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Dallas, TX, United States
2013-11-09 19:50:02
Wills/Probate Scam
+1 The Barristers" Chambers: Clifford CHance lawfirm,   
clifford chance chambers
Email Address:
The Barristers\' Chambers:
Clifford Chance Lawfirm,
10 Upper Bank Street
United Kingdom
E14 5JJ
Tel: +44-702-409-7674
Fax: +44-709-298-7619

ATTN: Michael Elliott

How are you today?

However, I tried reaching you in receipt of the information as requested but all effort to reach you prove unsuccessful. Haven acknowledge the receipt of your complete information, this is to inform you that the information provided actually correspond with what will have here on our database and as such you are the lawful heir/beneficiary to the said inheritance sum. Once again, thank you for providing us with the required information to proceed with the execution of the WILL and LAST TESTAMENT of Late Mr. Robert Adler. It will interest you to know that we have cross checked the information sent and they actually tallied with what we have on our record. Once again, you are the beneficiary of this WILL and therefore your information will be taken to THE PROBATE REGISTRY OF THE ROYAL COURTS OF JUSTICE, LONDON for proper verification and confirmation after which the Court will issue in your name a copy of the probate order and bank order/certificate which will mandate the deposit bank to transfer your bequeathed funds to you.

As your afore legal representative in the proceed of this bequest, and to be explicit in all our dealings so as for you to get your inheritance sum within the shortest of time, I shall send you the documents that the transferring bank will be requesting from you. Please find attached the copy of the WILL which certify that you are the true and actual beneficiary. Upon receipt of the WILL of your late benefactor - Mr.Robert Adler, I will immediately submit your information to THE PROBATE REGISTRY DEPARTMENT - LONDON for the immediate processing/endorsement of your Probate Order Document which thus mandate/authorize the deposit bank of The Alliance and Leicester Bank Plc to immediately make release of the funds bequeathed to you. I re-assured you once again that you will have nothing to worry about in the proceed of the bequest execution. All I require from you is your total commitment. If you follow my instructions diligently, we shall have a smooth conclusion of this transaction in the shortest possible time. Having concluded the preliminary legalities, without any further delay, I would want us to proceed to the next positive step.

Firstly, due to the fact your inheritance funds has been lodged for a long period of time, precising 6years since the demise of your late benefactor - Mr. Robert Adler[15th February,2007 till date], the transfer transaction would attract some charges which is (Account opening/ re-activation fee which also will be added to your inheritance funds once the account becomes activated/operational) . You are to bear the charges for the reason being that your late benefactor account has witness no form of cash inflow or outflow since he passed away and moreover the re-activation deposit would be transfer along with your inheritance sum when the account is being activated making it a zero-fee situation hence it is a normal banking policies which is acceptable globally reason being that the account is presently in a dormant stated and cannot be transacted upon not until it is re-activated.

However, if you must have access to your inheritance sum, the terms of agreement should not be a problem and secondly, to make my job much easier for me so that our efforts would not be in futility and also not to create a negative image as the beneficiary from the banking end. If you agree to this term,I will immediately submit your information to THE PROBATE REGISTRY DEPARTMENT - LONDON, for the processing/endorsement of your Probate Order Document/Bank Deposit Certificate and also instruct you on how to go about contacting the transfer bank for your inheritance funds transfer without any further delay. This will only be possible upon the receipt of your e-mail that you have agreed to the terms and condition apply which is to re-activate your late benefactor - Mr. Robert adler dormant account.

Send me your reply immediately via email to confirm that you received the last Will and Testament of your late benefactor - Mr. Robert Adler and have agreed to the terms and condition applied bearing in mind that you will be required by the transfer bank to activate the dormant account of your late benefactor - Mr. Robert Adler for easy transfer of your inheritance sum to your designated bank account. As I have stated in my previous letter that the due process of the inheritance law must be duely follow hence you are advise to yield strictly to my instructions so as to have a successful funds transfer of your inheritance sum.

Lastly, I want to use this opportunity also to remind you of the reason why your late benefactor – Mr. Robert Adler left these bequest/funds in your care and that is to carry out humanitarian services to assist the poor and the needy in your society. You may wish to set up a charity foundation/organization in the name of your late benefactor to help the less privileged. I sincerely believe you will do just that.

A telephone call would be well appreciated in lieu to the above subject matter: +44-702-409-7674

Thanks for your profound understanding, as I await your immediate response in lieu to the above stated terms and condition.

Yours in Service,
William P. Gisler Esq.
Attorney @ Law.
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Anonymous   () Added the following extra information on :2017-01-07 18:14:48
Clifford Chance
Email Address:
Scam Website:
+44 709 284 7266
THEY ARE TRYING TO GET MONEY OUT OF ME! AIN'T GOING TO HAPPEN. The Barristers' Chambers: Clifford Chance, London 10 Upper Bank Street London United Kingdom E14 5JJ Tel. +44-701-004-8951 Fax:+44 709 284 7266
Top of the day to you.
We want to acknowledge the receipt of your email in this chamber and also want you to know that you have absolute right to reject this WILL as much as you have the right to accept it . If you wish to turn it down then let me know so I can send you a WILL rejection form to fill and revert back to this office. I am not going to impose it on you but just doing my job here.
Late Engr. Robert Adler was born in Vienna, Austria in 1913 where he was educated. During the war, he emigrated to the US, where he got a job working in the Research division of Zenith Electronics Corporation working on television technology. Late Engr. Robert Adler was a dedicated Christian who loved to give out. His great philanthropy gesture earned him numerous awards during his life time. Late Engr. Robert Adler was born in Vienna - Austria on December 4, 1913 and died on February 15, 2007 at the ripe age of 93, and his WILL is now ready for execution. He left the sum of 20, 500,000.00 U.S.D. to you in the Codicil and last testament to his WILL.
According to him this money is to support your humanitarian service and to help the poor and the needy in our society. Robert Adler must have known that you will put the money to good use for the less privileged of which he was aware that you can achieve, that is why he selected you. Also, understand that I don't know you neither have I met you before, but my contacting you is based on the recommendation by my late client - Engr.Robert Adler. He Was A world traveller for both business and pleasure, he was fluent in German, English and French and survived by his only wife Ingrid Adler, age 90.
Be further informed that these funds will not be released to you without some proper identification. I have never met you before like I said and to be able to carry out our duties effectively as sole executors of the WILL of Engr. Robert Adler We must be convinced that you are who the testament says you are. And please re-confirm to us through the above stated fax or via email; your Full Contact details to include you And please re-confirm to us through the above stated fax or via email;
Your full Name :_________________________ Your Contact Address :________________ Your Tel Phone Number _________________ Age :_____________________________ Scan Copy Of Your Identification _________________
Full name and address telephone and fax number(if any) and if you have moved to a new address then indicate both the new and old one for my verification with what I have in my file. Any difference or discrepancies in the information provided by you will mean that I am contacting the wrong person and I will stop all communication with you out rightly.
Your information would be taken to the probate division of the International Court of Justice for verification. After the confirmation, the probate division would now release your letter of administration for claims to this bequest/funds. This document as well as the Certificate of Deposit issued by the Deposit Bank to Engr. Robert Adler when the funds were deposited by him will then be released to you, this will give you the legal backing to receiving these inheritance funds.
We sincerely hope that the above requirement be sent to us sooner than later for us to proceed with the documentation. And note that we cannot send any document to you until we are fully convinced that we have the true beneficiary. Also, note that we have a period of Three court seating days to conclude this so I can move on to the next beneficiary on the WILL of my late client - Eng Robert Adler.
Yours in Service, Clifford Chance ESQ.

Scam Email
On Thursday, 5 January 2017, 0:44, "" wrote: Late Mr.Robert Adler bequeathed US$20,500,000.00 USD, to you in his will.More info,contact your attorney(Clifford Chance Esq) via email address: Tell+44-701-004-8951

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