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I received this email: Do you offer individual counseling services? From Sue Bunt sue.bunt83@yahoo.comhide details
Do you offer individual counseling services? Please tell me your...
Available date: Issues: Specialty: Presently Location: Experience:
Thank you! ------------------------ I responded but avoided giving my address. We had some correspondence and he stated he had a wife, and kids, and family business in Gent, Belgium. Stated he wanted counseling for his 19 year old daughter who will be in this country. He wrote: "From: Sue Bunt
To: resrch46
Sent: Tue, Jan 19, 2016 11:49 pm
Subject: Re: Do you offer individual counseling services?
Thank you for the email. I am seeking for one-to-one individual counseling services for my daughter. I got your name while searching through your location for a private counselor, my daughter is coming to your area, she will stay for 8 weeks and i will want her to get something doing when she arrives in the area. I'll like to know if you can help in counseling her one-on-one sessions. Her name is Katrina, she is 19 years old, i have someone that will always picks her up from home stay and drops her off for her counseling and take her back to the home stay. So kindly let me know your charges cost per hour in order for me to arrange for her payment before she travels down to your area soon, i did not have insurance that cover the cost. She will be staying for 4 weeks, she will be available at any times/days schedules for the counseling starting from Feb 02, 2016. You can take her on any day convenient for you for 60 minutes counseling a day, 2 time per week for 4 weeks. You can just take her at your convenient schedule. I hope to read back from you soon.
Thank you, Sue ----------------------------------------- He also wrote: Thanks for your email. I am currently based in Gent, Belgium with my wife, children and family business, i got your name while searching through your area for a therapist for my daughter, having gone through your profile, i choose you as the best therapy for my daughter in the area. Of course we will speak better prior our arrival in your place. My daughter agree to participate in counseling and it is her wish to have counseling with you. I am okay with the information given to me and about your fees is not too bad. I would be happy to have my daughter under your counseling. I will arrange for a home stay close to you where my daughter would be staying and can be coming to your place for the period of counseling in your area and i have someone that will always drive her to your location for the counseling and drive her back to home stay after counseling. I will talk more better with you prior our arrival in your place. As of the payment, I'm presently out of the Country, I'll make an arrangement with my Customer to make and mail a Bank Check for the full amount through Regular Mail so we can be assured, I don't have access to a bank transfer nor have a pay pal account..So,i will be willing to pay for your fees by a check in Dollars at for the full amount for the counseling, since this requires honesty and transparency, and this would be the safest most secure way and you would receive the payment next 2 days...I will instruct my customer to make out a check in your full name for the total for 8 sessions (2 sessions / week for 4 weeks) will be $480, starting from Feb 02, 2016 for exact days of her visit. So I would like you to give me your full name, contact address and your phone numbers so that I can instruct my customer to make out the certified check to you. Please get back to me as soon as you get this mail so that I can know my stand. Thank you, Sue ------------------------- I responded with some questions and am awaiting to see if he (Sue??) answers: Sue:
I am glad you are being aware of "honesty and transparency." Therefore, I would like to make sure this is not a scam since this is a very unusual request and that there are many other therapists in my area.
Please answer:
Did you find me on the internet? If so, what web site? You stated you found me by searching my area. I did a search for me in my area, and could not find any information on me in Raleigh. Not many professional associations have my new location yet. So, exactly what web site did you find me?
You stated your daughter will be staying close to me - what town will she be staying in? I am sorry, but I feel very dubious about this transaction.
You also have stated that: "I do not have a land line and my mobile is currently out of order. I too am hoping it will be fixed soon as waiting conformation from the mobile company." Now you are stating that you are in Germany. I am getting mixed messages from you.
Dr. Pat Schafer

Scam Email
The scammer's email is: That is all I have.

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2016-04-13 21:47:41, Oakland, CA, United States 
Dr K Bartholomew added:

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Details of Scam Report
Same as other scam. Wanted to deposit extra monies in my account for daughter's therapy, that I was to send on to another address.

2016-01-25 01:48:17,  
Anonymous added:
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