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Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
2016-01-09 21:49:11
Classified Ads Scam
Craigslist (
+3 Likely scam re purported RV sale claiming to use eBay's Vehicle Protection Program (escrow service) and "free deilvery" without   
Michelle Dusten
Email Address:
Scam Website:
First response to my request for particulars
"I am very sorry for my late answer but I had a family emergency and didn't had access to my e-mail since now. My name is Michelle and I'm emailing you about the 1998 Chinook Concourse 21 Ft I have for sale. The RV is in very good shape, no known issues, is in good condition.
The camper was never involved in any kind of accident . Clean title with no damage whatsoever . No leaks, no rust with only 51k miles on it . The camper sleeps 4. I legally own a clear title, free of any liens or loans, under my name for the RV. The final price I accept is $3,000 as I want to sell the RV as soon as possible. Due to my divorce I owned this RV but as a single woman I don't need it and I'm trying to sell it as soon as possible so I can use the funds for something else (that's why I'm selling it at this very reasonable price). If you have any other questions, or need more info, please feel free to ask.
Below you have more pictures attached :"
Second response after I said I wanted to view it to buy it
" As I've already told you in my first email, I recently got divorced and I got a new job and moved to Omaha, NE for a new start. The RV is here and is already at the shipping warehouse sealed and ready for the shipping. My presence won't be necessary because I prearranged the deal with eBay Vehicle Protection Program which is an escrow service. The deal includes free delivery and the RV will arrive at your address in 3 days. You will have 5 days to try out prior to making any purchase and if by any reason you find something you don't like about the RV you can send it back on my expense.
If you are interested in knowing more info about how the whole process works, I can ask eBay to send you an email with more information on how to purchase it. eBay will contact you shortly after they have the details with all the information that you need to complete this deal and you will also have proof that I am covered by them and a legitimate seller.
If you would like to receive the email from eBay with all the transaction information please reply with your full name, address and ph# and they will contact you right away."
Regrettably I sent my name and address and ph number and asked for details of the proposed arrangement. This means that the scammer might well use my identity next...
The third response was:
" I've got your info and I've sent your details to eBay to send you the invoice for the purchase with details about shipping and payment. They should send you the invoice today and they will explain you the entire process better. Along with the RV you will receive all necessary papers to register it into your name including the free title which is already back signed by me and notarized for the transfer and the owner's manuals . Please keep me updated with everything and let me know once you receive the invoice from eBay so we can avoid any delay.
P.S. You will have to send the payment via PayPal so we can secure the escrow transaction and I can begin the shipping process. In the invoice you will have all necessary details to complete the purchase."
Further responses ( I sent nothing more)
"I've just been notified by eBay that the invoice for the purchase has been sent to your e-mail address. They also told me that the invoice is a HTML message and your e-mail provider might confuse the invoice with a spam message and you might receive it in your spam/junk folder so you should look for the invoice in those folders also.
Please keep me updated with everything and let me know once you receive the invoice from eBay so we can avoid any delay."
"Have you received the invoice from eBay ? Please keep me updated with everything so we can avoid any delay."
To date nothing has come to me from eBay or appearing to come from eBay.
I could see no reason why eBay would be a party to any transaction where payment /contract for sale was not made through them. Hence this smelled as soon as eBay was mentioned.
Follow Ups/Extra Information. Most recent is listed first.
Anonymous   () Added the following extra information on :2017-07-18 17:59:24
Scott Williamson
Email Address:
This is still ongoing, but the scammer claims to be in the military and needing to sell the RV fast.
right now im stationed on a military training facility at Scott Air Force Base, IL. We are training, getting ready for deployment to Syria. Like i already said, the delivery process will be managed by me (the loan of my previous buyer didn't get approved so there won't be any additional shipping costs because he already paid the shipping). I think i can have it there at your home address within 2-3 working days. I have signed a contract with eBay Motors, and I will do this transaction only through them. So, this is not a blind transaction, you can physically see/inspect/test the motorhome before committing to buy and eliminate any concerns. I need to know if you are interested so I can notify ebay that you are selected as my possible buyer and they will contact you to explain the entire procedure. If interested please include in your next email your contact info for ebay (name/address/phone#), so we can get the ball rolling. Regards, Scott

Scam Email
Subject: Re: Chinook for sale?
From: Scott J. Williamson date: Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 12:26 AM
security: Standard encryption (TLS) Learn more Important mainly because it was sent directly to you.

Anonymous   () Added the following extra information on :2016-01-10 17:13:32
Email Address:
uses phone#402-922-4560
Scam Website:
Just 5 minutes ago at 3:50 pm jan 10 i got an email From another scammer named nicole if all you who Read this would immediately go to craigs list in nashville And punch in for RVs the very 1st one that comes up is a Huge 2001 condor white motorhome with big numbers On it which is the scammers phome# . the number is 1-402-922-4560 the motorhome is at least a 35 to $40,000 Motorhome. They have $3523 on the price, i sent them An email and said the price was a mistake, they just Emailed me and said it was $3500 and the reason is theyre Leaving the country in the next few days and they need The money. Here we go again people, watch listen and Learn all you players listening, call this scammer at 1-402-922-4560 and bug him about his $40,000 condor 2001 35 foot motorhome, tell him you saw it on craigslist Nashville then lead him on and play him and take his time And play him till he is so sick of talking for free and goes Back to jamaica mon or haiti or whereever his lowlife self Came from. Once again 1-402-922-4560 35foot 2001 Condor motorhome. Run game on him now. Later

Anonymous   () Added the following extra information on :2016-01-10 16:04:51
Michelle dusten
Email Address:
michelle dusten
Scam Website:
I live in tulsa okla i was looking a about 590 rvs in the nasville tennessee area and the best deal for the money was this 1998 chinook concourse small 21 ft motorhome. There is more than 1 person involved with this scam. I first sent an email to this socalled michelle. About 2 hours later, i guess after they got freef up from dealing with their other victims, some guy and said he ran the add for his sister in law and gave me her email. Which was so i emailed her which really is probably a him from haiti or jamaica mon or someother 3rd world dump and she emailed me bach with all these nice pictures of this $12000 motorhome for $3000. Made up some phoney story that her husband was sick and they needed immediate cash for medical reasons and that they had tried to sell it to a local dealer but yhat the check would take too long to cash so theu needed cash now. I messaged back and asked where in hades is niles? In eggpt or tennessee or where,? I said i could fly there today or tomorrow and pay cash so they wouldnt have to wait. They emailed me 30 minutes ago and said the rv is in nebraska and some phoney non existent 3rd party is handling it and yadadafada on and on and on pinochios nose grew so long it came out thru the speakers on my smart phone. Free delivery drive it around use iy for drive bys rob banks liquor stores then after theres a nationwide APB on it of course 5 days later bring it back and get your 3000 back. Sound familiar? Too good to be true? To all you gullible naive people, read my lips it aint gonna happen in this lifetime in the real world. Learn to spot a scammer beware of rvs too cheap there were several scammers in dallas ok city nashville they have ads on cars in tulsa and they all want your paypal account# or ebay and ship at their expense. I had a friend gey scammed for $54000 from someone in china another in russia and haiti and jamaica and theres nothing the FBI can do about it except say sorry about your luck. Watch out people learn to read scammers im 63 and my 31 year old son taught me how to spot them watch out for the name michelle dusten theyre bad news

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