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Elaina Huntsman
2012-07-16 10:18:00
Texarkana, TX, United States
Scammer Source was email Intersource Inc
Job Scam - Other Payment Site  

Scammer Information
NameMark Milles    
Telephone1-724-264-7675     ⇒ Reverse Phone Lookup (by Spokeo

Details of Scam Report
Read the below immediately:
It's the usual identical job as posted by all of these fraudsters It's a crystal clear ILLEGAL money laundering mule position that will get your bank account and your assets frozen, lose you a lot of money and could earn you a criminal record. Clear evidence of criminal fraud. The "trial period" is all there is - THERE IS NO JOB. It consists of doing 'test transactions' of stolen funds to your bank account and transferring a balance back to these crooks in the Ukraine. It doesn't last a month before the first transfer comes back as fraudulent and the whole house of cards collapses, you've lost all of the money you've transferred, the bank has closed your account(s) and frozen all your assets and the police would like a word with you. DO NOT BE TEMPTED.
Note: See more websites caught for the identical fraud scheme:
Other tip report:
These fraudsters seek out resumes and send you the email below:
On 7/XX/12, Mr.Mark Milles wrote: > Good day (addressed to your real name), > > Congratulations! Based on your resume on (where you have uploaded a resume).com we to give you next job proposition. > > The occupation we are offering is that of a Financial Services Officer at a > pay out of $2300 per month per trial period. Your working timetable will be > Monday thru Friday for 2-3 hours a day. > > Probationary period - 30 working days from the day you apply. > > Employee Benefits Include: > - Dental Care > - Health care > - Vacation - 4 weeks per annum > - And others > All benefits take effect only after probationary period. > > We would like to start working with you as soon as possible. Please report > to Mr. Mark Milles as soon as you receive this offer, for documentation and > orientation. > > Please fill out and send us the form below with your Contact information to > verify your identity and interest in this position. > ---------------------F O R M _________F O R M------------------ > Full Name: ____________________ > Address: ____________________ > Phone: ________________________ > Preferred call time: _______________ > ---------------------F O R M _________F O R M------------------ > > Hope that you will contact us soon. > > Thanks, > Mr. Mark Milles > HR Manager >
If you reply, the following email is sent to you:
In this email, I would like to present you the concept of the InterSource Inc and FSO position in particular.
Your contact information we have received at the recruitment website, they had sent us your resume because we are seeking new staff.
Our company creates a positive outlook and prosperity of businesses and individuals across the world. We provide outsourcing services in such fields as accounting, IT and legal. Our company helps different kind of business within the US to find the necessary workforce for their needs with freelancing staff from all across the world.
We are offering you to become one of our co-workers with the position - Financial Services Officer.
Minimum requirement for position are: - Age from 18 y.o.; - Internet access on a constant base; - Phone on which you can be reached any time; - Regular bank account (checking/savings) or a Verified Premier or Business PayPal account.
Employment benefits that you will have with us (after the 30 day trial period): - Paid vacation; - Payment of medical and dental insurance; - Different courses and programs of business development.
Refer to the links below for additional information about the position:
Also we recommend you see Frequently Asked Questions:
NOTE: - WITHOUT any money investment; - WITHOUT sales; - Stable salary and your earned commissions.
Limited Time Offer with a Sign On Bonus! Learn more at:
With all your additional questions you can contact us via phone or email during regular business hours.
Thank you in advance for your time. I eagerly await your reply.
With regards,
Mark Milles Recruitment Advisor
Phone: 1-724-264-7675 Fax: 1-585-410-6049

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Follow Ups/Extra Information

2012-07-21 13:27:43, Swansea, City and County of Swansea, United Kingdom 
Louis Davies added:
Details of Scam Report

2012-07-21 13:25:46, Swansea, City and County of Swansea, United Kingdom 
Louis Davies added:

Scammer Information
NameVarious names / Gmail emails to start with    
Telephone020 3239 5356     ⇒ Reverse Phone Lookup (by Spokeo
Fax087 2352 1045    

Details of Scam Report
email received:
Our Company specializes in IT, Legal & Accounting, we are pleased to extend the following position.
Job title: FSO, department: Payment processing division. Job Description: - Work schedule: Mon - Fri, from 9 AM - 2 PM.
This offer is contingent upon your passing our mandatory background check, which will be scheduled on date you create a Task Manager account, to determine your ability to perform the essential requirements of the Financial Services Officer position.
The position is subjected to the following terms and conditions: • Base Salary: Will be paid in monthly installments of 1,500 GBP, subject to deductions for taxes and withholdings as required by law and the company policies. • 8 % Commission. • Benefits: - Formal training via our personal supervisor training program - Management growth opportunities - Health care and retirement plan - Solid technology support - Paid vacation - Paid Sick leave
• Non-Compete Agreement: non-compete agreement must be signed prior to start. • Terminating the employment: employment is at-will basis. Both parties can terminate the relationship with a notice of 14 days at any time.
If you are in agreement with the above outline, please let me know. This offer is in effect for 1 week. Contact us at this e-mail address. I'm sorry, due to spam problem we have to use a gmail address, company e-mail address will be revealed to you after reply.
Human Resources
Registration process asks for 'online bank login details' for viewing only - is that possible? Asks for your name, address, dob, bank details - its a money laundering scam. Says company has been going for years - was actually previously dissolved and then registered January 2012. According to companies house sole director is Hugh Richard Rowland Meirion Lloyd, if you Google him he is director of over 70 companies & also there is a law society gazette report of his dodgy legal practises dated 1990 saying he was suspended from pracise as solicitor for 3 years.. Website has other director names & photos - these are not registered at companies house. Company address is 122-126 Tooley Street london SE1 2TU, this is the address of hundreds of registered companies. Company phone is answerphone.
Trace website a bit further and you end up with Ukraine & Russian connections.

2012-07-18 15:49:30, Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan, Chile 
Miranda Slater added:

Scammer Information

Details of Scam Report
Below is the email I received:
I represent the Company specializing in Information Technology. We perform a variety of functions that range from installing applications to designing complex computer networks and information databases. A few of the duties that Information Technology professionals perform may include data management, database and software design, as well as management and administration of entire systems. Information technology is starting to spread further than the conventional personal computer and network technologies, and more into integrations of other technologies such as the use of cell phones, televisions, automobiles, and more, which is increasing the demand for such jobs.
This letter confirms our employment offer to you as a part time Financial Services Officer.
This offer is subjected to the following: • Work schedule: - Mon - Fri, from 9 AM - 11 AM.
• Job Requirements: - High School graduate or equivalent - Computer skills including internet, e-mail, word processing - A stable work history - You must be a self-starter and able to complete tasks with minimal supervision - All applicants will be required to complete a background check - Free training provided, so experience is not required - NOT A SALES OR MLM MARKETING POSITION
• Your salary shall be $2300 per month and is subjected to taxes deductions and other withholding deductions as required by law. • In accepting our employment offer and until you sign the formal job contract, you certify that your employment has not entered into a contractual status.
Contact us at I'm sorry, due to spam problem we have to use a g-mail address, company e-mail address will be given to you after your reply.
Sincerely yours,
HR Manager Mr. M.Milles

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