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Scammer Information
Telephone+447087642148     ⇒ Reverse Phone Lookup (by Spokeo

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We are most grateful for your email and I use this as a medium to say thank you for writing Back. This is a lifetime opportunity and 100% legitimate. My name is Tom Rea, i decided to make sure the winning of ours is put on the internet for the world to see. This was a gift from God to me and my entire family. We may not know you, but since you were chosen by God to receive this cash donation of ( $3.9million USD ), you must be a God fearing individual. I do believe that good things happen to those who wait upon the lord.
At first when i checked my ticket at the gas station, I did not believe, thinking it was just a mere joke until the cheque of ($ 70,000,000.00 million USD ) was given to us willingly as won. The main reason why we decided to share part of this fund among other individuals who are in need is according to the bible that teaches about given as part of Godliness and also with the prophecy we received from God Almighty. I bought a new house and i have taken care the needs of our immediate family members & friends, Hospitals & Charity Organizations in Africa, Asia and Europe that fight cancer, Alzheimer's and diabetes.
We also do believe in the part of the Bible that says ask and you shall receive and consistently I have always asked for a miracle from God. I am hoping that you will definitely be able to use this fund wisely and judiciously on projects that will last you for a long time. To facilitate the disbursement process of the funds and all the legal documents that will be signed and entitle to you, the below details will be needed;
Kindly write us about your view & plans on spending this fund that has been solely given to you. May the good Lord bless your heart to be a blessing to your family & friends. Congratulations once again. God bless you Tom Rea ***************************************************************************************************************************************** HERE IS WHERE THE SCAMS KICKS IN......A SECOND EMAIL ARRIVED FROM TOM AND CATHY REA AS FOLLOWS:.....THE EMAIL ADDRESS FOR NATWEST BANK IS OF COURSE FAKE!!!!!...THE SCAM EMAIL WAS FORWARDED TO THE REAL NATWEST SCAM REPORTING EMAIL ADDRESS: **************************************************************************************************************************************
Thank you for your mail. This mail is to officially inform you about the authenticity/legitimacy of this award and also bring to your notice once again that it was your Profile through the LinkedIn Social Network that emerged you a lucky beneficiary of {$3.9 million USD} in the on going Tom And Cathy Rea Foundation World Wide Grants .Your winning verification process is completed and your winning funds is approved for remittance. You are now entitled to your full grant of{$3.9 million USD cash which by now has been encoded in a bank transfer code.
Kindly allow me to inform you that just last week alone, I discovered a huge number of double claims due to beneficiary's informing close friends relatives, attorneys and third parties about their donations. As a result, these close friends, relatives, attorneys and third parties tried to claim the donation sum on behalf of the real recipients thereby causing problems for the payout bank. Please be informed that any double claim discovered in the disbursement process, will certainly result to the cancellation of that particular donation, making a loss for both the double claimer and the real beneficiary, as it is taken that the real recipient was the informer to the double claimer about the donation. So you are hereby advised to keep your information strictly confidential until your claim has been fully recovered.
For the transfer of your funds, you are hereby advice to contact the Bank with details below.
PAYOUT BANK CONTACT DETAILS Name of bank ==: NatWest Bank Office address ==: 25 High Street, Colchester, CO1 1DG United kingdom. Name of department ==: Online Transfer Department. Transfer officer in charge ==:Mr Scott Williams Transfer officer email==: Contact number == Tel: +447087642148 Contact E-mail==:
After the bank must have opened up a new on-line bank account for you, you will then be able to login and transfer your money from your online bank account to your local bank account there in your country. Congratulations and do not fail to update me with further correspondence with you and the bank so i can give feedback to my Foundation board of directors.
Note: You may likely receive more winning notification mails due to late delivery message from our other department. Please do disregard and delete the message. Thank you and congratulations once again.
God bless you Tom & Cathy Rea.
******************************************************************************************************************************* THEY WANT YOU TO OPEN UP AN ACCOUNT AND THEN STEAL YOUR IDENTITY WITH THE INFORMATION THEY WILL REQUEST!!!!!!!!!!.....AS YOU ARE NOT ACTUALLY DEALING WITH NATWEST BANK, BUT RATHER A SCAMMER!!!!..........................BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!! ************************************************************************************************************************************ I THEN RECEIVED THIS EMAIL FROM THE "NATWEST BANK"......ACTUALLY THE SCAMMER POSING AS THE BANK......
Attn: Customer,
Thank you for your prompt response to us. Please note we also received the confirmation letter and your information from your donator Tom Cathy Rea Foundation : In this regards, we are mandated to transfer asset ownership rights to you immediately. Under professional banking ethics, in order for you to gain access to the mentioned asset and make full claim.
New Customer applying for Online Account & Transfer Fill and Return the below Manual Account Opening Form.
Manual Account Opening Form Reference: International Application ID no:* Do you want an account with NAT-WEST BANK: First Name: Last Name: Date of Birth: City/State: Country: Occupation: Monthly Income: Nationality: Sex: Office Tel: Account type: Initial Deposit of Account: Date of payment:
The Following are requirement for transfer of asset.
Recommended With this option to move the funds from our bank to you, you must activate an on-line transfer account with us. We will open the account in your name, and do an electronic crediting of the amount of $3.9 million into the newly open account. We will send you the details of the account (URL, account login and pin, account number etc). By this, you can make transfer of the fund your self electronically from any computer in the world to your local bank account. Each transfer takes 2-3 days to be credited to your local bank account. Attached to this email is the account opening form, you are advice to choose your affordable choice of account from the category and complete the attached form.
(1)Silver Account (Capacity - US$50,000 - US$1,500,000 / Monthly) Opening Balance-£190 GBP - $270USD
(2)Gold Account (Capacity - US$200,000 - US$1,800,000 / Monthly) Opening Balance- £250. GBP- $356 USD
(3)Platinum Account (Capacity - US$2,500,000 - US$5,000,000 / Monthly) Opening Balance- £300 GBP - $427.00 USD
We sincerely hope the above information is helpful to you. Kindly make your choice from the above information and inform us with details to proceed. If you have any questions and for further clarification(s), write us. We're available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Non deductible Act There is a nondeductible seal mandate on the asset funds as authenticated by Tom Cathy Rea foundation By this mandate, we cannot deduct any amount whatsoever from the specified asset of $3.9 million For this reason, you are officially required to fund your choice account open balance from off the asset capital.
Looking forward for your prompt response.
At Nat-west Bank, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you
NatWest Ahead for business.
*************************************************************************************************************************** ALL A SCAM TO STEAL YOUR IDENTITY AND YOUR MONEY........AS THIS SCAMMER IS NOT A BANK!!!!!!

Scam Email
Subject: Tom Cathy Rea
From: Tom Rea from tom rea wed jan 27 21: 48:14 2016
received-spf: pass (domain of designates as permitted sender)aWwgYW5kIEkgdXNlIHRoaXMgYXMgYSBtZWRpdW0gdG8gc2F5IHRoYW5rI...
authentication-results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig);; dkim=neutral (no sig)
received: from SNT147-W28 ([]) by over TLS secured channel with Microsoft SMTPSVC(7.5.7601.23008); We...
content-type: multipart/alternative;boundary="_68d95df3-41aa-45cd-9267-a893a989f62c_"
date: Wed, 27 Jan 2016 21:48:14 +0000
importance: Normal
in-reply-to: <>
references: <>,<
mime-version: 1.0
content-length: 5942

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