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Baton Rouge, LA, United States
2014-02-26 09:50:55
Job Scam
AKW MEDI-CARE LTD from Shirley M. Vandergriff   
Shirley M. Vandergriff
Email Address:
+44 190542 65 00

This job is intended only for US citizens and is not sales related. The position you will hold will be that of a Financier Agent and you will be able to perform your duties from home. Our company is based in England.

We have recently opened a new series of facilities by means of which we sell electric chairs at low prices, intended for physically challenged persons. The offer includes several types of chairs, as follows:

-Electric Shoprider Power Wheelchair
-Axiom 3 Medical Mobility Push Chair
-Electric Liberty 512 power chair
-Electric Jazzy 600 Q-chair
-Invacare Power Wheelchair-Deluxe Model
-Invacare Pronto 51 HD

The starting price varies between $900 and $10,000 and we currently sell these products only to hospitals and clinics. We can send you a full catalogue via email, should you be interested.

The issue is this: although we accept several payments methods, some of our clients may only pay via check which is why we are faced with problems and delays in collecting the money. In order to receive the money fast and to avoid financial losses, we agreed for the checks to be sent anywhere in the USA to an address where same may be processed by you as consultant, then the funds will be sent via direct transfer to one of our offices. Thus, all you have to do is to receive the checks from our clients, collect them by using the existing personal bank account and subsequently send us the payment. All taxes and charges relating to money sending will be borne from our fund share. Bonuses will be applied in case you collect the checks on the same day or within two days and the bonuses decrease in value per each day elapsed from the reception. Before sending the money, you will withhold the 10% share.

This job may be described in four steps:

1. Receive payment from our customers. All checks will be written in your name. All checks are US checks, no international. You receive the payment from one of our clients in the USA, issued on your name, by USPS (reception signature not requested).
2. Cashing the checks by using the already existing personal account
3. Deduct 10% of the payment initial value on each payment processed plus the bonus for each check processed.
4. Send remaining funds after deduction of percentage/pay to us.

Bonuses apply as follows:

1. The check that is processed and sent on the same day confers you a $150 bonus in addition to the 10% part
2. The check that is processed and sent in less than 24 hours confers you a $100 bonus;
3. The check that is processed and sent in less than 48 hours confers you a $50 bonus.

After the first month, you will receive a check of 1,800$ standing for you salary, and which includes all bills and costs required for the performance of duties, such as: fuel, transportation, transfer charges, banking fees, phone bill, etc.

Upon the completion of the second month, an additional bonus will be applied, by means of which you will receive 15% of our sales relating to the orders that you receive from your state. If everything goes well, as we expect it to, your income will increase of up to 1,300$ per week, plus 1,800$ per month.

Your salary will be paid as a “cashier check” at the end of each month, separately. I kindly thank you for you cooperation and you will receive the agreement today.

The Financial Agent must be able to:

Strictly follow the instructions.

Enable permanent contact with him/her during business hours.

Fill out payment documents (payment invoice, payment orders, etc) with due care and diligence.

Provide regular reports in accordance with company\'s valid regulations and forms.

Have confident PC user skills.

Mail business offers, promotional and other information through electronic communication systems.

Handle various problems and immediately report these to the Manager.

Questions and answers:

1. Q: Why don\'t you receive checks directly to your address and you need me?
A: Because within three months all our customers will forward US payments to our US headquarters and we decided to find a person who can handle all our business over there. Cashing US checks over here might take up to 30 days and some of our customers will chose to make this kind of payment and we can\'t afford to lose so much time. In today\'s Information Technology market, speed is of the essence. The number of World-Wide programmers is increasing in large numbers. Securing and ensuring high quality product to our client, in a speedy manner, is what makes outsourcing work.

2. Q: When do I get my share when I cash a check?
A: You will take your share instantly, as soon as you have cash in hand, you take your 10% + bonus and then send the rest of the funds to us. You will take your share as soon as you will manage to get the check cashed.

3. Q: Do I have to pay for the fees?
A: No, fees will be taken from the reminder amount after you will take your share from checks or withdrawals

4. Q: Where will I be sending the money after a check gets cleared?
A: As soon as you will have cash in hand all you have to do is to notify us via e-mail and we will provide you all the instructions needed in order to complete the wire transfer.

5. Q: What information do you need from me so we can start working together?
A: We will need your address, e-mail and a phone number where you can be reached. The address is needed so we can let our customers know where to send the checks.

6. Q: What name will appear on checks at \"Payable to:\" field?
A: Checks will be made payable to you so you can cash them. This will be done until we will be able to come over there establish our business and open a business account with the company\'s name on it. Making checks payable to you will not make you liable for paying any taxes to IRS. Every year we will provide forms and papers proving that you have to pay the income taxes only on the funds you will earn (10%) from this and not the total amounts you will receive.

7. Q: Who will be my main contact until one of your representatives will come over here to open new offices?
A: I will be your main contact and you can e-mail me at any time with any questions you might have.

8. Q: How long does it takes for the first payment from your customers to arrive to me?
A: First payment will come within 10 business days after you will provide us your contact information. We will let our customers know where to send the checks; it takes within 3 to 7 business days for the check to arrive with USPS.

9. Q: What are the amounts on the checks I will receive?
A: Check amounts are between $1,000 and $2,000 each.

10. Q: Do I have to pay any taxes for the amount of the checks I will receive?
A: No. You will only pay taxes for the money you will earn (10% from total amount). At the end of the year we will provide you all forms and papers to prove that you sent the money to us like we said.

11. Q: Will I be doing anything illegal according to the US laws?
A: Definitely not. Our company is respectable and we just want to launch our products on the US market, not defrauding our employees and customers, so you can rest assured that everything we do is legal. Our business activity is certified by major operators and publishing houses in the international market. You are welcome to browse our website and follow the link to Our Partners to see certificates and feedback from numerous well-known companies, as well as extracts from our news reports.

12. Q: Is there any confirmation of the fact that money is transferred legally?

A: Yes, each money transfer includes an enclosed invoice certified by our company official seal and an authorized person\'s signature. These invoices will be distributed every 14 days during your Probationary Period and on daily basis once employed full-time. This document will reflect transactions covered with the provided funds as well as the amount of service payment. You will also find information about the fact that the provider, i.e. our Company, is fully responsible for money transfer.

13. Q: If I would like to be paid once a month can I do that?
A: As soon as we will arrive over there and if you will get good feedback with us we will negotiate your new contract and set up a monthly salary for you if this is what you want. We will also add benefits as soon as the offices are opened over there. All we can tell you is that you will earn up to $100,000/year in any way you will choose. It will be a little harder until we will start rolling all this process but from what we estimate from our sales this will be the highest you will get in a year.

14. Q: Will your company ask me for any sensitive information such as: bank account numbers, credit card numbers, social security number, etc.?
A: Our Company will never ask you for any of your private information, such as SSN, mother maiden name or any sensitive information. We intend to perform our jobs professionally and extend our services and this is why we need someone who can perform the job well as a financier agent.

15. Q: Can you please explain how the entire process works does?
A: Of course, I will use a simple example for a check of $1,000. Let\'s say you agree to work with us and you e-mail us your name and address where you can receive the payments from our customers. As soon as we will receive the signed and filled contract from you and have confirmation that you agree to all our terms and conditions we will forward your address to our customers in order to make the payments. Our customers will let me know as soon as payments have been sent. Most of them will use USPS as a shipping and handling and this is why it might take a little until you will receive the first check, and we won\'t be able to track it, so we just have to wait. As soon as I get the confirmation from our customer that the payment has been sent I will also e-mail you and let you know that a payment is on its way. As soon as you will get the check you have to let me know that you received it so I can also inform our customer. If you manage to get the check cleared same day it would be great and you will be eligible for the bonuses mentioned. Now, as soon as you have cash in hand you have to e-mail us and we will send you an e-mail with full instructions regarding the transfer of the funds. As soon as you will get our email, you will take your share from the total amount up front (E.G.: Check value is $1,000 you will take your share immediately ($100 + bonus)) and then take all other fees for transferring the funds along with the bonus from our share that will remain. Basically all you have to do is to check your e-mail daily as we will keep you updated from time to time and also as soon as payments will start to come we will let you know. You can also continue with your other job if you want to as long as you can handle ours too.

16. Q: I am interested; can we setup an interview regarding this position?
A: If you still have further questions try to see if you can find your answer within this FAQ if not please e-mail us. Unfortunately we cannot setup any interviews now as we do not have any offices in the US. We will be able to come and meet within the next few months when the new offices will be opened in your area.

17. Q: Am I going to need lots of money in my account to begin with?
A: No.

18. Q: Who is responsible for tax and different commission payment?
A: Our Company provides compensations for covering your commission payments deducted by the bank while operating with money resources. You have to consider the fact that commission payment for money transfers will be covered by you from our own amount. You will be provided all the required tax forms at the end of the year.

19. Q: Are there any start-up fees? Is it required to pay fees out of my pocket?

A: You don\'t have to invest your own money to get started. Furthermore all fees are paid from received money. WE NEVER ASK YOU TO SPEND YOUR OWN MONEY.

20. Q: Do I have to travel?
A: As this is an online job, no travelling is required. You\'ll only have to visit banks and money transfer locations.

21. Q: How many hours a day do I have to work? What will the hours be? Is this a 7 day job?
A: Working hours is 9-11 a.m., Monday through Friday. Hours are liable for change. Although it is possible to work less days per week, hours are strictly enforced. Please contact our job department with your propositions as to your individual work schedule and we\'ll work together to create a customized schedule that will work for both our company and you as our employee.

22. Q: Sometimes I might leave for vacations (during the week-end) with my family or fall ill. What do I do in case I fail to make a transfer?
A: In such a case you should notify us in advance. We are not going to ask you about the reasons distracting you from work - this is your private matter. However, you do have to specify in a notice you send us, the period, during which your cooperation with us will be suspended. You may either notify us by-email or fax. Salary for each day off is deducted from Agents base salary. Also, please note that suspension of your availability for cooperation with us IS NOT A REASON for any fines!

23. Q: Can I cancel the contract?
A: Yes, you can, if:

You do not have company\'s, clients\' or partners\' money on your account

Not a single remittance was made to your account

You provide a preliminary notice by fax or e-mail one week before canceling the contract

No, you can\'t, if:

You have company\'s, clients\' or partners\' money on your account

There are any unsettled arguments and disputes between you and the company

24. Q: What is the hiring process for this position? Do I need to come in for an Interview?
A: This is an on-line, home based position. There is no formal Interview process for this position and most of communication is done on-line; however, if we have any more questions as to your application process, we will contact you by phone.

In determining whether you are a qualified candidate for this position we perform various criminal and state background checks. Mainly we look for any outstanding delinquencies that you might have and for any criminal convictions. Both of these background checks help us to determine whether you are a qualified candidate.

25. Q: When can I expect to begin receiving orders?
A: We\'ll start working in 2-3 business days after your contract is returned.


We will not need any of your private information. We will need only your address, email and phone numbers where you can be reached. The address is needed so we can let our customers know where to send the checks.

Shirley M. Vandergriff


Severn Ho Hylton Rd

Worcester WR2 5JS


+44 190542 65 00
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