or at any time during the notice period without affecting the Company obligation to continue paying the employee remuneration until expiry of the notice period. AGREEMENT OF CONTRACT This Agreement terminates and supersedes all prior understandings or agreements on the subject matter hereof. This Agreement may be modified only be a further writing that is duly executed by both parties. This Agreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom. I HEREBY ACCEPT THIS JOB OFFER WITH THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS STATED THEREIN EMPLOYEE’S NAME: ………………………………………………………………………………. EMPLOYEE’S SIGNATURE: …………………………………. DATE…………………………… Date: 22/10/2015 Mark Williams Human Resources Manager Southern Staffordshire Community Energy

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