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Somewhere in United States
2017-07-23 14:34:30
Job Scam
Craigslist (
Craigslist Job Scam   
Rev. J Tucker
Email Address:
Country of Scam:
United States (US)

Hello, I appreciate your swift response to our post. Yes we still have the cleaning Position available, My name is MICHELLE TUCKER and My husband's name is (Rev.JIM TUCKER), We have a pretty 4 years Old son call Jacob and am also expecting a baby we are in Toronto CANADA. We are all relocating to your city in United State on July 30TH 2017, My husband will be coming there in your city in United State to work on contract basis work,Well we believe you can do the cleaning for us anyway.

We need you to be cleaning our apartment at least 3 times in a week. So the Bedrooms Size will be as follows: One of the bedrooms is approximately 11' X 11' and the other one is 12'x12', but will not be a perfect square, so probably closer to 100 square feet; it comfortably fits a full size bed, desk, Armour and chest of drawers.... The apartment will be large with Dishwasher, Oven, Microwave.etc.--Washer/Dryer --1 full bath / 1 half bath--central air and heat. The apartment will occupies the entire floor of the building with direct access via the elevator, this is exactly an apartment we asked the Real estate agent to get for us in your location the apartment would be in your city so that will make it easier for you to get to work on time We have not pay full payment to the Realtor until next week then i will give you the address then if you ready to be a part of our Wonderful family.

We will be needing your services for 2hours at any suitable time of yours throughout for at least 3 days in a week, i hope two hours is enough in cleaning 3bedroom house with one master bedroom and two standard size rooms, with One Living room and a kitchen as well. I believe you are fit for this position in as much you will prove yourself to be a reliable and hard working person, Our arrival date would be (July 30TH 2017) Like i said, You will help us to clean the apartment in the morning of our arrival date, My husband will tell the estate agent to mail the keys to the apartment to you as soon as it's ready may be you will be able to clean it before we arrive. Also i would like you to know that all Tools and materials needed for the job to make it perfectly okay will be provided by us, We will be spending about 3 years for the contract job or more we are not yet sure, so i will be needing your services for that time as well, as long as am satisfied with the services you rendered. We have a financier that is based in the states and he will be handling the payment and some other expenses, so he will be the one that will be taking care of your payment, My husband will instruct him to pay $500 advance payment before our arrival so as to secure your service , your weekly salary would be $500, actually we should have paid for more weeks but we will extend the payment if we are satisfy with your service after a week. So my husband finance would be needing the following Information to make out the Paycheck:

Full Name:
Full Physical Address :
zip code:
home Phone #:
Cell Phone # :
Sex :
Current Occupation:
Email address:

Please if you know you really interested in this job kindly email with above information to secure this position because i have someone else email us regarding this job but i Haven't respond back to the woman, I need to hear from you first. if you send above details to mail the payment to you i will let the woman know the position is no more avail.

Hope to hear from you sooner and kindly let me know if you have accepted our offer so that we can forward your info to the financial to issue out the check as soon as possible . Remember our real estate agent still working on our apartment and she said she would get back to us with the key and address as soon as our apartment is ready and do not bother to reply this if you are not honest and ready to work .

Thanks we would wait to hear from you.

Best Regards.
Mr and Mrs. Tucker

On Sun, Jul 16, 2017 at 5:36 PM, Pis r <> wrote:
Please tell me more

Urgent plz help today tomorow cleanup my gutter yard house..$520bucks (muskegon)


AdEcCo iS AsSiStInG A LoCaL ClIeNt iN ReCrUiTiNg fOr aN AdMiNiStRaTiVe aSsIsTaNt pOsItIoN At a cOmMeRcIaL CoNtRaCtOr iN

wIlMiNgToN, nC. aS An aDmInIsTrAtIvE AsSiStAnT YoU WiLl bE ReSpOnSiBlE FoR GeNeRaL AdMiNiStRaTiVe rEsPoNsIbIlItIeS. iF YoU

mEeT ThE QuAlIfIcAtIoNs lIsTeD BeLoW PlEaSe aPpLy nOw! ReSpOnSiBiLiTiEs fOr tHiS AdMiNiStRaTiVe aSsIsTaNt jOb iNcLuDe: *

aSsIsT PrOjEcT MaNaGeRs * sUpPoRtInG AlL AdMiNiStRaTiVe fUnCtIoNs qUaLiFiCaTiOnS: * cOmMeRcIaL CoNsTrUcTiOn eXpErIeNcE Is

ReQuIrEd * mIcRoSoFt oFfIcE PrOgRaMs * aTtEnTiOn tO DeTaIl * sElF-StArTeR AnD MuLtI-TaSkEr * tEcH SaVvY * ExPeRiEnCe wItH

bLuEbEaM, vIeWpOiNt vIsA AnD SoOnR A PlUs hOuRs: MoNdAy tHrOuGh fRiDaY - 8:00 aM To 5:00 Pm cLiCk oN ApPlY NoW To bE

cOnSiDeReD FoR ThIs aDmInIsTrAtIvE AsSiStAnT In wIlMiNgToN, nC Or aNy rElAtEd oPpOrTuNiTiEs wItH AdEcCo.

LoCaTeD In cHaPeL HiLl, Nc, UnC GeNeRaL AdMiNiStRaTiOn (UnC SyStEm oFfIcE) iNvItEs aPpLiCaTiOnS FoR ThE PoSiTiOn oF SpEcIaL

aSsIsTaNt tO ThE PrEsIdEnT. tHe pOsItIoN WiLl fUnCtIoN As a sPeCiAl aSsIsTaNt tO ThE PrEsIdEnT AnD PrOvIdE HiGh-lEvEl

AdMiNiStRaTiVe aNd lOgIsTiCaL SuPpOrT To aSsIsT ThE PrEsIdEnT In cArRyInG OuT HeR DaIlY ReSpOnSiBiLiTiEs. ThIs iNcLuDeS

sErViNg aS A FoCaL PoInT On pReSiDeNtIaL BrIeFiNg pApErS, mAnAgInG MoRe cOmPlEx cOrReSpOnDeNcE MaTtErS, sErViNg aS ThE

pReSiDeNtÂ??s â??AdVaNcEâ?? oN LoCaL AnD OvErNiGhT TrAvEl, ReViEwInG AnD FiNaLiZiNg tHe pReSiDeNtÂ??s rEaDiNg aNd cAlL

lIsTs, AnD OtHeRwIsE PeRfOrMiNg a wIdE RaNgE Of cOmPlEx aNd hIgHlY SeNsItIvE PrOjEcTs fOr oR On tHe pReSiDeNtÂ??s bEhAlF.

ThE PoSiTiOn iNcUmBeNt mUsT Be eXtReMeLy wElL OrGaNiZeD, oPeRaTe eFfEcTiVeLy uNdEr pReSsUrE, bE AbLe tO DeAl wItH

cOnStAnTlY ChAnGiNg pRiOrItIeS AnD ScHeDuLe, HaVe vErY StRoNg wRiTiNg aNd iNtErPeRsOnAl cOmMuNiCaTiOnS SkIlLs, MaInTaIn a

PoSiTiVe pRoFeSsIoNaL ImAgE At aLl tImEs, TrEaT CoNfIdEnTiAl aNd sEnSiTiVe iNfOrMaTiOn wItH CoMpLeTe dIsCrEtIoN,

DeMoNsTrAtE OuTsTaNdInG DiPlOmAcY AnD TaCt, AnD HaVe sIgNiFiCaNt fLeXiBiLiTy wItH ReSpEcT To tHeIr wOrK ScHeDuLe.

tHe dIvIsIoN Of wAtEr rEsOuRcEs' MiSsIoN Is tO PrOtEcT ThE StAtE'S WaTeR SuPpLiEs aNd fOsTeR StEwArDsHiP Of tHiS NaTuRaL

rEsOuRcE FoR UsE By cUrReNt aNd fUtUrE GeNeRaTiOnS Of cItIzEnS. tHe dIvIsIoN CoMpRiSeS FiVe sEcTiOnS: wAtEr qUaLiTy

ReGiOnAl oPeRaTiOnS, wAtEr sCiEnCeS, pUbLiC WaTeR SuPpLy, WaTeR QuAlItY PeRmItTiNg, AnD WaTeR PlAnNiNg. ThIs gOaL Is

AcHiEvEd tHrOuGh pRoViDiNg tEcHnIcAl aSsIsTaNcE, cOnSuLtAtIvE SeRvIcEs, PeRmItTiNg oF ReGuLaTeD EnTiTiEs, CeRtIfIcAtIoN Of

WaTeR TrEaTmEnT PlAnT OpErAtOrS AnD WaStEwAtEr oPeRaToRs, InSpEcTiOn aNd cOmPlIaNcE AcTiViTiEs, LaBoRaToRy aNaLySiS AnD

tEsTiNg, AnD EdUcAtIoNaL OuTrEaCh aNd tRaInInG.

SeCtIoN InFoRmAtIoN:
tHe pUbLiC WaTeR SuPpLy sEcTiOn pRoMoTeS PuBlIc hEaLtH By eNsUrInG ThAt sAfE, pOtAbLe dRiNkInG WaTeR Is aVaIlAbLe iN

aDeQuAtE QuAnTiTiEs tO ThE ReSiDeNtS AnD ViSiToRs oF NoRtH CaRoLiNa sErVeD By pUbLiC WaTeR SyStEmS By eNsUrInG ThAt tHeSe

SyStEmS ArE PrOpErLy lOcAtEd, CoNsTrUcTeD, oPeRaTeD, aNd mAiNtAiNeD.

DeScRiPtIoN Of wOrK:
tHiS PoSiTiOn pRoViDeS AdMiNiStRaTiVe sUpPoRt tO 100 StAfF Of tHe pUbLiC WaTeR SuPpLy sEcTiOn. StAfF ArE LoCaTeD In rAlEiGh

AnD At tHe sEvEn rEgIoNaL OfFiCeS AcRoSs tHe sTaTe. ThIs pOsItIoN:
aNtIcIpAtEs nEeDs oF ThE SeCtIoN AnD TaKeS InItIaTiVe tO FiX PoTeNtIaL PrObLeMs bEfOrE ThEy aRiSe;
PrOvIdEs aDmInIsTrAtIvE SuPpOrT To tHe sEcTiOn rElAtInG To tRaVeL AuThOrIzAtIoNs aNd rEiMbUrSeMeNtS, tRaInInG, sTaTe cArS,

OfFiCe sPaCe, TeLePhOnEs, FiXeD AsSeTs iNvEnToRy, AnD SuRpLuS PrOpErTy;
UsEs a p-cArD FoR SeCtIoN PuRcHaSiNg;
PrOvIdEs cLeRiCaL SuPpOrT FoR ThE SeCtIoN ChIeF AnD AsSiStAnT SeCtIoN ChIeF InClUdInG CoNfIdEnTiAl mAtTeRs aNd hAnDlInG

cOnDuCtS InTeRnEt rEsEaRcH To dOwNlOaD FaCt sHeEtS, sUmMaRiEs, PrEsEnTaTiOnS, aNd rUlEs;
DrAfTs rEsPoNsEs tO PuBlIc rEqUeStS FoR SeCtIoN ChIeF'S SiGnAtUrE;
fAcIlItAtEs mEeTiNgS, iNcLuDiNg lOcAtIoN, nEgOtIaTiNg cOsTs, NoTiFiCaTiOn tO AtTeNdEeS, aNd dIsTrIbUtIoN Of mEeTiNg

pRePaReS GuIdElInEs aNd pRoViDeS TrAiNiNg tO SeCtIoN StAfF On aDmInIsTrAtIvE PrOcEsSeS;
hAs eXtEnSiVe pUbLiC CoNtAcT WiTh sEcTiOn sTaFf, OtHeR DiViSiOn pErSoNnEl, OtHeR StAtE, fEdErAl, LoCaL AgEnCiEs, AnD ThE

gEnErAl pUbLiC.
dEvElOpS PoWeRpOiNt pReSeNtAtIoNs aS WeLl aS ChArTs aNd gRaPhS;
mAiNtAiNs sEcTiOn's rEcOrD ReTeNtIoN ScHeDuLe, ReCoMmEnDs cHaNgEs wHeN NeCeSsArY, aNd eNsUrEs tHaT SeCtIoN FiLeS ArE

mAiNtAiNeD In aCcOrDaNcE WiTh sChEdUlE.
kNoWlEdGe, SkIlLs aNd aBiLiTiEs / cOmPeTeNcIeS
**To rEcEiVe cReDiT FoR YoUr wOrK HiStOrY AnD CrEdEnTiAlS, yOu mUsT LiSt tHe iNfOrMaTiOn oN ThE ApPlIcAtIoN. aNy

InFoRmAtIoN OmItTeD FrOm tHe aPpLiCaTiOn, LiStEd uNdEr tHe tExT ReSuMe sEcTiOn, Or oN An aTtAcHmEnT WiLl nOt bE CoNsIdErEd

FoR QuAlIfYiNg cReDiT**

aPpLiCaNt mUsT MeEt tHe mInImUm eDuCaTiOn aNd eXpErIeNcE ReQuIrEmEnTs aNd pOsSeSs tHe bElOw kNoWlEdGe, SkIlLs aNd aBiLiTiEs

To bE CoNsIdErEd:
WoRkInG KnOwLeDgE Of mIcRoSoFt oFfIcE SoFtWaRe aNd dAtAbAsE ApPlIcAtIoNs;
ExPeRiEnCe pRoViDiNg iMpEcCaBlE CuStOmEr sErViCe;
ExPeRiEnCe wOrKiNg iN A FaSt-pAcEd aNd dEmAnDiNg eNvIrOnMeNt hAnDlInG MuLtIpLe tAsKs aT ThE SaMe tImE;
sTrOnG OrGaNiZaTiOnAl sKiLlS;
dEmOnStRaTeD HiGh lEvEl oF InItIaTiVe;
AbIlItY To pRoDuCe cOmPlEtE AnD AcCuRaTe dOcUmEnTs;
AbIlItY To cOmMuNiCaTe eFfEcTiVeLy iN BoTh wRiTtEn aNd oRaL FoRmAt wItH ThE PuBlIc, EmPlOyEeS, aNd mEmBeRs oF ThE ReGuLaTeD

AbIlItY To cReAtE PrOcEsSeS AnD PrOcEdUrEs wHeRe nOnE ExIsT;
aBiLiTy tO AsSiMiLaTe, AnAlYzE, aNd iNtErPrEt dAtA;
aBiLiTy tO DeVeLoP AnD MaInTaIn pOsItIvE WoRkInG ReLaTiOnShIpS WiTh cO-WoRkErS, aNd oThEr aGeNcY PeRsOnNeL;
eXpErIeNcE WiTh aDmInIsTrAtIvE AnD OfFiCe mAnAgEmEnT FuNcTiOnS, sUcH As mAiNtAiNiNg oFfIcE SpAcE, pUrChAsInG, oR TrAvEl;
ExPeRiEnCe rEvIeWiNg fOrMs cOmPlEtEd bY OtHeRs fOr cOmPlEtEnEsS AnD AcCuRaCy;
ExPeRiEnCe uSiNg mAtH SkIlLs tO VeRiFy tHe aCcUrAcY Of cAlCuLaTiOnS.
vAlId dRiVeR'S LiCeNsE;
oCcAsIoNaL OvErNiGhT TrAvEl.
In aDdItIoN To tHe iNtErViEw, ThE SuCcEsSfUl aPpLiCaNt mUsT CoMpLeTe a oNe hOuR SkIlLs tEsT To dEmOnStRaTe cOmPeTeNcY In

WoRd, ExCeL, wRiTtEn cOmMuNiCaTiOn, AnD DoCuMeNt rEvIeW.

MiNiMuM EdUcAtIoN AnD ExPeRiEnCe rEqUiReMeNtS
CoMpLeTiOn oF HiGh sChOoL Or eQuIvAlEnT AnD FoUr yEaRs oF PrOgReSsIvElY ReSpOnSiBlE SeCrEtArIaL Or

ClErIcAl/aDmInIsTrAtIvE/OfFiCe mAnAgEmEnT ExPeRiEnCe; Or cOmPlEtIoN Of a tWo-yEaR SeCrEtArIaL ScIeNcE Or bUsInEsS

aDmInIsTrAtIoN PrOgRaM AnD TwO YeArS Of pRoGrEsSiVeLy rEsPoNsIbLe sEcReTaRiAl oR ClErIcAl/aDmInIsTrAtIvE/OfFiCe mAnAgEmEnT

eXpErIeNcE; oR CoMpLeTiOn oF A FoUr-yEaR PrOgRaM In a cOlLeGe oR UnIvErSiTy pReFeRaBlY WiTh mAjOr eMpHaSiS On cOuRsEwOrK In

BuSiNeSs aDmInIsTrAtIoN, pUbLiC AdMiNiStRaTiOn, Or oThEr rElAtEd fIeLd; Or aN EqUiVaLeNt cOmBiNaTiOn oF TrAiNiNg aNd


sUpPlEmEnTaL AnD CoNtAcT InFoRmAtIoN
To aPpLy fOr tHiS PoSiTiOn, PlEaSe cLiCk aPpLy lInK AbOvE. rEsUmEs aRe nOt aCcEpTeD In lIeU Of sTaTe aPpLiCaTiOn. SeE

aTtAcHeD ReSuMe wIlL ReSuLt iN An iNcOmPlEtE ApPlIcAtIoN. tO ReCeIvE CrEdIt, AlL ReLeVaNt eXpErIeNcE MuSt bE InClUdEd iN

tHe wOrK HiStOrY SeCtIoN Of tHe aPpLiCaTiOn. AnY InFoRmAtIoN OmItTeD FrOm tHe aPpLiCaTiOn bUt iNcLuDeD In tHe rEsUmE WiLl

NoT Be cOnSiDeReD FoR QuAlIfYiNg cReDiT. iT MuLtIpLe aPpLiCaTiOnS ArE SuBmItTeD To aN InDiViDuAl pOsTiNg, OnLy tHe mOsT

rEcEnT ApPlIcAtIoN ReCeIvEd pRiOr tO ThE PoStInG DaTe wIlL Be aCcEpTeD.

PlEaSe uPlOaD A CoPy oF CoLlEgE TrAnScRiPtS, iF ApPlIcAbLe oR SuBmIt tO ThE AdDrEsS NoTeD BeLoW By 5:00 Pm oN ThE ClOsInG

dAtE To bE CoNsIdErEd. AlL DeGrEeS MuSt bE FrOm aN ApPrOpRiAtElY AcCrEdItEd iNsTiTuTiOn.

pErSoNs eLiGiBlE FoR VeTeRaN'S PrEfErEnCe mUsT SuBmIt a cOpY Of fOrM Dd-214.

tHe dEpT. oF EnViRoNmEnTaL QuAlItY UsEs tHe mErIt-bAsEd rEcRuItMeNt aNd sElEcTiOn pLaN To fIlL PoSiTiOnS SuBjEcT To tHe

StAtE PeRsOnNeL AcT WiTh tHe mOsT QuAlIfIeD ApPlIcAnTs. WhEn a sAlArY RaNgE Is pOsTeD, tHe aCtUaL SaLaRy wIlL Be bAsEd oN

rElEvAnT CoMpEtEnCiEs, KnOwLeDgE, sKiLlS AnD AbIlItIeS, iNtErNaL EqUiTy aNd bUdGeTaRy cOnSiDeRaTiOnS PeRtInEnT To tHe

AdVeRtIsEd pOsItIoN. tHe sTaTe oF NoRtH CaRoLiNa iS An eQuAl eMpLoYmEnT OpPoRtUnItY EmPlOyEr.

CoNtAcT PeRsOn:
ToNiA GiBb

ThIs iS A FuLl-tImE PoSiTiOn tHaT WiLl bE ReSpOnSiBlE FoR GeNeRaL AdMiNiStRaTiVe dUtIeS ThAt pRoMoTe eFfEcTiVe aNd

EfFiCiEnT OpErAtInG PrOcEsSeS ThAt eNsUrE HiGh cUsToMeR SaTiSfAcTiOn aNd cOmPlIaNcE WiTh aLl rEgUlAtOrY ObLiGaTiOnS. tHe

ScHeDuLe fOr tHiS PoSiTiOn iS A 2 WeEk rOtAtInG ScHeDuLe: MoNdAy-tHuRsDaY 8:30Am- 5:00Pm, OfF FrIdAy, SaTuRdAy/sUnDaY

8:30aM-5:00Pm; OfF MoNdAy, TuEsDaY-FrIdAy 8:30aM-5:00Pm, OfF SaTuRdAy/sUnDaY.

ReSpOnSiBiLiTiEs wHaT YoU Do
pRoViDeS AdMiNiStRaTiVe sUpPoRt fOr pErSoNnEl fUnCtIoN At hOsPiCe hOmE InClUdInG:
cOmMuNiCaTeS WiTh mAiN OfFiCe rEgArDiNg hOsPiCe hOmE CeNsUs, AdMiSsIoNs, DeAtHs, AnD BeD AvAiLaBiLiTy.
AtTeNdS StAfF MeEtInGs aNd rElAyS InFoRmAtIoN To hOsPiCe hOmE StAfF.
pRoViDe aSsIsTaNcE In dEvElOpInG, oRgAnIzInG AnD MaInTaInInG ThE PaTiEnT MeDiCaL ReCoRd wHiLe aT HoSpIcE HoMe aNd

CoOrDiNaTeS MeDiCaL ReCoRd mAiNtEnAnCe aNd sEcUrItY WiTh tHe cEnTrAl mEdIcAl rEcOrDs dEpArTmEnT AcCoRdInG To aGeNcY

pOlIcIeS AnD PrOcEdUrEs aNd iN FuLl cOmPlIaNcE WiTh aLl aPpLiCaBlE RuLeS AnD ReGuLaTiOnS.
eNsUrE PaTiEnT InFoRmAtIoN PaCkEtS AnD FoRmS ArE AvAiLaBlE.
pRePaRe iNiTiAl cHaRt, PrEpArE CoMmUnIcAtIoN FoRmS InClUdInG MeDiCaL AdMiNiStRaTiOn rEcOrDs, DiEtArY AnD PhArMaCy.
EnSuRe iNiTiAl oRdErS/SuPpLeMeNtAl oRdErS ArE SiGnEd aNd pRiNtEd.
PrEpArE CoRrEsPoNdEnCe tO PhYsIcIaNs aNd fAmIlIeS As nEeDeD.
cOoRdInAtE Re-cErTiFiCaTiOnS By pRoViDiNg aPpRoPrIaTe cLiNiCaL StAfF WiTh dUe dAtEs iN AdVaNcE AnD FoLlOwInG Up tO EnSuRe

AuDiTs mEdIcAl cHaRtS On a rOuTiNe bAsIs aNd aS DiReCtEd bY ClInIcAl mAnAgEr oF HoSpIcE HoMe.
ObTaInS MeDiCaL DiReCtOr sIgNaTuReS On pApErWoRk aS NeEdEd aNd fIlEs.
PrEpArEs mEdIcAl dIrEcToR ChArTiNg pAcKeTs fOr dAiLy rOuNdS.
oVeRsEeS FiLiNg aNd cHaRt bReAkDoWn.
OpErAtEs aT CaReGiVeR StAtIoN As iNiTiAl rEsPoNdEr, WhEn vOlUnTeEr iS UnAvAiLaBlE, tO PhOnEs aNd vIsItOrS, aNd pArTiCiPaTeS

iN AnSwErInG PaTiEnT CaLl lIgHtS AnD ReLaYiNg nEeDs tO StAfF.
mAiNtAiN MaNdAtOrY DoCuMeNtAtIoN As dIrEcTeD By cLiNiCaL MaNaGeR Of hOsPiCe hOmE.
oVeRsEe gEnErAl oRgAnIzAtIoN Of pApErWoRk aT HoSpIcE HoMe aNd aDeQuAtE OfFiCe sUpPlIeS.
pRePaRe tEaM MeEtInG AgEnDa, TeAm mEeTiNg nOtEs aNd cArE PlAnS FoR WeEkLy tEaM MeEtInGs.
GiVe tOuRs oF FaCiLiTy tO ViSiToRs.
PrOvIdEs gEnErAl aDmInIsTrAtIvE AsSiStAnCe tO ThE DiReCtOr oF HoSpIcE HoMe, ClInIcAl mAnAgEr oF HoSpIcE HoMe, AnD TeAm

LeAdErS Of hOsPiCe hOmE.
mAiNtAiNs pAtIeNt cOnFiDeNtIaLiTy aT AlL TiMeS.
pErFoRm oThEr dUtIeS As aSsIgNeD By sUpErViSoR.
rEqUiReMeNtS WhAt yOu nEeD
HiGh sChOoL GrAdUaTe wItH TwO YeArS ReCoRdS MaNaGeMeNt eXpErIeNcE (eDuCaTiOn mAy bE SuBsTiTuTeD On a yEaR By yEaR BaSiS).
ExCeLlEnT CoMmUnIcAtIoN SkIlL BoTh oRaL AnD WrItTeN.
eXcElLeNt oRgAnIzAtIoNaL SkIlLs aNd sTrOnG WoRkInG KnOwLeDgE Of bAsIc wOrD PrOcEsSiNg pRoGrAmS.
gEnErAl kNoWlEdGe oF StAnDaRd oFfIcE EqUiPmEnT.
aBiLiTy tO MaInTaIn pOsItIvE WoRkInG ReLaTiOnShIpS.
wIlLiNgNeSs aNd aBiLiTy tO CaRrYoUt/uPhOlD AgEnCy pRoCeDuReS AnD StAnDaRdS.
mUsT Be aBlE To eNtEr, TrAvEl, AnD FuNcTiOn iN ThE WoRk pLaCe aS ApPrOpRiAtE To tHe nEeD.
mUsT HaVe sEnSoRy aBiLiTiEs tO CoMpLeTe cOmMuNiCaTiOn aNd dOcUmEnTaTiOn rEqUiReMeNtS Of tHe jOb.
MaY Be rEqUiReD To lIfT Up tO 30 pOuNdS.
cUrReNt cPr cErTiFiCaTiOn
mAy bE ReQuIrEd tO SiT At a cOmPuTeR MoNiToR AnD UsE RePeTiTiVe mOtOr tEcHnIqUeS FoR PrOlOnGeD PeRiOdS Of tImE.

hCi | iNtEgRaTeD SoLuTiOnS Is cUrReNtLy lOoKiNg fOr a rEcEpTiOnIsT. tHe rEcEpTiOnIsT GrEeTs vIsItOrS, dEtErMiNiNg nAtUrE Of

ViSiTs aNd dIrEcTiNg vIsItOrS To aPpRoPrIaTe pErSoNs.
DuTiEs aNd rEsPoNsIbIlItIeS:
tHe rEcEpTiOnIsT MaY AlSo hAvE OtHeR DuTiEs sUcH As rEcOrDiNg aNd tRaNsMiTtInG MeSsAgEs; KeEpInG ReCoRdS Of cAlLs pLaCeD;

PrOvIdInG InFoRmAtIoN To cAlLeRs aNd vIsItOrS; mAkInG ApPoInTmEnTs; KeEpInG A LoG Of vIsItOrS; aNd iSsUiNg vIsItOr pAsSeS.

In tHiS PoSiTiOn, OnE MaY AlSo wOrK On a cOmPuTeR AnD PeRfOrM OtHeR RoUtInE ClErIcAl wOrK ThAt mAy oCcUpY ThE MaJoR PoRtIoN

oF ThE WoRkEr's tImE.
pReFeRrEd kNoWlEdGe/sKiLlS/AbIlItIeS:
mUsT HaVe kNoWlEdGe oF MiCrOsOfT OfFiCe.
AdDiTiOnAl pOsItIoN InFoRmAtIoN:
hIgH ScHoOl/gEd iS ReQuIrEd. ReQuIrEs tWo yEaRs oF ExPeRiEnCe iN ThIs fIeLd.

tHiS PoSiTiOn iS ThE ExEcUtIvE AsSiStAnT AnD PrOjEcT CoOrDiNaToR FoR ThE OfFiCe oF CoNsTiTuEnT ReLaTiOnS. pRiMaRy pUrPoSe

Is tO PrOvIdE SuPpOrT To tHe sPeCiAl aSsIsTaNt tO ThE ChAnCeLlOr, MaNaGe mUlTiPlE PrOjEcTs, SpEcIaL EvEnTs aNd hIgH PrOfIlE

mEeTiNgS AnD SuPeRvIsE GrAdUaTe aSsIsTaNtS AnD InTeRnS.

MiNiMuM EdUcAtIoN/ExPeRiEnCe
gRaDuAtIoN FrOm hIgH ScHoOl aNd dEmOnStRaTeD KnOwLeDgE, sKiLlS AnD AbIlItIeS GaInEd tHrOuGh fIvE YeArS Of pRoGrEsSiVeLy

ReSpOnSiBlE AdMiNiStRaTiVe/oFfIcE MaNaGeMeNt eXpErIeNcE; oR GrAdUaTiOn oF A TwO-YeAr sEcReTaRiAl sCiEnCe oR BuSiNeSs

AdMiNiStRaTiOn pRoGrAm aNd tHrEe yEaRs oF ExPeRiEnCe aS DeScRiBeD AbOvE; oR GrAdUaTiOn fRoM A FoUr-yEaR CoLlEgE Or

UnIvErSiTy, PrEfErAbLy wItH MaJoR EmPhAsIs oN BuSiNeSs aDmInIsTrAtIoN Or a rElAtEd fIeLd aNd tWo yEaRs oF PrOgReSsIvElY

rEsPoNsIbLe aDmInIsTrAtIvE/OfFiCe mAnAgEmEnT ExPeRiEnCe; Or aN EqUiVaLeNt cOmBiNaTiOn oF TrAiNiNg aNd eXpErIeNcE.

sErViNg aS A FoCaL PoInT On pReSiDeNtIaL BrIeFiNg pApErS, mAnAgInG MoRe cOmPlEx cOrReSpOnDeNcE MaTtErS, sErViNg aS ThE

pReSiDeNtÂ??s â??AdVaNcEâ?? oN LoCaL AnD OvErNiGhT TrAvEl, ReViEwInG AnD FiNaLiZiNg tHe pReSiDeNtÂ??s rEaDiNg aNd cAlL

lIsTs, AnD OtHeRwIsE PeRfOrMiNg a wIdE RaNgE Of cOmPlEx aNd hIgHlY SeNsItIvE PrOjEcTs fOr oR On tHe pReSiDeNtÂ??s bEhAlF.

ThE PoSiTiOn iNcUmBeNt mUsT Be eXtReMeLy wElL OrGaNiZeD, oPeRaTe eFfEcTiVeLy uNdEr pReSsUrE, bE AbLe tO DeAl wItH

cOnStAnTlY ChAnGiNg pRiOrItIeS AnD ScHeDuLe, HaVe vErY StRoNg wRiTiNg aNd iNtErPeRsOnAl cOmMuNiCaTiOnS SkIlLs, MaInTaIn a

PoSiTiVe pRoFeSsIoNaL ImAgE At aLl tImEs, TrEaT CoNfIdEnTiAl aNd sEnSiTiVe iNfOrMaTiOn wItH CoMpLeTe dIsCrEtIoN,

DeMoNsTrAtE OuTsTaNdInG DiPlOmAcY AnD TaCt, AnD HaVe sIgNiFiCaNt fLeXiBiLiTy wItH ReSpEcT To tHeIr wOrK ScHeDuLe.

tHe dIvIsIoN Of wAtEr rEsOuRcEs' MiSsIoN Is tO PrOtEcT ThE StAtE'S WaTeR SuPpLiEs aNd fOsTeR StEwArDsHiP Of tHiS NaTuRaL

rEsOuRcE FoR UsE By cUrReNt aNd fUtUrE GeNeRaTiOnS Of cItIzEnS. tHe dIvIsIoN CoMpRiSeS FiVe sEcTiOnS: wAtEr qUaLiTy

ReGiOnAl oPeRaTiOnS, wAtEr sCiEnCeS, pUbLiC WaTeR SuPpLy, WaTeR QuAlItY PeRmItTiNg, AnD WaTeR PlAnNiNg. ThIs gOaL Is

EsSeNtIaL DuTiEs sUmMaRy
tHe oFfIcE Is tHe uNiVeRsItY'S LiAiSoN To aLl pUbLiC OfFiCiAlS On tHe fEdErAl, StAtE AnD LoCaL LeVeL. aDdItIoNaLlY, tHe

OfFiCe aSsIsTs tHe cHaNcElLoR In sTrAtEgIc bUsInEsS AnD CoMmUnItY PaRtNeRsHiPs.

eXcElLeNt vErBaL AnD WrItTeN CoMmUnIcAtIoN SkIlLs, AbIlItY To rEpReSeNt tHe uNiVeRsItY As aN "aMbAsSaDoR" aNd hAnDlE

cOnFiDeNtIaL InFoRmAtIoN.
*AbIlItY To mAnAgE MuLtIpLe, FaSt pAcEd, DeAdLiNe oRiEnTeD PrOjEcTs wItH ExCeLlEnT PrOjEcT MaNaGeMeNt sKiLlS, aTtEnTiOn tO

dEtAiLs aNd eXcElLeNcE In cLiEnT SeRvIcEs.
InDePeNdEnTlY InTeRfAcEs wItH PuBlIc oFfIcIaLs iNcLuDiNg rEsOlViNg cOnStItUeNt cOmPlAiNtS, rEsPoNd tO CoMpLeX InQuIrIeS AnD

iSsUeS. sErVeS As aN AmBaSsAdOr fOr tHe uNiVeRsItY.
wOrKs dIrEcTlY WiTh cHaNcElLoR'S OfFiCe oN MeEtInG PrEpArAtIoN, eTc.
CoLlAbOrAtE WoRk wItH InTeRnAl aNd eXtErNaL DePaRtMeNtS To bUiLd cOoPeRaTiOn.
OtHeR WoRk rEsPoNsIbIlItIeS
InDePeNdEnTlY ReSeArChEs, DeVeLoPs, AnD CoMpOsEs cOrReSpOnDeNcE FoR ThE SpEcIaL AsSiStAnT AnD OtHeR SeNiOr aDmInIsTrAtOrS

iNcLuDiNg tHe cHaNcElLoR FoR ThEiR ReViEw aNd aPpRoVaL.
mAnAgEs bUdGeT FoR OfFiCe oF CoNsTiTuEnT ReLaTiOnS.
eVeNt pLaNnInG AnD MaNaGeMeNt fOr aLl lEvElS Of vIsItOrS To tHe cAmPuS InClUdInG PuBlIc oFfIcIaLs, BuSiNeSs aNd cOmMuNiTy

mAnAgEs aLl oPeRaTiOnS Of tHe cOnStItUeNt rElAtIoNs oFfIcE InClUdInG AlL AsPeCtS Of bUdGeTiNg aNd aDmInIsTrAtIvE PrOcEsSeS,

MaNaGeS CoMpLeX CaLeNdArS AnD ReImBuRsEmEnTs fOr sPeCiAl aSsIsTaNt
mAkEs pUrChAsEs fOr sPeCiAl aSsIsTaNt, MaNaGeS P-CaRd pUrChAsEs, PrOcEsSeS ReImBuRsEmEnTs, AnD CoMpLeTeS TrAvEl

DoCuMeNtAtIoN, mIlEaGe, FrInGe rEpOrTs aNd fOuNdAtIoN CaR RePaIrS AnD ExPeNsEs.
KeEpS WoRkFlOw oN TrAcK By mAkInG SuRe dEaDlInEs aRe mEt aNd aCtIvElY HaPpEnS In a tImElY MaNnEr
dElEgAtEd aUtHoRiTy tO SpEaK On bEhAlF Of tHe sPeCiAl aSsIsTaNt oN A RaNgE Of dUtIeS InClUdInG AdJuStInG ScHeDuLeS, eVeNt

PlAnNiNg, AnD WoRkInG WiTh aDmInIsTrAtIvE AsSiStAnTs aNd cOlLeAgUeS AcRoSs cAmPuS.
cReAtEs pReSeNtAtIoNs uSiNg a vArIeTy oF MeDiA To cOnVeY MeAnInGfUl iNfOrMaTiOn tO CoMmUnItY LeAdErS AnD ElEcTeD OfFiCiAlS.
aTtEnDs mEeTiNgS On bEhAlF Of tHe sPeCiAl aSsIsTaNt.
TrAcKs aNd mOnItOrS TaSkS AnD IsSuEs fOr fOlLoW-Up bY ThE SpEcIaL AsSiStAnT.
dEpArTmEnTaL PrEfErReD ExPeRiEnCe, SkIlLs, TrAiNiNg/eDuCaTiOn
bAcHeLoR'S DeGrEe fRoM An aCcReDiTeD InStItUtIoN
5 YeArS Of eXeCuTiVe aSsIsTaNt eXpErIeNcE
HiGh pRoFiCiEnCy iN MiCrOsOfT OfFiCe
pRoFiCiEnCy iN PoWeR PoInT
ExCeLlEnT WrItInG AnD EdItInG SkIlLs
eXpErIeNcE In "PrOtOcOl"
AbIlItY To mAnAgE MuLtIpLe pRoJeCtS AnD DeAdLiNeS
NeCeSsArY LiCeNsEs oR CeRtIfIcAtIoNs
wOrK LoCaTiOn fOuNdAtIoN BuIlDiNg
pOsTiNg dAtE 10/14/2016
cLoSiNg dAtE 10/27/2016
pRoPoSeD HiRe dAtE
SpEcIaL NoTeS To aPpLiCaNtS
PlEaSe sUbMiT A ReSuMe aNd cOvEr lEtTeR WiTh yOuR ApPlIcAtIoN. tHeSe dOcUmEnTs wIlL Be uSeD To eVaLuAtE YoUr wRiTtEn

CoMmUnIcAtIoN SkIlLs aS WeLl aS SuPpOrTiNg dOcUmEnTs oF YoUr kNoWlEdGe, SkIlLs, AbIlItIeS, eDuCaTiOn aNd pRoFeSsIoNaL
pLeAsE EnSuRe yOuR FuLl rAnGe oF KnOwLeDgE, sKiLlS, aBiLiTiEs, ExPeRiEnCe aNd eDuCaTiOn aRe lIsTeD On yOuR ApPlIcAtIoN. dO

nOt wRiTe 'SeE ReSuMe' On yOuR ApPlIcAtIoN WhEn cOmPlEtInG ThE JoB DuTiEs sEcTiOn.
If yOu aNsWeR ThE QuEsTiOnS At tHe eNd oF ThE ApPlIcAtIoN, pLeAsE EnSuRe yOuR ApPlIcAtIoN ReFlEcTs tHe kNoWlEdGe, SkIlLs,

aBiLiTiEs aNd eXpErIeNcEs tO SuPpOrT YoUr aNsWeRs (SeE JoB DuTiEs sEcTiOn oF PrEvIoUs eMpLoYmEnT).
FaIlUrE To aNsWeR ThE QuEsTiOnS At tHe eNd oF ThE ApPlIcAtIoN WiLl nOt pReClUdE YoUr aPpLiCaTiOn fRoM BeInG CoNsIdErEd bUt

MaY ReSuLt iN YoUr aPpLiCaTiOn nOt rEcEiViNg fUlL CoNsIdErAtIoN Of yOuR KnOwLeDgE, sKiLlS, aNd aBiLiTiEs.
PoStInG SpEcIfIc qUeStIoNs

InDeEd hIrE Is pArTnErInG WiTh eDwArDs cOnStRuCtIoN SeRvIcEs, InC., In hIrInG A PrOjEcT SuPeRiNtEnDeNt iN ChArLoTtE, nC.

PrInCiPaL DuTiEs aNd rEsPoNsIbIlItIeS:
pRoViDe cOnTiNuOuS HaNdS On fIeLd sUpErViSiOn fOr aLl cOnStRuCtIoN OpErAtIoNs, InClUdInG DiReCt sUpErViSiOn oF AsSiStAnTs,

fOrEmEn, CrAfTsMeN, sUbCoNtRaCtOrS, aNd oThEr cOnStRuCtIoN ReLaTeD PeRsOnNeL DiReCtInG ThEm iN ThE PlAnNiNg, CoOrDiNaTiOn

AnD ExEcUtIoN Of wOrK On tImE, wItHiN BuDgEt, AcHiEvInG HiGh sTaNdArDs oF WoRkMaNsHiP, aTtAiNiNg oR ExCeEdInG PrOfIt gOaLs,

mAiNtAiNiNg a sAfE WoRk pLaCe, PrOmOtInG AnD EnHaNcInG ClIeNt rElAtIoNsHiPs iN ThE CoMpAnY.

AsSiSt tHe pRoJeCt mAnAgEr wItH FiNaLiZaTiOn oF PrOjEcT ScHeDuLe.
In cOoRdInAtIoN WiTh tHe pRoJeCt mAnAgEr, PaRtIcIpAtE In tHe rEvIeW AnD SeLeCtIoN Of aLl sUbCoNtRaCtOrS AnD VeNdOrS DuRiNg

ThE BuDgEt pHaSe.
PrOvIdE AdViCe aNd aSsIsTaNcE To pRoJeCt mAnAgEr aNd dIrEcToR Of oPeRaTiOnS On cOnStRuCtIoN MaTtErS.
bEcOmE ThOrOuGhLy fAmIlIaR WiTh tHe pLaNs, SpEcIfIcAtIoNs, AnD CoNtRaCt wItH OwNeR, sUbCoNtRaCtOrS, pUrChAsE OrDeRs, DaIlY

cOrReSpOnDeNcE, sHoP DrAwInGs aNd aLl dOcUmEnTs rElAtEd tO ThE PrOjEcT. bEcOmE ThOrOuGhLy fAmIlIaR WiTh aLl bUiLdInG CoDeS

aNd lOcAl oRdInAnCeS. mAy nEeD To aCqUiRe pRoPeR LiTeRaTuRe.
In cOoRdInAtIoN WiTh tHe pRoJeCt mAnAgEr, CoNdUcT JoBsItE MeEtInGs wItH SuBoRdInAtEs, SuBcOnTrAcToRs aNd oThErS As

ApPrOpRiAtE In oRdEr tO InFoRm, CoOrDiNaTe aNd dIrEcT ThE WoRk.
SuPeRvIsE PrEpArAtIoN Of jOb sItE OrIgInAtEd rEpOrTs aNd sTaNdArD CoMpAnY RePoRtS.
eNsUrE TiMeLy sUbMiTtAl oF AlL PaPeRwOrK AnD ReGuLaR MaIl pIcKuP/DeLiVeRy, As rEqUiReD.
cOnStAnTlY ReViEw fIeLd pRoDuCtIoN, aNaLyZe, SuPeRvIsE AnD ImPrOvE WhErE NeCeSsArY Or pOsSiBlE.
tAkEs sTePs tO EnSuRe tHaT He/sHe iS AlWaYs aCcEsSiBlE FoR CoMmUnIcAtIoN FrOm sUbCoNtRaCtOrS, aS WeLl aS ThE MaIn oFfIcE.
dOcUmEnT AnD InFoRm tHe pRoJeCt mAnAgEr iN A TiMeLy fAsHiOn oF AlL DeLaYs (SuBcOnTrAcToR, wEaThEr, OwNeR, aRcHiTeCt, CiTy,

oThEr) ChAnGeD CoNdItIoNs, ChAnGeS In tHe pLaNs aNd sPeCiFiCaTiOnS, vErBaL OrDeRs fRoM ArChItEcT AnD OwNeR. tAkE ImMeDiAtE

aCtIoN AnD ReSoLvE AnY SuCh iSsUeS. tHe sUpErInTeNdEnT ShAlL ImMeDiAtElY InFoRm pRoJeCt mAnAgEr oF AnY CoSt iMpAcT Or

PoTeNtIaL CoSt iMpAcT To pRoJeCt.
AdViSe, CoUnSeL AnD AsSiSt pRoJeCt pErSoNnEl oN MaTtErS CoNcErNiNg cOnStRuCtIoN OpErAtIoNs.
KeEp tHe pRoJeCt mAnAgEr fUlLy iNfOrMeD In a tImElY FaShIoN WiTh rEgArD To aNy aNd aLl pRoBlEm aReAs oF ThE PrOjEcT,

ChAnGeS In sChEdUlE Or dEfIcIeNcIeS In wOrK ScOpEs.
MoNiToR JoB LaBoR CoStS DaIlY AnD WeEkLy.
InFoRm cOrPoRaTe mArKeTiNg oF AnY UnUsUaL Or nOtEwOrThY AsPeCtS Or aCtIvItIeS On tHe jOb wHiCh mAy bE UsEd tO GaIn ReCoGnItIoN Or pUbLiCiTy fOr eDwArDs cOnStRuCtIoN SeRvIcEs,
MaInTaIn cOnTaCt wItH OwNeRs aNd cLiEnTs tO EnSuRe tHeIr sAtIsFaCtIoN WiTh oN-GoInG PrOjEcTs aNd fOr mArKeTiNg pUrPoSeS. tRaIn aNd dEvElOp aSsIsTaNtS In aLl aReAs oF FiElD SuPeRvIsIoN. aSsIsT In iNtRoDuCtIoN Of nEw pRoJeCt mAnAgEr.
LeAd aNd dIrEcT ThE JoB SiTe tEaM AnD SuBcOnTrAcToRs.
CuLtIvAtE AnD MaInTaIn gOoD ReLaTiOnShIpS WiTh tHe oWnEr, ArChItEcT, eNgInEeRs, SuBcOnTrAcToRs, SuPpLiErS, mUnIcIpAl

AuThOrItIeS AnD EdWaRdS CoNsTrUcTiOn sErViCeS, iNc., pErSoNnEl iNvOlVeD WiTh tHe pRoJeCt.
PeRfOrM Or mOnItOr aLl jOb sItE CoNtRoL MeAsUrEs (I.E., DaIlY RePoRtS, pEtTy cAsH RePoRtS, lAbOr rEpOrTs, PaYrOlL QuAnTiTy RePoRtInG, aCcIdEnT RePoRtS, tImE ShEeTs, EtC.)
AsSiSt pRoJeCt mAnAgEr, As rEqUiReD, wItH ThE ReViEw, CoMmEnT AnD PrOpEr cOdInG Of iNvOiCeS. rEcEiVe aPpRoVaL FrOm pRoJeCt

MaNaGeR Of aLl aDdItIoNaL CoStS To pRoJeCt bEfOrE WoRk hAs bEeN StArTeD.
iN CoOrDiNaTiOn wItH ThE ArChItEcT, oWnEr aNd pRoJeCt mAnAgEr dEvElOp aNd eXeCuTe a pLaN FoR CoMpLeTiNg tHe pUnCh lIsT WoRk

iN CoOrDiNaTiOn wItH ThE PrOjEcT MaNaGeR AnD ThE PrOjEcT StAfF, pErFoRm dAiLy aNd wEeKlY ReViEwS Of aLl jOb sItE AcTiViTiEs

AnD EsTaBlIsH AcTiOn pLaNs fOr aLl sHoRt tErM AnD LoNg tErM NeEdS. dEtErMiNe iTeMs oF NoN-CoNfOrMaNcE EsTaBlIsHiNg a pLaN

oF ReMeDy aNd aGgReSsIvElY ReViEw aNd fOlLoW-Up uNtIl cOmPlEtE.
aSsIsTiNg tO EmPlOy oR DiScHaRgE WoRkMeN AnD InTeRmEdIaTe sUpErViSoRs aS NeEdEd tO EnSuRe sAfE, eFfIcIeNt aNd tImElY

cOmPlEtIoN Of tHe wOrK
CoNtInUoUsLy iNsPeCt tHe wOrK AnD PrOvIdE AlL HaNdS On dIrEcTiOn nEcEsSaRy tO AcHiEvE HiGh sTaNdArDs oF WoRkMaNsHiP.

MaInTaIn qUaLiTy cOnTrOl.
CoNtInUoUsLy iNsPeCt sUbCoNtRaCtOrS FoR SaFe wOrK PrAcTiCeS. iNsIsT On pRoPeR AtTiRe aNd bEhAvIoR, i.e., hArD HaTs, ShIrTs,

lOnG PaNtS. rEpOrT AlL SuSpIcIoNs oF AlCoHoL AnD DrUg uSe tO PrOjEcT MaNaGeR AnD GeNeRaL SuPeRiNtEnDeNt.
ScOpE AnD LiMiTs oF AuThOrItY
AlThOuGh tHe sUpErInTeNdEnT AnD PrOjEcT MaNaGeR MuSt fUnCtIoN As a tEaM AnD ReSoLvE AlL PrObLeMs bY WoRkInG ToGeThEr, ThE

pRoJeCt mAnAgEr sHaLl hAvE UlTiMaTe aUtHoRiTy oVeR AlL AsPeCtS Of tHe pRoJeCt wItH ThE ExCePtIoN Of mEaNs aNd mEtHoDs,

iNcLuDiNg sUbCoNtRaCtInG, sChEdUlInG, sAfEtY, aNd aLl mAtTeRs tHaT ImPaCt tHe cOsT Of tHe jOb. SuPeRiNtEnDeNt wIlL HaVe UlTiMaTe aUtHoRiTy wItH ReGaRd tO MeAnS AnD MeThOdS, iNcLuDiNg tAsKiNg sUbCoNtRaCtOr's dAiLy wOrK FoRcE. sUpErInTeNdEnT wIlL Be dIrEcTeD By tHe dIrEcToR Of oPeRaTiOnS On aLl pRoJeCt rElAtEd mAtTeRs aNd wIlL Be dIrEcTeD By tHe gEnErAl

SuPeRiNtEnDeNt wItH ReSpEcT To eVaLuAtIoNs, TiMe oFf, TrAiNiNg, AdHeReNcE To cOmPaNy pRoCeDuReS AnD AlL OtHeR

aDmInIsTrAtIvE TaSkS.
iNtErEsTs/tEmPeRaMeNt dEmAnDs

MuSt bE HiGhLy mOtIvAtEd tO AcHiEvE CoMpAnY AnD PeRsOnAl gOaLs.
ShOuLd bE A RoLe mOdEl aNd sEt eXaMpLe fOr eNtIrE FiElD StAfF AnD CoNdUcT ShOuLd rEfLeCt cReDiT UpOn iNdIvIdUaL AnD

ShAlL Be a lEaDeR Of pEoPlE WiTh eFfEcTiVe cOmMuNiCaTiOn sKiLlS WiTh hIgH MoRaL AnD EtHiCaL StAnDaRdS.
eDuCaTiOn aNd eXpErIeNcE ReQuIrEmEnTs

FiVe yEaRs sUpErViSoRy eXpErIeNcE In iNdUsTrIaL/CoMmErCiAl cOnStRuCtIoN WiTh dIrEcT ReSpOnSiBiLiTy fOr pRoJeCtS Of

$1MiLlIoN In vAlUe.
OsHa cErTiFiCaTiOn, FiRsT AiD AnD CpR CeRtIfIcAtIoN.
hIgH ScHoOl rEqUiReD. pOsT SeCoNdArY TrAiNiNg hIgHlY EnCoUrAgEd, I.E., BlUePrInT ReAdInG, lEaDeRsHiP TrAiNiNg, CoLlEgE

cOuRsEs, EtC.
wOrKiNg cOnDiTiOnS:
iNdIcAtE ThE NaTuRe oF ThE WoRkInG CoNdItIoNs.
_ StAnDaRd oFfIcE EnViRoNmEnT 30 % oF TiMe
_ tRaVeL ReQuIrEd 40 % Of tImE
_ LiFtInG ReQuIrEd 10 % Of tImE
_ CoNtInUoUs sTaNdInG 40 % oF TiMe
eXpOsUrE To cHeMiCaLs 20 % Of tImE
_____________ ExPoSuRe tO LoUd nOiSeS _____ 40 % oF TiMe
_ oThEr (DeScRiBe) % Of tImE

rEqUiReD To iNsPeCt tHe jObSiTe iNcLuDiNg: ClImBiNg lAdDeRs, ScAfFoLdInG, eTc., tO ViEw tHe pRoGrEsS Of cOnStRuCtIoN.

JoB TyPe: FuLl-tImE

rEqUiReD ExPeRiEnCe:

tImBeRlInE: 3 yEaRs
iNdUsTrIaL/CoMmErCiAl cOnStRuCtIoN: 6 yEaRs
sUpErInTeNdEnT: 6 yEaRs
mIcRoSoFt oFfIcE: 5 yEaRs

RiGhT At hOmE HaS MuLtIpLe oPeNiNgS AvAiLaBlE ImMeDiAtElY In tHe fOlLoWiNg aReAs:

aDdIsOn, BaRtLeTt, BeLlWoOd, BeNsEnViLlE, bErKeLeY, bLoOmInGdAlE, cArOl sTrEaM, cHiCaGo, ElGiN, eLk gRoVe vIlLaGe,

eLmHuRsT, fRaNkLiN PaRk, GiLbErTs, GlEn eLlYn, GlEnDaLe hEiGhTs, HaNoVeR PaRk, HiLlSiDe, ItAsCa, La gRaNgE PaRk, LoMbArD,

MaYwOoD, mEdInAh, MeLrOsE PaRk, OaK BrOoK, rIvEr fOrEsT, rIvEr gRoVe, RoSeLlE, sChAuMbUrG, sChIlLeR PaRk, SoUtH ElGiN, sT. ChArLeS, sToNe pArK, sTrEaMwOoD, vIlLa pArK, wAyNe, WeSt cHiCaGo, WeStChEsTeR, wHeAtOn, AnD WoOdDaLe RiGhT At hOmE HaS EsTaBlIsHeD An eXcElLeNt rEpUtAtIoN FoR QuAlItY CaRe fOr oUr cLiEnTs. OuR CnAs aNd cArEgIvErS ArE A vAlUaBlE AsSeT To tHe rIgHt aT HoMe tEaM. aS PaRt oF OuR TeAm yOu mAkE A DiFfErEnCe iN OuR ClIeNt's eVeRyDaY LiFe.

cErTiFiEd nUrSiNg aSsIsTaNt (CnA) / cArEgIvEr jOb dEsCrIpTiOn:
PrOvIdE FoR ThE PeRsOnAl nEeDs aNd cOmFoRt oF PaTiEnTs iN ThEiR HoMeS.
pErFoRm pErSoNaL CaRe aCtIvItIeS ThAt aSsIsT ThE PaTiEnT WiTh aCtIvItIeS Of dAiLy lIvInG.

CeRtIfIeD NuRsInG AsSiStAnT (cNa) / CaReGiVeR BaSiC ReSpOnSiBiLiTiEs:
PeRsOnAl hYgIeNe (BaThInG, cArE Of mOuTh, SkIn aNd hAiR)
aMbUlAtIoN - AsSiSt aS NeEdEd
mEaL PrEpArAtIoN
DrIvInG To aPpOiNtMeNtS (vAlId dRiVeR'S LiCeNsE AnD AuTo iNsUrAnCe rEqUiReD)
pErFoRm hOmEmAkInG AcTiViTiEs tO PrOvIdE A SaFe cLeAn lIvInG EnViRoNmEnT WhIcH InClUdE (bUt nOt lImItEd tO) gEnErAl HoUsEkEePiNg aNd cLeAnInG, cHaNgInG BeD LiNeNs, DoInG LaUnDrY, gRoCeRy sHoPpInG, tAkInG ClIeNtS To tHeIr aPpOiNtMeNtS.

CeRtIfIeD NuRsInG AsSiStAnT (cNa) / CaReGiVeR BeNeFiTs:
OpPoRtUnItY To wOrK FoR A PrEmIeR HoMe hEaLtH CoMpAnY
CoMpEtItIvE PaY (wEeKlY)
fLeXiBlE ScHeDuLiNg
rEwArDs aNd iNcEnTiVeS AvAiLaBlE
LiVe-iN ShIfTs aVaIlAbLe

CeRtIfIeD NuRsInG AsSiStAnT (cNa) / CaReGiVeR ReQuIrEmEnTs:
A VaLiD DrIvErS' lIcEnSe aNd cUrReNt aUtOmObIlE InSuRaNcE. cArEgIvErS MuSt bE At lEaSt 18 YeArS Of aGe. PrEvIoUs hOmE CaRe ExPeRiEnCe, ExPeRiEnCe wOrKiNg wItH AlZhEiMeR'S Or dEmEnTiA AnD PrOoF Of cNa oR HhA TrAiNiNg iS HiGhLy dEsIrAbLe bUt nOt MaNdAtOrY. cNa/cArEgIvEr mUsT PoSsEsS ThE AbIlItY To bUiLd rApPoRt wItH PaTiEnTs, ExEmPlIfY CoMpAsSiOnAtE AnD CaRiNg DeMeAnOr, WiTh tHe aBiLiTy tO WoRk wElL In a tEaM EnViRoNmEnT. wE ArE CoMmItTeD To hIrInG ThE VeRy bEsT EmPlOyEeS To sErVe

OuR VaLuEd cLiEnTs. As a rEsUlT, wE AsSeSs aPpLiCaNtS On sEvErAl dImEnSiOnS. wE WiLl dO A CrImInAl rEcOrD ChEcK, wE'Ll

ChEcK YoUr rEfErEnCeS AnD SpEaK WiTh yOuR FoRmEr eMpLoYeRs. In aDdItIoN, aLl cAnDiDaTeS WhO ArE OfFeReD EmPlOyMeNt mUsT

sUcCeSsFuLlY PaSs a cOmPeTeNcY TeSt aLoNg wItH A DrUg sCrEeN.

MuSt hAvE CoMpAsSiOn, WiLlInG To wOrK HaRd aNd bE On tImE.

JoB TyPe: PaRt tImE

rAtE Of pAy: $10.00 tO $10.50/hOuR (dEpEnDiNg oN ExPeRiEnCe)

fRoM 10Am tO 5pM TuEsDaY ThRu fRiDaY To cOnDuCt a pHoNe sCrEeNiNg

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