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Scammer Information
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Telephone17144622877     ⇒ Reverse Phone Lookup (by Spokeo

Details of Scam Report
My Dear
I'm sorry for late response in your email, you have to understand that down here we have been very busy.however i want to use this opportunity to let you know that, the reason why i asked for your assistance to get this transaction done just that i don't have the chance here in military camp to do anything the only chance i have is this email am sending to you now,that is the main reason why i needed your assistance to conclude this delivery to your home address. I will like you to invest the money as soon as the delivery agent deliver the boxes to you to any good business that can bring good profit and you can be managing it until i done with my service in military okay because i cannot make it by take a leave because we are in a very serious duty for now on.
Please take your time to read and understand this email as it contains the details of plans and requirements to conclude this venture. {PRIVATE}.
I must thank you for your quick response to my email requesting your assistance to conclude this transaction.There is no risk whatsoever as regards this money. But the most important thing is that I do not want this money to go through bank, It will not be safe for us, I have contacted earlier a very good trusted and reliable diplomatic shipping company which mostly used by our forces here in Afghanistan that send goods easily through diplomatic means and private military way to anywhere in the world and the diplomat agent is already in united state now with the boxes like i told you earlier in my previous email.It must be kept low profile because it is a lot of funds in the boxes! People are dying here and i pray we make it out of here alive!!! I need your help because my spirit Tell's me that you are trustworthy. There would be no problem if you follow all my instructions carefully.
He can deliver the boxes to you easily at any address of your choice around the world. The baggage is tagged as diplomatic personal effects and the shipping company did not know the real contents of the boxes. A few friends have used this means to convey goods out of Afghanistan because of the diplomatic immunity they enjoy. Their charges are very high but I have already negotiate a way out from this end till it gets to you anywhere you are. I am very sure you will know the best way to handle this money when it gets to your base. And only expense you are going to make is to pay clearance fee which is $225 usd only to enable the diplomat clear the boxes from airport authorities today and move to any choice address you want him to deliver the boxes to you.
I have sacrificed years of my life to serving and protecting my great country, most of us have lost friends and loved ones in the line of duty,for me i have been married twice of which none ever lasted up to 2yrs due to the nature of my job.
My 15yr old son turned to drugs as he lacked parental guidance and eventually died from overdose as a matter of fact i can't begin to mention all my sacrifices and losses but know that the glory of America is built on our pain & blood this is why i decided to use this opportunity to make some fortune for myself since the funds belonged to an ex tyrant whom we captured and has been executed by the International court of justice. As the leader of my unit i reported $100million dollars out of the funds we discovered and used my position to ship the remaining $40million dollars to you for safekeeping until after my assignment as we have been deployed to Afghanistan to help out in the on going war on terror.
I know you might be wandering how i got your information for this, well i am a level six holder, and i have access to the Department Of Defense Database (DOD) data base, and I believe I can trust you not only as a citizen but also for you been someone i can trust.With that,i decided to send this boxes to you via a secured delivery company,It is most important that you take this deal very serious.
I know i may have crossed the line by shipping the boxes to you without your consent but the deed is already done,this happened due to the rush down here,as we have been deployed to Afghanistan to assist on going war against terrorism, with that i had to rush things up, and i was unable to let you know before now,please accept my apologies about that.
I know you might be wandering why i did not send to my family, well i need you to know that the only Family i have is my only daughter that is just 16yrs and my Mum whom is presently 85 and not strong enough. Most of my friends are all in the US army,and you know the confidentiality of this deal, so they must know nothing about this transaction.
Please i got a confirmation that the boxes are presently in USA now, Have below is the contact details of the delivery man. Contact him immediately your received this my message and send him the clearance fee to enable him clear the boxes and proceed to your location for final delivery okay.
Name: James Williams Email: Tel:+17144622877
If you are hurry and fast enough you can conclude this within the next 2days and the boxes will be in your home address.The total amount in the boxes is $40.Million usd, since I can not take any chance by keeping cash on me due to my duties here. If you are willing, interested and trustworthy person to do this with me,I will like you to tell me how much percentage will satisfy you for your assistance in this business.And One passionate appeal I will make to you is not to discuss this matter with anybody, should you have reasons to reject this offer, please and please destroy this message as any leakage of this information will be too bad for us soldiers here in Afghanistan and would tarnish the reputation of other service military men.We need to build trust OK!
Note: If you are equal to this you have to keep this as a little secret until this boxes get to your door step. Even the Delivery man shouldn't know the content of the boxes as he is not aware that the boxes contain raw cash, because
i made it clear to them that you are my cousin whom i am sending my personal military effects, so no one knows nothing about this,and also, for security reasons, i feel it would be best we take care of this via e-mails,because making calls might be risky as our conversation might be monitored or tapped into. Thanks
The total amount in the boxes is $40 Million Dollars. It is only me that knows about the transaction from this end, everything has been well planned out ok.
Please do keep me updated as soon as you have contacted the delivery man.attach is my id card and my passport. ok.
Thanks for your cooperation, God bless you!! Yours Sincere
Capt: William Swenson

Scam Email
From William Swenson Wed Mar 9 03:22:04 2016 X-Apparently-To: Wed, 09 Mar 2016 03:22:07 +0000 Return-Path: Received-SPF: pass (domain of designates as permitted sender) dGUgcmVzcG9uc2UgaW4geW91ciBlbWFpbCwgeW91IGhhdmUgdG8gdW5kZXJz dGFuZCB0aGF0IGRvd24gaGVyZSB3ZSBoYXZlIGJlZW4gdmVyeSBidXN5Lmhv d2V2ZXIgaSB3YW50IHRvIHVzZSB0aGlzIG9wcG9ydHVuaXR5IHRvIGxldCB5 b3Uga25vdyB0aGF0LCB0aGUgcmVhc29uIHdoeSBpIGFza2VkIGZvciB5b3Vy IGFzc2lzdGFuY2UgdG8gZ2V0IHRoaXMgdHJhbnNhY3Rpb24gZAEwAQEBAQN0 ZXh0L3BsYWluAwMxNgJTV0VOU09OIFBBU1NQT1JULmpwZwNpbWFnZS9qcGVn AwMxNDgCU1dFTlNPTiBJRCBDQVJELmpwZwNpbWFnZS9qcGVnAwM0Mw-- X-YMailISG: 71zkzeAWLDtMDin5cYyQkvFUsUgzstSIy_TgRofzvjAzlHnI ru03cdvscEG3hMWII2WsMyj6r62d0vXAEY2o7.k0sRDWo2VPa5baQwEQWlxv A_hzymXEPA.5usF7egzj9qOZJDKfXSMa4NANKAGTYi4eX8IM45rVXxPfpImc ob9e7bAMkPKgnN4MBYZjkIncf.X3ExnZtOhU.Trjm5LTIz6faiVg6VOK4nrJ M_51QdWvP9dhONDRlqnNhYxdVLyozyUhaUsW6fP3vqwxzH_I26o1RfGRZTQD 1LCo44uv7fq7NE1Kn3xaQQz6IsP7MujPaHxxW33VQGrmybSgvsqrMYv0H0Cu t4EQe1ZON2sHDcll5UB1GdSfrhd22d1IU1qsm0qUaOJWLxhKE9z8IZVTL0Ml b.Yx3gkrfqoruY6A4ohU08HgsaEU.fHcINyYQ5E.8XH64PgiqMyVCJ32.7Go lK9mLbwQYLQxaXOXwQw1q3GoiFwi.6tiRRmQhdevt65WLpZvUo87_Rvwwxiw aX8MosS0JfFIZhGYdFW3Ps1VBFfRyjeYJd7c1nLP66fQgTnE0Qt9_OzAeWf1 oHVJkidH7BGkDk.DW7jMWcbiBPXY4W6Y.N7.Sn6LWor6Zu6aMW0oIaTRhWIj Mdg_YK9Ogs6lbhBFCKY.fDjEgvmFzEOKhj9jWKcMswC9DxPSNwteU.hYzi2. Oqh9g514MCuOIBT1Q_riR_17rlCdKuzCydzofpZ7oNnidzrw6ITyvuqQ0a6N Ao.eKqVpeD26NZ4KgjEKkhfjqg6nQZFBQRMYXf5FYxIz8ij84FXHQeKvOXUc iaDT39lccfXJVUPrWWKBY3yS5X9D_3d3liSi5yxmnGMDg.xYofKScUQlonkS nJM6vTMH9XK1PJ_XUjlTLYyKqiF_S7VpSO8gw7_KABwML3HaQjSbkXQ.jHRH 9mi2b7aI9trmqBTyi7Wn2fWeJV6t8_KvxWiKLj2FhrIMrCu0I.Y1xP4jkLwl zfXX9wQ1YAWAcPlikamVbvBUhNZ9f658.GqfksUGAZtAltt6ktue4M1XLMqL un0Z1mul33QBYaIyQJgcRPf2A.mGgUi1.pX3Oz4SZLuXcrQ7yJz7KvAL4SmR PJRwJqgGsGZ9FwzaWgRbCyPxD1JJSl5e2FKn57QbjBEhafjNtFldrhk6ESTh BXdanmADDpRUba8oC7lKTkeQ0PPVvSlDUKuLkZ18uDLaL8GV5fP9uu43tvfg hafggs2gVWlA109Te.7bh98gvxBy0lABMFI1FS2U_AabOiyP.AyOF8Ncj4KI dARka3lJlHNUA1b4RhTgbEBPuyJHvI_GKWkg6Ndp0U4O2pE1kDQ_2OhvFq2w an3Ez8dVypOCoAnJFZ8YyMgWyJzWsHKnHrAlQ4ZFMccvgFCtV5wLQQsFgJGO 4_G8i0mYaaK4uudCuTBbIbTZPLJr9S6p0xuzBKi1GnEprUltzCaxVmvWSAu8 3K6_5oM76wvHxVYtKGIbxnQ4yCr.6F88ARVh2xnI7b._SiuqP5bULi5vYjf7 MDhI6PHOEsqrXckLg5yoSZ664DDv0AutVE6ivvcQWfULBL8lR_PyLwxfx.Do FTA_GpjR528uWYat2lVw6ARihRDvARkxuGi3jiQFidM9gp0EquGJaXQfeASK .P_GWIU81ryyRApmwFGNtHBvq.LPfGe5YPeOSsPcu7wqA63XYMxFRlgwThaK ONI182BUIToR1ARI5Q-- X-Originating-IP: [] Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig);; dkim=pass (ok) Received: from (EHLO ( by with SMTPS; Wed, 09 Mar 2016 03:22:06 +0000 Received: by with SMTP id gn5so3678825lbc.3 for ; Tue, 08 Mar 2016 19:22:05 -0800 (PST) DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=20120113; h=mime-version:date:message-id:subject:from:to; bh=m4CixNJwyCIga0nw3vehcEwJlFwsEXH8l2w2VY38QoI=; b=x5UM2bxj8aOmLg8n2tkL9FSezErzK3pCjQ4Cn6m5HfWGJv8neQxV8BYJS4OPXtxrZi SM5fGUXH3TjrzVGAuksWeiAckl0YxO1C6nrZdInmjnwPhEZ4AmMAQtloAYFvhDwkQfw/ IMzSQI/DcJd0vAjYeC0lIL9Iz5NhZpILmqM0IoVNhpAVcCIv64Y5MUfFt6Tr+5fmS5FA tYo4BuIzcUM5f/pv5ZsJywl06i5Yl4BTDVg4titblf6p86efy/K0bSd85KYeHtx9KciP v48DsVgxfzuiWA6OWI2H64GsdSj7wrBDNo2N5I8nWeq7GMSYbbkF/M2oTV13sezuxwfC jA1A== X-Google-DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=20130820; h=x-gm-message-state:mime-version:date:message-id:subject:from:to; bh=m4CixNJwyCIga0nw3vehcEwJlFwsEXH8l2w2VY38QoI=; b=gO7RuyvtovgznY8skFBVfqzfF4PmadiIh+M8TEuVeBxExHNX5xd7JpIxluITdieApo lV17shq/6aA/3mlCV4TKbbZ2HxjhmUw3sHQ3+qKWH1EGAItZNtwVD+zsrBAWtzQDcbT8 M1DX4y1CWbu3jU6ult3ehdGezCZs+mZfRP0REYdVM2G6KS1imBB5i1dLNyIXRW4Ty3az FLsUHO5YeQR2jWhqPLTDmLIlpxeSHzuKFvZ8FZBzjxpUQK5dC0X0hj7ZlYpdCNfp/0t1 cCoEDmmm+YFppWWItxQsK+YSSBqN3Lnd7/u6oknuUKCA/0cvTE73zfJi5EMTPSOSdPFO 3FVw== X-Gm-Message-State: AD7BkJJXZtIGknIvxJt8XtfjKmcBDAA86n06QiU1FkqN81rNessMx4oHAvSZdaotxUZ0mvsAVYMh2Q3K2iz/WQ== MIME-Version: 1.0 X-Received: by with SMTP id h187mr11560692lfg.34.1457493724587; Tue, 08 Mar 2016 19:22:04 -0800 (PST) Received: by with HTTP; Tue, 8 Mar 2016 19:22:04 -0800 (PST) Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2016 04:22:04 +0100 Message-ID: From: William Swenson Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary=001a1141974eb7a8ba052d9533e7 Content-Length: 210951

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Follow Ups/Extra Information

2016-03-08 22:40:34,  
Anonymous added:
Details of Scam Report
Thank you for your quick respond for my email.I sincerely understand your skepticism and can hardly blame you since I have been a victim of an online scam a few years ago. However, this is real, motivated by my desire to have a savings by the side before I approach the twilight of my career.however i want you to understand this, i paid everything concern this delivery before the diplomat left from Afghanistan, then when he get to usa the airport authority demand him $225 usd to get the boxes cleared and proceed to his location, and before he could inform me is late, we already move to camp in desert to prevent terrorism, this is the reason why i demand your assistance to enable him get the boxes cleared from airport authority and proceed to your location for final delivery ok, please do not forsake me, you will not regret this rather is going to be a great joy and happiness to your life and in the life of your family ok. please contact the delivery agent and send him the clearance fee to enable him clear the boxes today and proceed to your location for final delivery, to avoid the delivery agent not to be stranded in airport authority because i told him that my cousin will soon contact him and send him the clearance fee, because him been stranded in airport can make him abandoned the boxes and fly back to his company, please do not allow that to happen on those boxes, please act fast ok.i'm willing to give you 30% for your effort and your assistance over this ok. Here is the contact detail of the delivery man once again.
Name: James Williams Email: Tel:+17144622877
I wait for your good news that the boxes is already received by you?
Yours sincere Brother Capt. William Swenson

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