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Scammer Information
NameZurich Ibrahim    

Details of Scam Report
I received your mail and thank you for expressing your feelings to me.
But will want you to know that as far as I am concern, am not feeding on your money. And I am not interested in it. If not for the purpose of the release of the Package, I shouldn't have in the first place asked you a cent.
So I am making it succinctly clear that I am not after your money.
My duty is to make sure that the Package gets to you once you sent the demurrage fee and that is all.
Although, I am not disputing the fact you raised because I understand your fears and in all sense of honesty you are 100% right to be afraid because of evil people and scam Artist. With hoax and fictitious proposal, UN-godly person without good conscience who can do anything to make money, money that can never last and therefore fleecing innocent people. You are talking of guarantee, what guarantee are you talking about? Guarantee that I am cheating you or will make me not to cheat you.
Therefore, it can only take more than the spirit of Man to be able to discern the one that is real and legitimate. I have no problem with your conviction, and cannot change your position to treat this matter just like that.
There is nothing I can do, after all if you received the box it is for our mutual benefit and since my best is not enough and you did not have faith trust and that spirit of accommodation which is the basis of maturity, I cant do otherwise.
The Choice is yours, I don't want you to see it as if I am forcing you against your wish. I have told you nothing but the truth about this transaction, if there is anything you are thinking on the contrary well I am not a party to that. I believed in honest living, I can account for any Cent I earn today. I hate cheating and dis-honest people.
I have a good family background, my father is a Priest and he raised his children in a Christian way. When I mean Christian, I mean those with the fear of God that worship God in truth and spirit. Why must I cheat you? Does that solve my problems? Look this world does not end on the planet earth, after death come judgment.
I always attach the receipt of the money I sent to you so that you can verify your self, I see no reason why you are scared about this deal, I swear whit to God that you will never regret you deal whit me only if you cab abide to my instruction.
Please get back to me now so we can no what to do about this and I assure you once again that you will never regret you deal whit me.
Best Regard. Show original message

Scam Email
From Zurich Ibrahim Mon Apr 11 19:07:22 2016 X-Apparently-To: ; Mon, 11 Apr 2016 19:07:22 +0000 Return-Path: X-YahooFilteredBulk: Received-SPF: pass (domain of designates as permitted sender) X-YMailISG: Ye9iNvcWLDuohE6wCGm191u.YSGXJESthnx9K4uJHPILvuMj J0gbhzNQjBuhtc18sSFz52SJCrrS0hqbaZxiJt30v_JazH0hRmoIaBDTFOMD RecB8uBGG9IczF1WKNXWKGw2M6Y9wOuvHl4BKyvkDbaDarEHn4eoNQjlgOTw XdfN40w9OH2Kj9MLvyv2god2FGEekizjQzkOGgV1HBQHCn.xvIEGZad_3i0R efrxskUsCrFtiVnN5SH3LrBY3je7M3_OnbaD55udwT4_T93RM5rF9I9Y83hR PmgsmsGuQATesQjoC2lPnDke3OCBoKj84IYGwe_nlW8gn4rq4Bf.9DX5ddKw f.c9wlbtY7oFcmjl7KR_FEKJX2u69TseuxJBacB18xgIAK0ZcrsHOlF5_Fl4 JURmPOsW51Of0JhCJe1NSsasNn6pTwLv_GomKdBs4zs6mqT2Ie0DHbgdXyEK 8K.B9CMswYJSzkdJU71hiToDk9SYRAC4zrRKMUeTAJsTS0utcKbxZ9ogNKrF YOqjLdJRl01eg6aj_5g7AFEJTtHNvQG8rbygJy_wm8N88joVPSoE9jgvOHVf Eo8BYMkxZSPZgMLXrgRUpVrP_htN_6Os_R1Vbh2uxSoyQkCkt6QaQ36oS2m9 FbXB_7SvJG74hEoUEIknxVCfz17DyHzJvZcoZyiBUqvWSLUGnqf2ZelSXBMr RXi3T_YPQaBaemu5femo08B7faV0UJ_eE7KRmbLXYulXocTUkR_bWrANOw6Q bXVAuLgJODASx7PiFVgFJyrvmQ1tXRNYjt2hDb6VAZf9K78xcUMQLaC5l1wB XOXr2qAnJ7XUkX6R7lVf3ouwrLwHOwpFfBRmaJHIGXzyEaOK6_ChsB5_bhUu WatiKr3dpsB_Uo5oWCYwEa7McZE_jxkG5Z5TQSFJCK68nlF8FWJx8Df.lkrI QV0QH51H7uweVbRxkj9_WWTAdd8mHXShj.I4_GXObKYUcOqw_JeSaquNgJCb 26cQJzIkpL4PEZcs3wzOd129ILBUXFbluCWj_Zwqyp1Hmoxo3s5OQHcVoAE6 fDFbQUXzPPlPRBni4T3fh_VsFlziICQ5fqevDFITfJrhdbLRw6osNoXLfptk z15NZYrgXcq5KXwp63KWHlrV2IySbWBCoGigqIXm_V3WWncd1evwUuk8pUTD hZDEH_I8yGqXqCgaL7cz7ahdPUxylNcYlpJZJub97mXG8GCNTlsURGxnYQq5 y7KLOYYmRirHvu5izvhNRWESV0vZPfNQVgMG.FTa0yTOvx4zJs1ogTFzGhrh uqIfKOCJBJHVSq9AHnuXzzHQR1j1U7n8SUcvwMUFLaTy1qwX758.3zNV7klH wkkSlzC2Wq1MxGzEcTfWj9KQSzXmTGIBzfsD2Yuqv02w_u17TEl2bSgLe6lI SEjmRIoLv8G.YASZTE.R6DXs1s_An.mUmnnE4ZCaEjvPQ_N6Ofv3aeUst2Ve sPR9kcravgyASAnUqvEUfG5HLLgKBn5RcKvtyoaf3w0wQrh7k0pJT9LuBw94 ODrKGXtUZ3_pYBTtC1BDCCTeBOnBJBc- X-Originating-IP: [] Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig);; dkim=pass (ok) Received: from (EHLO ( by with SMTPS; Mon, 11 Apr 2016 19:07:22 +0000 Received: by with SMTP id qu10so12422737igc.1 for ; Mon, 11 Apr 2016 12:07:22 -0700 (PDT) DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=20120113; h=mime-version:in-reply-to:references:date:message-id:subject:from:to; bh=dy37Rzy4zAlLhnaytc5hvKr1zwK44/lDUj3586UYPhI=; b=mEygNWeF8T0kH1ZbGP0paz/r4Vw2aS82VDVGPwDICAQZ3ustXp+8zC/TaJ/W0G2V2n 3gTwIoZSWctydi35IYH37xk/74l0IeDN+R3hLN0O4CPHeu85V/PrMDxV3Ca4gUecTzCI bG8xYTrxGOAlWxsfqoK/ePz4SaOWv9mfyPEtqtUjIi/KqdEEbJcW9sh/paFhgQlhZaYz niFM6u0AE2+Ykb+aA86oo8wUXZkn3sBBuGQEw25uAWR0yZuo6zg9pxaK9JPPMiEG1F/k bVb+GEm0K9rOC7W3QcHrUB21lbSAol4tvAkmqmH/MtCiv2KPJ3AKoRhtZxJVEcYE21D7 /m8Q== X-Google-DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=20130820; h=x-gm-message-state:mime-version:in-reply-to:references:date :message-id:subject:from:to; bh=dy37Rzy4zAlLhnaytc5hvKr1zwK44/lDUj3586UYPhI=; b=Mh26h3TsbneOl+n45Lc2Qhf/2uHuGuBqs2p7QqmUDqA4ZESNIjlLEQ7x8NXpYpoW+9 j6XwGhcgBipUi8NbYeZaEV8eZ8te0Q38U4Ubj5YBKE3YT4TbqzL54oB/QT9K4+CfQ942 Ls+kabkM36F7qBCbWGMWWIr1aQVKvsLiZBSuzcJpzNs+z/Z88IElKvT4HISYHQCDb0Hx 8IYq9Fm4YAob3SzPJvf/0LTY39jubpl80DAYxYKrGdYOZ1QG1NQHoiWh7fFLyWp144Zq ay/d9lTk050VI7H7p2p8ekoIUum3w/gdRBI0KRlF9XXIbARI6sbXNTohRxaHs/8Rx7jj 0ZDw== X-Gm-Message-State: AD7BkJIH6zjbQd5pMflxrE8zq0lihzAxXyuVbaF8cvNRbJPB9zCAyR1nFFTaM/H2ayHnmBohO1n5mmLQ6dgeAg== MIME-Version: 1.0 X-Received: by with SMTP id oo7mr19330803igb.22.1460401642070; Mon, 11 Apr 2016 12:07:22 -0700 (PDT) Received: by with HTTP; Mon, 11 Apr 2016 12:07:22 -0700 (PDT) In-Reply-To: <> References: <> Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2016 20:07:22 +0100 Message-ID: From: Zurich Ibrahim Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=047d7b2e15051aed3905303a414f Content-Length: 10402

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Follow Ups/Extra Information

2016-04-11 15:37:47, Medina, OH, United States 
No Name added:
Details of Scam Report
************************************************************************************************************ I acknowledge the receipt of your email and to be candid with you, i am highly disappointed in you by sending me such an insulting email. I have been trying all my possible best from the beginning of this transaction to make sure that the consignment get to you safely and if not for the problem that occur, i don't think you will have the right to talk to me in this manner. So all you just have to do is for you to insult my personality, i have been a man of God for the past 35 years now and no one has ever address me in this manner or insult my personality and i see no reason why you will be insulting my personality just because i am trying to help you out.
Please if you know that you are not ready to trust me for whom i am, i will backup from this transaction and save keep the truck box till further notice because i see no reason why i will be here suffering going here and there to make sure that your Metal box get to you and you will be siting down over there and keep sending me such an insulting email. Any way i dont think we can proceed whit this.
Warmest Regards,

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