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Scammer Information
NameManager Anthony Haley (    

Details of Scam Report
FEDEX RECEIPT SCAM with redirect link to phishing URL at website: NOT CLICK ON LINK) via Source Host: Attempted Phish sent by (supposedly from "Manager Anthony Haley" ) ------------ IP: Source Host: ISP: The Positive Internet Company Location: United Kingdom

Scam Email
Subject: Order Shipped
From: \"Manager Anthony Haley\" received: (qmail 22488 invoked by uid 33); 21 Mar 2013 11:44:36 +0000
date: 21 Mar 2013 11:44:36 +0000
message-id: <>
reply-to: \"Manager Anthony Haley\"
mime-version: 1.0
content-type: multipart/alternative;boundary=\"----------1363866276514AF2A4DA5D3\"

------------1363866276514AF2A4DA5D3 Content-Type: text/html; charset=\"ISO-8859-1\"; Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Va. House panel backs transportation funding bill FedEx Tracking ID:</b> 5150-26632295 >Date:Monday, 11 March 2013, 10:22 AM Your parcel has arrived at March 17.Courier was unable to deliver the parcel to you at <b>17 March 06:33 PM</b>. To receive your parcel, please, print this receipt and go to the nearest office. <font color=\"#4D148C\"> <b>     </b> </font> <b> <span style=\"background-color: #4D148C\"> <a href=\"\" > <font color=\"#FFFFFF\" size=\"4\" face=\"Verdana\"> <span style=\"text-decoration: none\"> Print Receipt </span> Best Regards, The FedEx Team.</blockquote> </div></div> <br><b>Tag Cloud</b><div class='sectioncontent' align='center'><div ID='scxTagCloud'><span class='tagcloudword tagval0' TITLE='Search Scamdex for 0'>0</span> <span class='tagcloudword tagval2' TITLE='Search Scamdex for 1'>1</span> <span class='tagcloudword tagval3' TITLE='Search Scamdex for service'>service</span> <span class='tagcloudword tagval0' TITLE='Search Scamdex for internet'>internet</span> <span class='tagcloudword tagval0' TITLE='Search Scamdex for sent'>sent</span> <span class='tagcloudword tagval0' TITLE='Search Scamdex for fund'>fund</span> <span class='tagcloudword tagval0' TITLE='Search Scamdex for courier'>courier</span> <span class='tagcloudword tagval0' TITLE='Search Scamdex for (nb:do not click on link)'>(nb:do not click on link)</span> <span class='tagcloudword tagval1' TITLE='Search Scamdex for ([])'>([])</span> <span class='tagcloudword tagval2' TITLE='Search Scamdex for (6.0.3790.4900)'>(6.0.3790.4900)</span> <span class='tagcloudword tagval3' TITLE='Search Scamdex for (qmail 22488 invoked by uid 33)'>(qmail 22488 invoked by u...</span> <span class='tagcloudword tagval4' TITLE='Search Scamdex for (utc) filetime=[869fd760:01ce2629]'>(utc) filetime=[869fd760:...</span> <span class='tagcloudword tagval5' TITLE='Search Scamdex for ('>(</span> <span class='tagcloudword tagval6' TITLE='Search Scamdex for .uk'>.uk</span> <span class='tagcloudword tagval3' TITLE='Search Scamdex for .uk '>.uk </span> <span class='tagcloudword tagval2' TITLE='Search Scamdex for hospital'>hospital</span> <span class='tagcloudword tagval0' TITLE='Search Scamdex for microsoft '>microsoft </span> <span class='tagcloudword tagval0' TITLE='Search Scamdex for"'>http://www.alrahahospital...</span> <span class='tagcloudword tagval1' TITLE='Search Scamdex for'>http://www.alrahahospital...</span> </div></div><br><div style='background-color: #EEE; font-size: smaller;'> <a href='' rel='prev'>⇐Previous Report </a>   |   <a href='/ScamTipOff.php?fupto=8731'>Add to Report?</a>   |   <a href='/ScamTipReports/id'>More Identity Thefts</a>   |   <a href='/contactus.php?problemo=/ScamTipReports/8731'>Problems?</a>   |   <a href='' rel='next'>Next TipOff ⇒</a> </div></div> <div ID='TipAddTo'><span class='ui-icon ui-icon-circle-plus'> </span>  Got more information on this Scam? 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