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Prague, Hlavni mesto Praha, Czechia
2013-10-01 09:29:33
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+5 Email Scam - musical instrument classified ad   
Stig Olsen
Email Address:
Description: I have received an email from a person called Stig Olsen based in Sweden offering me an item I am looking to buy - a musical instrument (a synthesizer). I got a reply from him following my own classified ad placed on Czech local classified music server

This is the exact message I received:

\"I am selling the above item you are looking forward to buy. Let me know if you are still interested and i will forward you detail as soon as i have your interest in buying thank.

Best Regards
Stig Olsen

We fololowed an email conversation, and he even sent pictures of the actual item (probably taken from the web) and let me give him a price offer which he happilly accepted without any haggling or further negotiating. Upon this I sent my payment via bank transfer as the bank details and contact addresses he provided looked very real and I even searched the internet trying to locate the address which indeed does exist. I could not track any person of the name Stig Olsen living there though. But I believed the name, the contacts and especially the product are all real so I went ahead feeling secure and transfered the money. Over 2 weeks time the person responded to my emails remindedrs about when I could expect the shipment just fine but in fact not giving any shipment details and simply trying to keep me waiting and delaying everything before I could awake and realize this was a fraud.

Here are some of the further replies he sent:
\"Thanks for your response. Below are pictures of the KORG M1R 01RW i sent to you to view, it in good working condition and in perfect order, everything work perfectly well on it. Look clean and excellent. You can make me an offer, a good offer is acceptable. I will need your complete shipping address for posting and i will forward you my payment details for payment if you price is acceptable. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.\"

\"Yes everything is working perfectly well the switches, buttons, rear panel audio line outs, MIDI connectors, back-up battery, etc. I am selling it be i no longer use it, i bought it for my son on its 20th birthday last year and he has only used it months before he got a new version to upgrade his production. I accept your offer 165Euro. For payment Below is my bank details for payment.

Name .. Stig Olsen
Bank .. Skandiabanken
IBAN: SE0491500000091595520882
Bank address .. Motala, Sweden
My address is Ulaxgatan 61 SE-59131 Motala, Sweden.

As soon as payment is sent,you are to forward me a scan copy of the transfer receipt for confirmation to the bank thanks and hope to hear from you soon\"

\"Thanks for your email... The shipping has been done and the tracking
number is WP-544-4384-343TR and it will deliver in 5 business days.. The delivery agent name is Daniel Morrison and he will deliver the item at your doorstep.. He will contact you a day for delivery.. Let me know when you receive the item, but I will be out of town tomorrow just drop a mail for me I will contact you when I have access to internet thanks\"

\"Thanks for your mail. Sorry for the late response I just got home now and I was thinking you would hav receive your item by. I don\'t know what is wrong I will try and visit the courier service today. Here is the Website :
Where you can track your package. Thanks I will get back to you as soon as I\'m back.\"

\"Thanks for your mail Tomas. i just contact the shipping company now and i was told the package is still intact. But they are having some little issues with delivery but everything will be fine very soon and they will deliver to your home, so you don\'t need to worry about the package. I have a business purposer for you in my office well i work. Let me know if you are interested i will tell you about it thanks for your understanding. Stig\"

Of course the item never arrived, nor does the shipping company (he sent a website link even), tracking number or delivery guy´s name exist. My bad, I should have realized earlier. This I am sharing with you so you are highly cautious when you receive an email from this guy and account, it is a scam taking your money away! Beware please! Tomas, Czech Republic

Follow Ups/Extra Information. Most recent is listed first.
Anonymous   () Added the following extra information on :2017-02-14 05:55:08
wirelesstrage group
Dear sir,
My name is Avinas, working in a small computer firm, I planned to buy an Yamaha electric violin. Am searched in local shop they have no yamaha brand violin and they said need to import from abroad its time taken process around six months.
Unexpected I see in quicker the add of yamaha sv225 violin.
please see the url of add below :-
................................................ url of quicker add of yamaha violin : - ................................................
I enquire about that and soon I got reply the contact details of them
28000INR need to pay 50% before delivery 50% after delivery shipping cost 10000INR, total amount 38000INR
It is happening in the month of May first week onwards.
When i paid 1st installment 190000INR to there provided account number they give me the courier url and track id mentioned in below, ......................................................................................................................... >>> Product : YAMAHA SV-225 SILENT VIOLIN >>> Price : 28,000inr >>> Tax and Customs :10,000inr >>> Total : 38,000inr >>> >>> 50% is 19,000inr before delivery-------------------------------1st >>> payment >>> 50% is 19,000inr after delivery-------------------------------- 2nd >>> payment >>> >>> Bank details : >>> >>> Bank : State Bank of India ( SBI ) >>> Bank Acc Name :Rinku Kol >>> Bank Acc No : 20341583813 >>> Bank ifsc code-sbin0000417 >>> Bank branch maihar city >>> >>> >>> Note : Transfer slip or receipt or bank slip is needed to be sent to >>> us after payment for confirmation . >>> >>> 2years International warranty >>> Delivery is 2-3 days >>> Courier is Fedex / Dhl/ Ups/Euro post Courier service >>> Payment is via SBI bank >>> Terms 100% Insurance >>> >>> >>> +447087661277 >>> +447087661630 >>> +17167954890 >>> >>> Whatsapp : +2347010664014
Email : >>> >> >> >> >>> >>> >> >> >> >>> Googletalk : wirelesstrade100 >>> >> >> >> >>> skype : wirelesstradegroup >>> >> >> >> >>> msn : wirelesstradegroup >>> >> >> >> >>> yahoo : wirelesstradewirelesstrade >>> >> >> >> >>> >>> >> >> >> >>> Tel : +447024068756,+447035922706 >>> >> >> >> >>> +447024014696,+447035922707
Courier : Horizon Cargos
Courier site : Tracking Number : 1465315990
After tracking some days it seems hold in tajikistan and they told me to pay the second installment 19000INR. I told them you says before delivery 50% and after delivery 50%. They said that they need to clear shipping and clearance tax so need to pay. no need to pay more. I paid the amount there account number. on june 15th. after that again hold seems in while tracking the courier.
Again they said pay 16000Inr for remove the hold . and give another bank transfer details. Please see below;
SBI ( STATE BANK OF INDIA ) Account Name ; Amit Khan Account no ; 20347435020 Pan no-ehmpk0747p, IFSC Code-sbin0018412 Branch Bareilly sbi
again hold seems and said pay amount 15000INR it will be the last and final they said
while came product track seems nepal to mumbai.
Now one person calls me , his mobile number is 9766494027 and said he is from mumbai customs bond store. and need for customs clearance pay 30000inr product will get today evening before 6pm. i am hearing this think product will come so at any cost will pay. and paid the amount they provided account number. pay the 30000inr directly to bank. account details is mentioned below
acc name : Sumathi Rao acc no : 686002010001491 Pan no: cbwpr08255d ifsc ubin0568601 Branch : lawsons bay colony Union bank payment amont : 30000INR
after payement they asked me for further processing needed International Buying Card (IBC) number. I told them i have no card number, they said that for generating new one shipping council want to pay 480000INR. I told am not able to pay more. please send me the product. and they said that how much amount you can pay.
After this happenings I searched about the courier site they given the address ( while checking internet it seems scam.
That what i am realize that they made cheeting.

Anonymous   () Added the following extra information on :2013-11-14 20:51:12
Philip Bockler
Email Address:
+16467763891, +971556277138
This started on the 28/10/2013. Seller known as Philip Bockler emailed me pics of Music Man guitar which i adevertised on a WTB ad on TGP website forum and I did my research and found that these photos were not taken from any website source as i googled them to make sure there were no duplications from other sources. So i assumed this was legit and proceeded cautiously. He also gave me detail specs of product and his safe packing methods on how he packed the guitar so well like double packaging with foam etc upon my request. I did my necessary checks on his profile user name phil475 on TGP forum and found that he just joined TGP last month October. I was a bit hesitant and started to ask more questions as i had good deals with people with low/zero post counts on TGP. He then replied saying he is an experience shipper and even showed me his family photo on a amatuer radio HAM website that strongly mentioned that he can't cheat my money in any way since he has a family. This "seller" knows the product very well and we followed through the phone and email correpondenses. He then negotiated and offered a few payment methods, namely moneygram, PayPal , bankwire or western union. Offer was too good to be true as I could make an offer comfortably which I did so I decided to make a transfer to him.
Initially I did a Paypal transfer but he refunded the amount a few hours later saying that he is frustrated that he can't transfer the money to his bank account and asked me to do a western union transfer instead. He then decided that i do a bank wire method instead . I agreed so after my paypal was refunded. This was the part where i gave in and sense no suspicion still. He gave the excuse saying that he lives in Canada and asked if I could send to his Swedish account which could save him huge taxes as his family resides there and have a bank account there. I agreed upon his request as the bank information looks legit.
Upon receiving the funds two days later, he followed up closely and notified me that he received it and was ready to ship the guitar in the next 2 days. At this point i thought everything was smooth as the bank would have rejected the transfer if the bank name was fake. On the 2nd day, he encountered an issue with the Canadian customs and requested that I sent $500USD via western union to person who resides in Dubai claiming to be the custom officer who will grant clearance of this shipment.
I was pissed off and argued back as we already agreed on the final amount before he agreed to ship. He scolded me by saying that the problem is with the customs and demanded that I send $300USD over via western union to a custom officer in Dubai and he would take care of the other $200. This was after much negotiation, i could have been scammed more .He also came out with the excuse that he is selling this guitar because his daughter needs to go for an operation the following week and this to get this shipment done urgently. In my gullible world I did it.
After this was done, he messaged me saying that the guitar has been shipped and the delivery agent is this "shipping agent" called "Daniel Morrison". Philip Bockler issued me a tracking number which could not be tracked at all and telling me not to worry as when my shipment has reached my destination, the agent will call me a day before delivery. I realised that i have become a victim of scam after finding out from other sources that Daniel Morrison was a fake scam but it was too late but I decided to just wait and see the outcome.
Two days later which on the 12/11/2013 i an email and a call from Philip Bockler in the middle of the night to tell me that my shipment encountered an issue and was asked to check my junk mail. The shipping agent by name "daniel morrison" was found in my junk mail and this mail mentioned that he encountered an issue with the package in London. I check my junk mail and his email read that I have to transfer another $500GBP for custom clearance by western union in order for him to release the shipment.At the same time coincidentally, Phillip Bockler emailed me saying there's an issue with the package and mentioned that he has another "buyer" for some gear who could transfer money to my Paypal so that I could pay Daniel Morrison immediately for him to ship my guitar to Singapore.
I decided to cease all conversation here as I realized I have been scammed. I have learned a hard lesson and will be more careful next time in future deals. This is my recent encounter and this lesson would stay with me for my entire life. I would like others to be careful when dealing with this guy. Here are his bank details which look legit. My suspiccion is that this bank account is being cloned and Philip Bockler might not be Philip Bockler himself.
Address of Phillip Bockler: Landsvägen 45, SE-345 29 Solna, Sweden Bank: ICA Bank, IBAN SE439270000002718482516, BIC: IBCASES1

Anonymous   () Added the following extra information on :2013-11-12 18:10:33
Philip Bockler
Email Address:
Claims to be Canadian Citizen. Offers a Zildjian Cymbal. Accepted my offer. Received payment and promised to deliver via "Shipping Agent Daniel Morrison". Few days later email from a certain Daniel Morrison, that he stays in London and is having problems caused by Custom authorities claiming 500 Pounds for tax and security. After having read former reports I believe I have lost the Money.
Address of Phillip Bockler: Landsvägen 45, SE-345 29 Solna, Sweden Bank: ICA Bank, IBAN SE439270000002718482516, BIC: IBCASES1

Anonymous   () Added the following extra information on :2013-11-12 18:10:31
Philip Bockler
Email Address:
Claims to be Canadian Citizen. Offers a Zildjian Cymbal. Accepted my offer. Received payment and promised to deliver via "Shipping Agent Daniel Morrison". Few days later email from a certain Daniel Morrison, that he stays in London and is having problems caused by Custom authorities claiming 500 Pounds for tax and security. After having read former reports I believe I have lost the Money.
Address of Phillip Bockler: Landsvägen 45, SE-345 29 Solna, Sweden Bank: ICA Bank, IBAN SE439270000002718482516, BIC: IBCASES1

Anonymous   () Added the following extra information on :2013-10-14 17:38:46
Tony White
Email Address:
Friend posted a wanted ad for me in Germany, looking for a cymbal. This person replied. I asked plenty of questions, none of which he answered. Googled his address and this website (and the person who posted here) saved me 200 Euros. I wish I could get the police involved - what a scumbag.
Same address as the last time:
>>Name .. Tony White >>IBAN: SE48 9150 0000 0915 9552 0866 BIC: SKIASESS >>Bank .. Skandiabanken Bank address .. Motala, Sweden >>My address is Ulaxgatan 61 SE-59131 Motala, Sweden
>>As soon as the Money is Transfer,please scan me the Copy of the >>Payment slip,thanks
Thank you sincerely for your great site and the time it takes to run.

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