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Tom Pera
Mason, MI, United States
2013-03-22 08:02:53
Auction/eBay Scam
eBay Classifieds
Email Address:
The scammer sent a text at 4:27 am asking \"what is your final price for your listing and get back to my e-mail : 2007 Harley-Davidson Dyna\". Of course I emailed the information back and got a message \"Thanks so much for your swift response, am highly interested in
purchasing your item and i will like to offer you $9,000 for the Item,
only if you are ready to consider my offer as your concluding buyer
and also i may not be able to come down to you to check out the Item
due to some vital reasons and due to the nature of my work too,
additionally you will not be responsible for the shipping arrangement
and the shipping fee only if you are ready to dispense the Item to me.
Am gonna contact a shipping company and make an arrangement on that so
kindly get back to me with the Item location address so i can quickly
make the pick up arrangement besides the shipping charges. To give out
your money will be through PayPal because they are easier and the
fastest means of sending and receiving money so kindly get back to me
with your PayPal email address for quick payment and if you are new to
this i will ask you to kindly visit and get registered
with paypal and once you are through on the site with paypal just get
back to me with your paypal email address for a quick transaction
thanks and please i will like you to get back to me with more pics of
the item


Stay Blessed...\"
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Anonymous   () Added the following extra information on :2013-07-10 18:38:27
Name Unknown
Email Address:
I also received a text replay to a Craigslist ad from this scammer. "Hello seller, i will like to know if you still have this item up for sale? and i will like you to kindly get back to me via with your final asking price asap."</div> <br><b>Scam Email</b><div class=emailbody style='white-space:pre-wrap;padding-left:4px;'><blockquote ID='MBODY'>Obvious scammer.</blockquote> </div></div> <hr id='mark1'></td></tr></table><div ID='TipAddTo' class='container' align='center' style='margin-left: 100px'> <div class='col-md-6'><span class='ui-icon blueicon ui-icon-circle-plus'> </span>  Got more information on this Scam/Scammer? <br> <a class='btn btn-default' href='/ScamTipOff.php?fupto=8748'>Add to Report</a> </div> <div class='col-md-6'> <span class='ui-icon blueicon ui-icon-circle-plus'> </span>  Problems with this Report? 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