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Scammer Information
Namenorman peterson    
Telephone44 702 407 9637     ⇒ Reverse Phone Lookup (by Spokeo

Details of Scam Report
i did receve this job offer who was looking very good .this scamer found me on this web site "" he sent me a contract from his lawyer and after it i did receve document from uk home office asking for 1500 £ to get in a EU country to send to myself .i think it s very strange and probebly a SCAM

Scam Email Dear Chef/Cook, How are you doing today, hope you and your family members are in good health? We are so glad that you have the interest of becoming our new Chef/Cook and family member and we would like you to know that you will have so much fun being part of us. We have gone through your CV/Resume and you are simply our perfect match of the kind of Chef/Cook that we are looking for to take good care of the Family\'s daily nutritional requirements as we are always busy and have less time for such. A brief detail of your work condition; Your only duty shall be to take good care of our Nutritional requirements by making sumptuous meals when required, we have a housemaid and a driver who will assist you with other things. For the fact that your accommodation is a live-in-accommodation you shall be expected to work for 30 hrs per week and you are expected to start up as early as possible in order meet the feeding requirement of the family before we set out for the day\'s work, take a break for an hour or two and retire to your room by 8 pm. We have decided to find a Chef/Cook because we need help looking taking care of the nutritional requirements of the Family because I and my wife are always busy with work and have less time for such but then the Family needs to be properly fed. My name is Engr. Norman Peterson and I am 40 years old, I work with Exxon Mobil Oil & Gas London, UK as the Production Manager. My spouse Maria is thirty five years old and is engaged into private business that takes her around and even outside the country. We shall pay you £1,250 Great British Pounds per week after Tax. We shall pay for your Flight Ticket. We are a fun young family looking for a kind hear-ted fun Chef/Cook to mix in with our family, hence I have attached here some of our family photos for you to see. I have contacted my family Lawyer and at the moment he is putting together a Contract Agreement that will cover the duration of your stay with us while spelling out your benefits and other relevant issues and in a few days I shall forward soft copies to you with instructions on how to go about it. Feel free to reach me via my direct mobile is +44 702 407 9637. Do have the best of your day. Mr. Norman Peterson For the Family The UK Home Office is responsible for securing the UK borders and controlling migration in the United Kingdom. We manage border control for the UK, enforcing immigration and customs regulations. We also consider applications for permission to enter or stay in the UK, citizenship and asylum. Disclaimer: The UK Home Office wishes to authoritatively inform applicants seeking for immigration status into the UK not to make any payments for processing of Work Permit, Visa and/or Expatriate Quota Approval. Approval for entry (Visa) into the UK is executed by the Nearest British Embassy or Consulate within the applicant’s country of residence or location after certification and issuance of Visa Approval to the applicant by the UK Home Office as at the time of application. EU Applicants please apply for National Insurance Number and Work Scheme Card only. The UK Home Office will exercise its full powers to perform its responsibility to regulate entry into the UK, by:  Ensuring that the Sponsor is financially capable to support the Applicant entering the UK for Business or Pleasure throughout the duration of the validity of the Entry Approval.  Ensuring that the Applicant, has the Minimum Stipulated Financial Requirement to earn the needed points for Entry/Work Approval, going by the new point-based system for immigration in 2013  Ensuring that the Applicant is eligible to Live, Work and carry out business activities in the UK legally. The new points-based system (PBS) is the biggest shake up of the immigration system for 45 years. Under the new system, migrants will need to pass a points-based assessment before they receive National Insurance Number, Work Scheme Card and supporting paperwork for the UK. It will help UK businesses recruit the skills it needs from abroad and assure the British public that only the skilled migrants will need to come to the UK. The role of Employees/Migrants with qualifying financial base is crucial to its success. We would like to acknowledge receipt of your application for National Insurance Number and Work Scheme Card. Mr. / Mrs. Norman and Maria Peterson is your Host in the UK and shall fulfill necessary hosting requirement to support your application in due course. National Insurance Number and Work Scheme Card would be issued to you before you can work after appropriate registration with the Social Service Bureau to fulfill 2013 requirements for Applicants from EU Countries coming to work in the United Kingdom. Apart from sponsorship from UK Based Employers, workers in Employment Service Category coming to live and work in the UK for at least 12 months are mandated to have a minimum of £1,550GBP, which is the Stipulated Financial Requirement/Basic Applicant Insurance Allowance that must be in possession of the Applicant/Employee into the UK. You must be able to demonstrate that you have funds to support yourself. This is to certify that you can be responsible for your maintenance as mandated by UK Insurance Policies to protect and secure Employees financially. The mandatory Insurance Allowance for is £1,550GBP. National Insurance process is for the security and wellbeing of the Applicant and is mandatory. Note: This is not a payment but a deposit to ensure that you can cater for your needs and support yourself once you arrive here before you receive your first salary from your Employer. The UK Home Office would ensure via this means that only Eligible Applicants who are financially capable are allowed entry into the UK and must be completed to fulfill availability of funds in cases of Emergency and for full financial security of the Applicant/Worker before receipt of first month salary and benefits from Employers. This process is solely for proof that you have the Stipulated Financial Requirement as per an Applicant seeking to enter the United Kingdom despite sponsorship from your Employer for your Financial Security and would take 24hrs for confirmation hence follow the detailed instructions for confirmation of Immigrant Travel Allowance below. PROCEDURE: VERIFICATION/CONFIRMATION OF MANDATORY BASIC INSURANCE FUNDS The following process has been adopted following the new-points based system to earn the needed points for issuance of National Insurance Number, Work Scheme Card and supporting documents. Bank statements were hitherto accepted, however due to falsification of bank statements which does not compulsorily Certify/Surety that the Applicant would enter the Country with the mandatory insurance Allowance/Financial requirement, we no longer accept bank statements as final travel guarantee Important (As per Immigration policies, this process must be completed by anyone you wish to stand in as your next of kin; i.e. any member of your immediate family must be aware of your intended travel to the UK. This can be either your Wife, Brother, Sister, Close Relative or Friend) To meet the above requirement your Family Member or selected next of kin is to make a deposit of the Stipulated Financial Requirement of £1,550GBP (One thousand five hundred and fifty Great British Pounds) to your name and address in the UK via any Western Union or Money Gram agent as proof that you have secured funds to support yourself when you arrive here till you receive your first salary from your Employer: Sender can be a Family Member (Wife, Brother or Sister) or any of the suggested individuals above at your discretion that you wish to be aware of your travel to the UK. Receiver: Must be you the Primary Immigrant (Mr. Jerome Rouilleaux) Payout Location: Your residential address in the United Kingdom i.e. (15A, LIVINGSTONE ROAD, WALTHAMSTOW, LONDON, E17 United Kingdom). You can also secure your funds at any alternative residential address here if you have any however if this is your first time to enter the Country, it is appropriate you enter your intended residential address as provided above by your Employer. Payout/Destination Country: United Kingdom Note: You must ensure that the Sender is any of the above as instructed and the Receiver is you for the security of your funds. Your Wife or selected next of kin should Visit the nearest Western Union or Money Gram Post Office, Western Union or Money Gram agent or Western Union or Money Gram Shop close to you and make the deposit of £1,550GBP to your name and address in the United Kingdom which is your Insurance Allowance following the transfer instructions above carefully for our verification and confirmation. Application Checklist: You are to send the following application requirements:  Confirm Courier Address for Shipment of Hard Copies of your National Insurance Documents, Work Scheme Card and supporting documents.  Scan the receipt of the deposit of your financial requirement including the Money Transfer Verification Number to enable our office perform Verification of the deposit. This is usually carried out within 24hrs.  Scan Completed Application Form. Note: Ensure that the receiver is you so that only you can withdraw the deposit after the verification of deposit has been carried out. This is not a payment but a deposit for verification which is why it is in your name as the receiver and to also fulfill that you have funds to support yourself as is the mandatory process for your financial security when you arrive here till you receive your first salary from your Employer. Confirmation of Basic Insurance Allowance satisfies the requirement for release of Relocation Package (ERP). Relocation Package protects the right of immigrants and ensures full compliance to terms and conditions of contract engagement by UK Employers. The instructions above would earn you the needed points under the point-based system for the release of your National Insurance Number, Work Scheme Card and supporting documents to legalize your work status here. Applicants without passport should submit completed application form with formal letter of application including Full Names, Date of Birth and Country of Origin Please confirm the travel date and airport that is convenient for you to enable us effect booking as has been instructed us by your employer. UK Home Office, PO Box 3468, Sheffield, S3 8WA, United Kingdom TO ENGR. NORMAN PETERSON’S FAMILY HOUSE ADDRESS: 15A, LIVINGSTONE ROAD, WALTHAMSTOW, LONDON, E17 CONTACT NUMBER: + (44) 702 407 9637 E MAIL ADDRESS: DATE: 29th OF MARCH, 2013 SOFT COPY OF AGREEMENT LETTER FAMILY DETAILS: ENGR. NORMAN PETERSON START UP DATE: UPON ARRIVAL JOB POSITION: PRIVATE CHEF/COOK SALARY: £1,250 GBP (AFTER TAX DEDUCTION) PER WEEK, THIS IS TO BE PAID WEEKLY, THAT IS FOUR TIMES PER MONTH. THE EMPLOYEE WILL WORK FOR 30 HOURS A WEEK, THE EMPLOYER WILL PAY 50 GBP/HOUR FOR ANY EXTRA HOURS WORKED. HEALTH INSURANCE: THE EMPLOYER AGREES TO PAY (1,580 GBP) OF THE EMPLOYEE HEALTH INSURANCE, PROVIDED BY (BUPA HERE IN LONDON, UK) PAID HOLIDAYS: THE EMPLOYER AGREES TO PAY EMPLOYEE £1,480 GBP FOR ANY UP- COMING LONG HOLIDAYS THAT WOULD REQUIRE THE EMPLOYEE TRAVELING OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY.YOU WILL HAVE 3 WEEKS PAID VACATION AFTER 4 MONTHS OF WORK.VACATION MUST BE NEGOTIATED HOWEVER, WELL IN ADVANCE. ROOM AND BOARD: THE EMPLOYEE SHALL BE ENTITLED TO ONE BED ROOM FULLY FURNISHED APARTMENT AND IT IS A LIVE-IN ACCOMMODATION, THE EMPLOYEE SHALL HAVE THE FOLLOWING TO HER/HIS DISPOSAL TELEPHONE LINE FOOD STIPEND OR GROCERIES PER WEEK, APPLIANCES SUCH AS MICROWAVE, TELEVISION, BED AND INTERNET LINE. EXTRAS: (GYM MEMBERSHIPS, EYE EXAM FEE, DENTAL CLEANING, ETC.) DAYS OFF: NUMBER OF SICK DAYS: DEPENDS ON THE DURATION OF THE SICKNESS. NUMBER OF PERSONAL DAYS: 2 TIMES IN A WEEK, THE EMPLOYEE WILL GIVE EMPLOYER 7 DAYS NOTICE FOR PERSONAL DAYS TAKEN, AND WILL CALL BY 6:00A.M, THE FIRST DAY OF ILLNESS. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:  Responsible for daily, weekly and monthly menu planning;  Must be able to take direction from clients and possibly other domestic staff;  May be required to assist with supervising other kitchen and household staff and organizing various day-to-day duties;  Expert at event preparation;  Team-player;  May be required to be expert in a particular cuisine, diet program or other type of specialized meal preparation;  Responsible for household food inventory, including buying, storing, and hygiene and sanitation TRANSPORTATION: USE OF CAR TO TRANSPORT: YES (ONLY APPLICABLE IF YOU ARE A DRIVER’S LICENCE HOLDER) LOGISTICS: YOU SHALL DRIVE DOWN TO THE SHOPPING MALL WITH THE FAMILY CAR TO BUY FOOD STUFF FOR THE HOUSE INSURANCE: EMPLOYER WILL PAY FOR MILEAGE DRIVEN IF HELP DRIVES THE FAMILY CAR. (CURRENT RATE FOR IRS IS $.38/A MILE). REVIEWS, RAISES, AND GRIEVANCE PROCEDURES: THE EMPLOYER AGREES TO REVIEW THE AGREEMENT WITH YOU EVERY 6 MONTHS. CHANGES AND AMENDMENTS: THERE SHALL BE CHANGES AND AMENDMENTS ON THE AGREEMENT IF BOTH PARTIES AGREE? YES/ ……. NOTICE OF TERMINATION: YOU ARE TO GIVE 4 WEEKS NOTICE OF TERMINATION IN WRITING. THE EMPLOYER MUST GIVE THE EMPLOYEE 4 WEEKS NOTICE IF HER/HIS SERVICES WILL NO LONGER BE REQUIRED. SHOULD THE EMPLOYER TERMINATE THE AGREEMENT, EMPLOYER AGREES TO PAY ALL WAGES UP TO AND INCLUDING EMPLOYEE LAST DAY OF WORK: YES NOTICE OF TERMINATION: THE EMPLOYER MUST GIVE 4 WEEKS’ NOTICE OF TERMINATION IN WRITING. THE EMPLOYER MUST GIVE EMPLOYEE 4 WEEKS’ NOTICE IF SERVICES WILL NO LONGER BE REQUIRED. SHOULD THE EMPLOYER TERMINATE THE AGREEMENT, EMPLOYER AGREES TO PAY ALL WAGES UP TO AND INCLUDING EMPLOYEE\'S LAST DAY OF WORK. YOU ARE TO SIGN THE AGREEMENT LETTER AFTER GOING THROUGH IT AND SEND A SCANNED COPY INDICATING YOUR INTENDED TRAVEL DATE (FOR FLIGHT BOOKING WHICH I SHALL PAY FOR), TO THE UK HOME OFFICE ( IN CHARGE OF OUR APPLICATION FOR WORK IDENTITY CARD FOR FOREIGN NATIONALS AND IMMIGRANT EXPATRIATE CERTIFICATE APPROVAL OF YOUR JOB POSITION WITH MY FAMILY AS A PRIVATE CHEF AND FOR THEIR RECORDS AND ADVISE TO US. PROCESSING OF TRAVEL DOCUMENTS Upon thorough review and acceptance of this job offer/invitation letter, you are to immediately contact the UK home office via email: furnish you with the requirements for getting your WORK IDENTITY CARD FOR FOREIGN NATIONALS AND IMMIGRANT EXPATRIATE CERTIFICATE is important to prove that you are eligible to take up a job position here in the UK as a chef. Be sure to send your details to the UK home office which includes the following: * Full name * Country of nationality/ location * Mobile number *International passport number * Intended date of travel (this is important for the purchase of your flight ticket and to be bought by you host/hostess). You are expected to sign this page if the job offer/invitation letter conditions are acceptable to you and send a scanned via E-mail to UK BORDER AGENCY P.O Box 3468, Sheffield, S3 8WA United Kingdom Fax: (+44) 702 404 3840 Email: FROM THE FAMILY: we are all looking forward to welcome you when you arrive at the airport. YOURS SINCERELY, ENGR. NORMAN PETERSON SIGNATURE I hereby declare that the above terms and conditions are accepted by me; NAME: ............................................................................ SIGNATURE: ....................................DATE: ...................... ADDRESS: .....................................................................

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