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Scammer Information
NameMichelle Green    

Details of Scam Report
I'm glad that you are interested, let's get to the details. This is a part-time position with a one month trial, after that you can choose to work full-time, and you always can organize your time by working from home.
There are no costs to start. We reimburse all the expenses, tape, boxes etc, you will be provided with prepaid by customers shipping labels so you will not be paying for the transportation. Also I will be notifying you about incoming packages beforehand.
You can visit our web site (its address in the attached document) for any additional information. There is no phone interview at this point of the application process because of number of the candidates.
Feel free to Email me all of your questions. I'll answer it as soon as I can.
If you have no questions and want to begin, just email back to me and put the subject line: "Agreement" and I will send you the paperwork to review and additional information on this job. Please use only this Email address to contact me.
Best regards _________________ Manager Michelle Green

Scam Email
Our web-site is: www. We provide a new service for our abroad customers. They can buy any goods in any US online store using US prepaid credit card and our employees address as shipping address. Let's picture the situation when person, for example in Poland, wants to purchase anything from US shop, but, as very often for now, shop delivers items only inside US. That's why we need your cooperation. This also explains why packages will be delivered to your address, as you can see most of our clients are living abroad and they are using US prepaid credit cards to make these purchases. That's why all packages will be on different names. I will be notifying you about the incoming packages packages minimum 1 day beforehand, sometimes you will be receiving packages without my notification (in this case you need to provide me with all the information about the package: tracking number, content, weight). Some packages require signature, others just left under front door, it is preferable to be at home for deliveries. Packages will be delivered to you via UPS, Fedex, USPS. But you will be processing it to the customers through the USPS (we provide prepaid shipping labels). *During the trial: basic salary is $2,300 plus commissions $30 for every sent package ($60 for the packages heavier than 25lbs) *After the trial: basic salary is $3,500(monthly) plus commissions (commissions paid weekly, but only after the trial) $30 for every sent package ($60 for the packages heavier than 25lbs) Salary is paid monthly, one month after you sent your first package, that date is also end of your trial. Methods of payment you can choose: paycheck(default option), Western Union, direct deposit, paypal. (yes you can change payment options every month) We ship almost everything. Electronics : Cameras and Equipment Car Electronics Cell Phones and Pagers DVD and Home Cinema Home Audio MP3 Players Other Satellite and Cable TV Telephones Computers Notebooks Netbooks PDAs E-readers Clothes and Accessories : Accessories Jewelry and Watches Men´s Clothing Men´s Shoes Uniforms Women´s Bags Women´s Clothing Women´s Shoes Could be anything. WE DO NOT SHIP : What We Won't Accept & Prohibited Items STOLEN ITEMS RE-CALLED ITEMS Academic Software Anti-circumvention Policy Anything severely damaged Any medical devices that requires a license to sell Authenticity Disclaimers Batteries (auto / industrial) Beta Software Bootleg Recordings Brand Name Misuse Catalog and URL Sales Catalytic Converters Copyrights Compilation and Informational Media Counterfeit Items Credit Cards (Non Vintage) Downloadable Media Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia Embargoed Goods Experimental Products Firearms or Ammunition Fireworks Some Food Products Freon and Other Refrigerants Government IDs and Licenses (Non Vintage) Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Items Human Parts and Remains Importation of Goods into the United States Liquor (Non Vintage) Lock picking Devices Lottery Tickets Mailing Lists and Personal Information Misleading Titles People Michelle Green May 2 at 3:58 AM Message body As you can see our company takes a role of a middleman between merchants and customers. We simply occupied this part of marked where some merchants can't or don't ship abroad, or customers can't order items, mostly because foreigners neither know or speak English, and we do the purchases for them, using the most effective and legal way. It costs less to have self-organized net of workers, who can work from home, having their own schedule and giving their best. Its less expensive than renting warehouses for the merchandise, vehicles, drivers, for example on weekends I work from home to make an extra coin, you can request more packages to make more commissions, there are always pending orders that we can process, by working this way we can spend our time more productively, working full-time or part-time, on our personal schedule. Attached the paperwork to this email. This is the Agreement you need to read. If you have any questions then Email it to me. If you have no questions then follow the instructions below: What you need to do with the Agreement: 1. Print the Agreement. 2. Fill it and sign it using nothing but a pen. 3. Place your DL or ID in the "Place your DL here" area on the last page of the agreement. 4. Using your cell phone make photos of the filled and signed agreement, including the last page with your DL or ID on it. Make sure that you made a good quality photos. 5. Send photos to me via Email. Put "Signed Agreement" as the subject line of the Email. ____________________ Manager Michelle Green CargoLook 2 AttachmentsView allDownload all Agreement .pdf duties .pdf Like a boss.

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Follow Ups/Extra Information

2016-06-10 08:42:09,  
Anonymous added:

Scammer Information
NameMichelle Green    

Details of Scam Report
Details of said scam are as reported previously. After landing this "dream " job, I DID get emails from Michelle Green about incoming packages, I received the packages , which by the way , were very expensive things like very expensive make up from Sephora, costing the " customer about $300, a very expensive electric guitar, a $400 Guess watch, a couple of $700 robot vacuum cleaners , from Bed Bath and Beyond,a heavy duty chrome faucet, A brand new Apple iphone 6 from Apple. After receiving these packages , I took out invoices ( which I still have ) as instructed , inspected products for damage ,received the prepaid postage via email, and mailed them off. Everything was exactly like the job and Michelle Green said it would be until...... 4 weeks of trial period was over and it was time to get paid and hear feedback on if I passed trial period and would be hired on full time. Well , yesterday, last day of trial period, there was NO pay !! I have been emailing her to ask her about it and she has went completly GHOST on me as they say . Have had NO response what so ever after sending 4 emails so far !! None of it makes ANY sense ! I didn't have to pay any money to start and no money of my own was needed to do this " job " so I did not lose anything except the fact that while applying for this "job" I gave my full name, SS# and copy of my photo ID which has me a little concerned. Then , I see THIS report about it being a scam tip off.

2016-05-26 17:11:21, Medina, OH, United States 
No Name added:
Details of Scam Report
Cargo Look, Inc. 67 Millbrook St Worcester, MA 01606 USA
Phone: 855.321.6710

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