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2019-07-24 08:30:52
Nigerian/419 Scam
+2 Offer Investment 
Halilaj Fazli
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United States (US)
This is an advanced fee scam... I also included the full headers. Law enforcement can get them by contacting Scamalot. Please read about the scam below...

Attention Sir,

I represent an investor seeking` to invest in any lucrative investment in your country, If you have a solid background and idea of making good profit in real estate or in any business, Please write me for possible business co-operation.

Halilaj Fazli.
Follow Ups/Extra Information. Most recent is listed first.
Dear ,
I appreciate reading through your mail, as you already know, my name is Halilaj Fazli, I am from Kosovo and I am located in the United States. I am very active in the field of international finance for projects in sectors that is need of financing by anonymous investors. My address is at 6311 Landover RD, Cheverly, MD 20785. My contact telephone number is +1(929)777-6465.
I am very much interested in having this great business opportunity sail through, If I have security, assurance and guarantee from you on the funds to be invested under your care; subsequently, we may increase the capital base of your project as this is a studied long term business investment and the return on investment will be minimal so we can further your capital base with proper viability and visibility studies. My client is looking for someone that will manage and invest the funds on a long term of 10 years and above with return on his Investment.
The MOU will be provided by the investment group, If you are interested and you are sure that you can guarantee return on my clients Investment at 3% of 70% for the investors share at a yearly interest rate while you maintain 30% share for your assistance and help on equity based, starting from the day of business execution and set up under your care as the investment manager.
My client is Mr. Gonzalez Diaz Nelson, he is the cousin of President of Venezuela Mr. Nicolas Maduro. He is the Safety Committee Chairman of the Board of the Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. the Venezuelan state-owned oil and Natural Gas Company. This Committee promotes the integration of safety into every aspect of exploration and production operations, the country's sovereign wealth fund.
Due to the ongoing political crisis in Venezuela, the crusade by the US Government under the opposition and current Venezuela asset seizures which has raised concerns on other sectors. My client do not want his identity to be disclosed in this business transaction. And currently the political situation in Venezuela is all over the news due to the recent crisis between the Government and opposition. My client wants his funds moved out from the priority safe deposit account in Turkey for safe keeping, under a private arrangement to overseas account and to be reinvested into private businesses.
My job as the advisory, is to advise my client positively, the funds earmarked for investment transactions shall always remain fully secured and without any risks of speculation and under signatory control of the investment manager. My client decided to invest the funds in private sector, due to the economic instabilities in the South American region, due to the big fall in oil price and United States sanctions on his home country Venezuela, my client requires that the fund should be invested outside the South American region on any agreed viable project / business which a confidential working agreement (CWA) must be signed by both parties during a face to face meeting before the funds transfer.
The process is a well thought out arrangement based on my wealth of experience. It is very seamless and simple, my client must remain anonymous. The proposed investment ventures are of a private and confidential nature and therefore the parties actually conducting the investment transactions, the fund agency, the financial management firm, the bank which will be holding funds for such investment purpose and all other details of the investment transactions shall remain confidential and proprietary to the investment manager only. Such confidential information shall only be divulged to the Investor and the investment manager.
Mind you, we have the capacity to move the fund to your bank account hitch free and legally without any problem. Meanwhile, you should forward a copy of your business proposal and financial projection in anticipation of great business relationship with you, and also to arrange for a formal meeting and funding modalities. I shall be waiting for your further advice, to enable us commence without much delays.
They shall only require your total commitment and full Mutual Corporation to establish a long lasting business relationship in establishing a stronger partnership and to discuss deep into this corporation. This process will be handled directly by their Legal Adviser/CFO in Istanbul Turkey as stated above, whom I will introduce you directly to him, he will provide you with a Non-Disclosure Agreement and draft Fund Manager’s Agreement if your business discussion with him seems positive to move forward.
Another most important thing here is that, I will stand as the agent to receive referral/success fee commission if things go well. I’m sure the corporation will be a win win. In lieu to this, my referral/success fee commission which I shall receive at the end of the transaction once you receive any funding from them. This referral fee shall include in the investment amount you shall receive from the Funder. I hope this is not new to you.
Let me know if you indicate interest in proceeding further for onward proceed.
Thank you.
Halilaj Fazli

Scam Email
Subject: Thanks for your offer
From: "Halilaj Fazli." delivered-to:
received: from ( []) by with SMTPS id oy17sor16390386ejb....
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date: Thu, 25 Jul 2019 13:13:00 -0700
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Falcons-Fan   (Somewhere in United States) Added the following extra information on :2019-07-25 13:50:08
Halilaj Fazli
Email Address:
This is an advanced fee scam... I also included the full headers. Law enforcement can get them by contacting Scamalot. Please read about the scam below...
Dear ,
This is to confirm the receipt of your email as regards to my potential offer that required a person with wealth of experience and connections in the economic world and leverages.
My client is looking for someone that will manage and invest the sum of US$118,500,000.00 on a long term of 10 years and above with Return on Investment from 3% and above. In addition, you will retain 30% Net Profit from the amount invested as your benefits.
My client will and appreciates to speak or meet with you if you wish throughout the period of movement of the US$118,500,000.00 from our Bank to the Beneficiary/Recipient Account and will not get involved either directly or indirectly and whereas my client identity will never be disclosed either in writing or verbally for security reasons. All correspondence associated to this transaction will be strictly addressed to me.
I would like you to detail us your area of specialisation and how you intend to invest the aforementioned funds if given the opportunity to do so and what is your expected Return on Investment? (ROI) Your detailed explanation will enable us to access your qualification and competency to handle the US$118,500,000.00 if released to you before we can proceed.
Also we will need the following details to make sure that you are capable to handle the investment.
1] Introduction and description of yourself/company.
2] Your full name, your office address
3] Your direct contact phone numbers for easy communication.
I am sorry if I sound so strict, but as you can see this is a transaction that should be done with an honest, capable and mature person.
More details will be made available to you upon receipt of your comprehensive response on the above subject matter.
Best Regards, Halilaj Fazli

Scam Email
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Falcons-Fan   (Somewhere in United States) Added the following extra information on :2019-07-24 08:33:49
Halilaj Fazli
Email Address:

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